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How it is correct to store tea?

Tea possess pronounced hydrophilic properties, that is it
well absorbs moisture if besides the surrounding temperature
is rather high, in tea, according to ancient scientific
worms, bugs and other insects can samozaroditsya, but on the business they, of course, do not samozarozhdatsya, and hatch from eggs, which these insects postpone
in tea sheets when those
still lie in the open air. Especially it belongs to green
and white grades of tea, and also to some grades of ulunsky tea,
which are not fermented or slabofermentirovana. At the same time
red tea (what at us is called black), as a rule not
contains eggs or larvae of insects as they perish in
process of fermentation of a tea leaf. At the same time in black
tea on the Chinese classification - Pu-erh which after removal
of a harvest several years lie in ricks in the open air,
being exposed to natural oxidation there can be any
a possible biological material. And even Chinese from remote
of rural areas where instead of toilet paper continue as
in times Qin and Han to use a finger, before Pu-erh
tea leaves, wash out it in water, carefully kneading fingers
the tea weight pressed in the form of flat cake or pancake.
follows From the aforesaid that if you are not going to use
tea soon, it should be stored in
the refrigerator, previously having packed into a plastic
package of the lock of removal of air from a package before its short circuit
It not only will promote further anabiosis
of larvae of insects, but also will prevent absorptions by tea of smells
of the products stored the refrigerator.
Tea which you gather regularly should use
to store in airtight capacities, for a predotvr -
of a shcheniye of absorption by tea of kitchen smells. Cylindrical capacities with a carving since in the capacities like
“ a box“ made by the unfair producer,
for sealing as a sealant it can be used by
of plasticity with a pungent smell or even rubber are preferable
that literally with
“ the bouquet of your
Ya tea will kill“ I can advise to get for this purpose at the fairs
of a casket from a tree or birch bark, naturally not colored and
not varnished. Also the special tin jars for
of tea made in China will approach. It is important to note that capacities for
of tea have to be all sizes, from the biggest to
The matter is that if to store tea in thin capacity, it quickly exhausts with
, losing thereby part of the aroma
and to avoid this undesirable phenomenon, in process of
of an expenditure tea is poured from bigger capacity into smaller
so that the distance between a cover of the capacity
and the top layer of tea was minimum.
Naturally for each grade of tea has to be the
set of capacities for storage, especially it concerns is flavored -
of ny teas. It is so easy to present what aroma
of the Jasmine or the Dairy ulun will have if to fill it in the capacity in which
the Bergamot was stored earlier.
For that who have a place for kitchen, optimum to have
special, plotnozakryvayushchiysya a wooden box for tea,
where for each grade of tea would be provided offices,
not allowing interpenetrations of aromas. It is possible to store in a box also
sugar and tea-things
But glany that should be undertaken to avoid all
of above-mentioned negative phenomena is quickly
to spend the available tea. For this purpose it is not necessary to buy big packings of tea for
of economy, can happen so
that so far you “finish“ the kilogram package acquired by
at the “favourable“ price from former aroma
there will be one name. The maximum weight, bought
of packing of tea should not be more than 100 grams.