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Three gross blunders of the beginning guitarist.

the Six-string guitar are the integral musical tool at the majority of bands. It plays a role, both a harmonious musical instrument, and melodic.

In a century of digital technologies when the set of innovative musical instruments is born more and more, the guitar did not lose the popularity. Because this musical instrument attracts to itself with the harmonious sounds, and modulations of ringing strings do not leave indifferent any listener.

It is not surprising that the guitar has so many admirers. Also continuously the number of persons interested to seize art of playing this surprising musical instrument increases.

Most of fans of a six-string guitar begin to master this tool independently or resorting to the help of the same self-educated persons. Results of such training bring subsequently to subjects to difficulties which prevent to raise skill of playing a guitar. From - for it often a grief - the musician should be retrained anew.

That your works were not vain, let`s consider three the most widespread and a gross blunder of the beginning guitarists. Avoiding them from the very beginning, you can safely count on success!

The wrong landing and statement of hands Development of any musical instrument begins

with correct landings and statements of hands, and a guitar not an exception here.

It is a basis of all bases!

All your further development as musician - the guitarist depends on it!

Present if you in the childhood did not learn to go on two legs how far you could leave today on all fours?

I will not describe now as how to do. My task is to specify mistakes that you them could avoid and not spend a lot of time for nothing.

Enslaving of a hand

Almost all beginning guitarists make a mistake when they begin to strike the first chords.

As chords are struck not skillfully, and the guitar sounds not so loudly as there was a wish, and even in general as does not sound, beginners begin strongly to reap on strings, at the same time straining a hand.

Such action enslaves a hand that it can lead to delay of speed of game.

The enslaved hand will not be able to lose fast passages or scales any more, and will also not manage to rearrange chords in time.

Playing the untuned guitar

Is the most dangerous mistake of all beginners.

Even if you have from the birth a unique ear for music, you easily ruin it if you play the upset instrument.

Guitars which were deformed as a result of negligent attitude to them of cannot already adjusted be correct. Therefore it is the best of all to buy new a guitar.

If you have an acquaintance who is a good judge of six-string guitars, ask it to help you to choose a guitar with the correct system.

At the end I want to give to you a practical advice: if you solved seriously to master a six-string guitar, you should not study independently. The correct decision will be to employ the tutor which will help to avoid to you a set mistakes.