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How to equip a fireplace in the city apartment?

C of that time as the ancient person fire tamed, the home became the center of the dwelling and the embodiment of wellbeing of a family. And today many dream to construct at themselves a fireplace. Owners of country houses and cottages prefer traditional wood models.

As for citizens, in the majority they are able to afford only decorative fireplaces. And it is necessary to choose as it between electric and a biofireplace.

The real fireplace in the usual city apartment is a big rarity. Even in Great Britain which was always considered as the legislator of chimney fashion in the middle of the XX century more practical electric fireplaces became current. These are technically simple and safe household devices which imitate live fire.

In recent years models of electrofireplaces underwent essential changes. From rough wooden and plastic products they turned into beautiful home decoration of the city apartment. Now electrofireplaces not only it is realistic reproduce game of fire in a fire chamber, but can even imitate hissing of coals, crackling of the burning firewood and buzz in a vent pipe.

The electric fireplace consists of two modules. It is a decorative portal - a frame and the plug-in center. The portal is made of a tree, by chipboards or MDF, for more expensive models - of marble or other decorative stone. The center represents the convection heating radiator supplied with an extra for fire imitation.

The furnace niche at an electric decorative fireplace is closed by the screen made of a translucent or tinted glass. Behind it the frame to which scarlet silk tapes fasten is located. In the lower part of this artificial fire chamber there is a grid-iron lattice, and behind it - illumination lamps which give is red - orange light. Over a fire chamber, in a peak, there is a fan. It forces warm air to the room from heating elements. The same fan is located below.

The mechanism of “ignition“ of an electric decorative fireplace is very simple and original. At its inclusion in a network, the lower fan an air stream forces to fluctuate silk tapes, and illumination creates effect of the playing tongues of flame. In the mode of heating it is possible to include the heating elements having several power levels. To complete the picture place a model of the firewood made of fire-resistant ceramics in a grid-iron lattice of a decorative electrofireplace.

How to equip an electric fireplace in the apartment? For this purpose special installation is not required. It is enough to choose for it the suitable place and to connect the device to the socket.

The choice of electric decorative fireplaces is various. It can be the massive furnaces made of a rough stone, baroque portals and models from the chromeplated steel and glass. As for admirers of small forms, they can get for the apartment a fireplace - a picture, an electric potbelly stove or just an electrofire without portal and a fire chamber.

We will mention also the prices of electrofireplaces. It is not less important information, than the story about a device design. The cheapest cost 15-20 thousand rubles, fireplaces of middle class - 30-40 thousand, and magnificent top models revetted with valuable breeds of a tree with effect of a three-dimensional flame, will cost buyers 60-80 thousand rubles.

At the same time it is known that thirst for live fire at the person is ineradicable. No imitation, even the most perfect, will relieve us of feeling of a fake. Therefore to an electric fireplace there is a real alternative - a biofireplace in the apartment. It combines safety and convenience of an electrofireplace with a center charm with the real fire.

How the biofireplace is arranged? In fact it is a kind of an advanced oil lamp. As fuel for a biofireplace serves bioethanol, differently the ethyl alcohol which took place system of odor removal and cleaning. In the course of burning bioethanol does not form a soot and a smoke. Only a small amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide is allocated. To admire live fire in a biofireplace, it is enough to pour alcohol in the fuel pallet and a special lighter to set fire to it.

On the appearance biofireplaces are executed in the spirit of minimalism and style find fault - flew. They can be executed in the form of “a fiery vase“, the chimney module to a coffee table, a panel or a decorative fire with an open flame over logs from fire-resistant ceramics. The most advanced models are supplied with a control system of fire which allows to adjust from the panel height, force and color of a flame.

In the market of biofireplaces are in the lead European design - studio and producers. The cost of modest room models - from 20 to 30 thousand rubles. And for the luxury biofireplace executed by the designer it is necessary to lay out over 120 thousand. As for biofuel, the price makes it about 200 rubles for 1 liter. This volume quite will last for 3-4 hours of continuous burning.