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Exchange. How to get paid the necessary things for real peanuts?

Very often turn out that we are owners of things for whom we cannot find application. The place in the house is taken, and it is a pity to throw out...

It is possible to sell, of course, that it is not necessary for us, but it is better to exchange. Money is always necessary to people therefore it is much more difficult to leave them, than old stuff. An old piano which none of a family are able to play; a baby carriage in the house where children already go to school; the concrete mixer which stayed at home after construction. Examples weight and it is possible to list them indefinitely, we will consider only a few from them.

the Example 1

At your son is a tricycle. Usually such bicycles are calculated on age from 4 to 7 years. When your child grows up, he will ask for you an iron horse more. You will not be able to refuse to it, but there will be also obstacles for new purchase: in - the first, your housing not rubber to contain in it everything that you buy, in - the second, a purse your not bottomless (the bicycle for the child aged from 7 till 9 years will cost you 4000 - 6000 rubles).

At the same time your neighbors have a bicycle for which their child is still small, and to yours there will be time. Ideal conditions for an exchange. Having determined the approximate cost of both bicycles, you, most likely, will be forced to pay in addition to neighbors the small sum of money (about 500 rubles), their bicycle is more and more expensively, but at the same time will save at least 3000 rubles. Thus, you and your neighbors preserved money, children are happy and in the house of nothing superfluous.

the Example 2

you open firm on providing any services. Let`s say it is about advertizing agency. For work you need a lot of various equipment: printers, plotters, engraving machines. It is good if you have funds for purchase of all this, but what to do otherwise... The equipment exchange from his suppliers for advertizing from your firm can be an excellent exit from such situation.

the Example 3

you go on the privately owned vehicle to other city. It is enough - quickly and conveniently, but fuel prices do not please now therefore it would be quite good to divide expenditure for a trip with somebody. Thus, you change the place in the car for partial payment of gasoline. If to consider that usually in the car four empty seats, then, having found four fellow travelers, you will reach to the place necessary to you quickly, with comfort and, the most important, with minimum expenses.

the Example 4

the Excellent subject of an exchange can become books. Very few people re-read them several times. It is much more favorable to exchange the book for that which you did not read yet, than to put it on a regiment where it will become dusty for many years.

the Example 5

I Think, you should not stop in detail on examples of an exchange among collectors. The collecting since the origin is followed by an exchange.

the Example 6

are very popular

online Recently - games where players for performance of various missions need to collect artifacts and the weapon. Usually developers suggest to buy missing parts of artifacts, but for this purpose it is necessary to deal with systems of electronic payments which replenishment of accounts is followed by the commissions. As a result of improvement of the characters in these games to people costs considerable money. It is far simpler to exchange necessary artifacts for those which are not necessary for playing the game any more.

In end of article we will consider several Russian websites specializing in announcements of an exchange:

1. ru - Is a set of categories and subcategories. Announcements are sorted by offer type. There is a search in announcements. It is possible to offer a thing for auction.
2. ru / - Is search with a possibility of the instruction as on what changes.
3. ru - the Set of sections for placement of announcements. Except an exchange, via this website it is possible to present something or to lease.
4. ru / - the Website of an exchange and donation. Besides announcements of an exchange of things, there are announcements of an exchange of services.
5. ru / - the Convenient interface. Advanced search. Anything superfluous. There is an opportunity to specify several options in one announcement, and also the approximate cost of objects of an exchange. Placement of announcements without registration on the website is available.