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Who is fed by the grandmother, giving money for hlebushka?

The farther, the more are convinced that all of ambiguity and inaccuracy in laws exist with the unique purpose - to feed army of the intermediaries standing between the buyer and the producer, the taxpayer and the state and further according to the list - everywhere where is though the slightest opportunity to pinch a piece from magnificent fragrant pie.

The more intermediaries, the final cost of a product for buyers becomes higher.

There are such people in whose duty regulations by the first point it is stated: “The worker is obliged to generate a problem from scratch. If owing to the developed circumstances it becomes impossible, the problem should be generated from a finger“.

Here also leaves that those who are obliged to help us become the main obstacle in a way to the purpose. Who are they, fighters of the invisible front?

The most visible fighter on the invisible front is bank . Without bank now at all, and we any more, apparently, are also glad anywhere that “with a can“ quicker, above, stronger... But, if to reflect, than the bank is engaged? Exclusively redistribution of our money. It makes nothing but only mediates business activity, and the oposredovaniye has rather compulsory character - the law obliges to store the organizations money in banks. Even if those would also be glad to conduct calculations with exclusively cash. In cash desk there can be money only within the limit set whom guess? Correctly, bank.

Banks, “shooting“ at a trifle for each payment order, for the given each of cash desk ruble, earn millions from exchange differences at currency transactions and peel to a string of those who “walked smack“ on credit. Besides, they not only earn money, but also try to influence an essence of the relations, act as the third interested person. For example, if the bank does not suit the contract between the Russian importer and his foreign supplier, then it just will not issue the transaction certificate and the organization will never import anything.

However there is no alternative to banks, it is necessary to confess to it. So, it is necessary to suffer …

Notary offices. it would Seem that in a century of high technologies there is nothing more simply - at registration of the enterprise once to certify its registration documents notarially and to place on one of the state portals, access to which will have each interested person, state agencies including. And to make updating in process of emergence of changes or, say, times in five years. Fundamental documents of the organization are not secret and to run, certify them again and again for any obtaining permissions no other than feeding of the notary and hundreds of desks trading in information “from registers“.

The self-regulatory organizations licensing bodies, the centers of certification. This terrified small business, the word of “SRO“ unpleasant aurally completely justified the disharmony. Hundreds of thousands of enterprises are obliged to enter self-regulatory organizations to continue the work. The introduction cost about half a million rubles from a nose and about 10 thousand rubles a month manage. My experience does not allow me to judge how the SRO carries out the controlling functions since today from my environment nobody closely communicated with them. All communication is reduced to annual granting in any SRO of papers.

You can certify the goods in accordance with GOST even if certification bodies in eyes did not see it. It is enough to pay a few intermediary, and, after a while, he will bring to you to office beautiful and absolutely legal piece of paper that your production passed tests in far Siberian scientific research institute and conforms to all safety requirements and a rasprekrasnost. Without certificate or the letter confirming that your production is not subject to certification the customs will not allow you to import goods.

There is a sheaf further: Customs broker, Customs applicant, Carrier. the Such Coward, the Goof and Skilled, acting often as the shampoo, well-known in the past, - “three in one“. And if to transport workers there are no questions, then the first two “forge iron“ that the importer, owing to lack of different skills, will not be able correctly to fill in the customs declaration and the more so in short terms to convince customs to allow import.

As for other “shchipulek“, such as dealers, tax, customs and other supervisory authorities to stop on them there is no sense as only lazy on it did not stop.

In conclusion I will tell only that any businessman will not work to himself at a loss and not to be left without trousers, by all means will include all these expenses in prime cost of the goods. Here also leaves what feeds this motley guard who as a result?. Precisely!