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The world becomes kinder? It is rather on the contrary …

Just three cases from my life. A story about people “cultural“ and “polite“, “decorating“ this world.

History 1: teenagers in the subway. Escalators slowly move up, people are flown down to it dense then. It is not enough place, not to turn. Near me the company of teenagers, the person four: joyfully rustle, jump, push each other, fall on other people. Naturally, surrounding far it is not excited about such behavior of school students. Kompashka does not see anything and nobody - continue to use foul language and to be pushed. The man standing nearby does not maintain, culturally asks children to calm down. And it does not affect teenagers - they, indifferently, continue to bend the. Now they call the man “mudaky“ - to them cheerfully. The man tried to explain to them that it is so loudly rough and indecent to use foul language that all people have about them [teenagers] a bad impression …

Transition to other station. I lose sight of the intellectual with portfy, teenagers go before me. And it seems they calmed down. But is not present. One of them speaks: “This uncle really got me,“ - runs up to the man and beats him a back. Not strongly, of course, but it is enough in order that this uncle to infuriate. The man in a moment forgot about all the affairs: desire to teach a good lesson the become impudent school students now a point of honor. For a sleeve - and to the duty militiaman.

History 2: “hero“. Subway. And same station. However, interval between stories year. And maybe it is more. Tired, I come back home from study in the evening. Got hungry, caught a cold: the head, a throat hurts, dins in the ears, before formula eyes. Desire one: somewhat quicker home to a cup of tea and a warm plaid. I go, I am unsteady … Once to me stepped on a back of a suede boot. All right, maybe, unintentionally. I quicken the pace, stepping aside: can be, I disturb someone? In couple of seconds I am pushed around again. Then once again and still... I do not maintain, sharply I turn with a question: “What is the matter?!“
Before me the guy of years of eighteen. Instantly the look changes: from a smile of the hero who just made a feat, surprisingly, and then even horror. Time - and it was dissolved in crowd. The moment - and “hero“ as happened … Was frightened?

History 3: glavvred literary website. It occurred quite recently (couple of days ago). Usual evening, surfing on networks, search of the live, often renewed literary website, it that it was possible to send something the there. Who looks for, that will find. A question only in what will find.

The website young, is not allocated with design: the ordinary WordPress template, anything over. There is a lot of articles, it is updated often. It is necessary to write something. Sent an article, the notice of the publication did not come. And forgot that wrote there. In day remembered three after sending letters about the website. Entered, saw the article. But in addition to article near a name and a surname information that where I studied and what I am engaged now in flaunted. It enraged me: I did not specify these data in the letter, I do not want that it was seen. This my right. And why editions to collect the file?

In response to a request the whole story came to remove information from the editor-in-chief of the website on that how many “shit“ (yes, and it is written) happened at it that day as it was got by strange requests to me. But two last offers just killed: “If you have seven Fridays during a week, I cannot be responsible for it. If here you do not want to participate in work of a portal, you do not go here. “ It found the information about me in we wash the blog which costs in the autosignature. Well, worthy justification. It is strange that it did not navydyorgivat couple more of texts from there.

I adore expression: to us each client is important. I think, the website will begin to reap the fruits of the policy soon. The literary portal with the cultural editor-in-chief is cool!

For reflection. Why every day are rude even more often? Why all so to spit at each other? Trolls took the Internet - now fashionably to scoff one above another in comments. Success!

We had one teacher who on each occupation repeated: it is impossible to trust anybody, even to himself. I am more and more convinced of it. There is a wish for something good - you will come across rudeness. Or only I am so lucky? And it is unpleasant … to

How to escape? to Begin with itself. I use two rules:
1) “Rose in the morning, washed, made toilet - and at once put in order the planet,“ - Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi.
2) “If you are angered, count in mind to ten before to tell something. If you are strongly angered, count to hundred,“ - Thomas Jefferson.

Helps! And if everyone begins with itself(himself), then …