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How not to burst out laughing at the responsible moment?

Probably, everyone had moments when it was difficult to constrain laughter. One business if the situation disposes to laughing. But absolutely another when it is necessary to constrain laughter at an inopportune moment. If to burst out laughing and not just to giggle that, perhaps, nobody will notice, and rather loudly and with all the heart to laugh loudly, then it is possible to offend someone incidentally.

Though to restrain not so easily, but it is possible to suppress laughter. Here several councils how not to burst out laughing at the responsible moment:

It is necessary to understand perfectly when the laughter is pertinent. Though speak: “The laughter prolongs life and it is necessary to laugh“, but if a case very serious, then people around can misunderstand laughing even if he laughs not at them. Therefore the understanding of gravity of the moment will help to refrain from uncontrollable flashes of laughter.

It is possible to think of something very sad and sad. If nothing of that kind comes to mind, it is possible to try to remember the latest read news full of tragic events, them can be quite enough to calm down. It is also possible to think of something what there is a wish to cry with. Though it can be and it is unpleasant, but will help to get rid of strong desire to burst out laughing. If the grief does not work, then the fear can be more effective. It is enough to remember a scene from the horror film or a road accident. It is proved at the physiological level that adrenaline (fear hormone) makes on a brain stronger impact, than endorphin (pleasure hormone).

It is possible to try to nibble or make something that will give strong unpleasant feeling, for example, a pokusyvaniye of inside of a cheek, language or lips. needs to Do it imperceptibly that edges of lips did not rise, forming a faint smile which can be noticed by people around. It is possible to hold the breath when there are no forces any more to constrain uncontrollable laughter. This reception will help to win a little time to suppress laughter.

Masking under cough. If the disaster happened i> and the laughter already broke, then it can be hidden quickly, having covered a mouth with a hand and having tried to transform laughter sounds to cough sounds. Will also not prevent to depart from crowd or to leave absolutely the room where all gathered. Seeing the coughing person, people around, most likely, will be able to understand and forgive him him an illness. Nevertheless it is better, than just to burst out laughing.

The good exhalation devastating lungs will be useful. Removal of air from lungs will stop already begun and will prevent the beginning laughter as the laughter needs a large amount of air. As a rule, this reception works best of all with technology of the simulation of cough described above. Generally, the combination of different methods is the best exit from a difficult situation.

If everything is absolutely bad, then having quickly held a nose and a mouth a hand, having hidden thereby a smile from people around, it is possible to bend down and laugh about itself as much as necessary. the Main thing in this situation - to watch that not the uniform sound did not break outside, and if happened, then quickly to disguise under a sneeze or a whimper. Also, having shown acting skills, we mask a case shiver from laughter under a shiver from sobbing.

To open a mouth as it is possible widely and to let out laughter , having made a silent exhalation of a large amount of air. But it needs to be turned so that on a face the smile did not slip. Can seem strange, but reception works.

Return self-hypnosis. Repeating itself: “It is ridiculous! Laugh! “, it is possible to find out that all there was a wish to laugh several moments ago at, was not such ridiculous.

Account from 1 to 10. If did not work, to repeat until works.

To remember the multiplication table. This equipment precisely works. It is proved that people laugh and continue to laugh at what thought of, think and continue to think during laughter. Therefore the most effective way to constrain laughter or will get rid of it - it is to expel thought of object of a sneer from the head. And it is better means, than the multiplication table, not to find. But this method demands a lot of time therefore to accelerate effect, continuous training is necessary.

It is also possible to try to remember something. the Principle of action the same, as in the previous point, only instead of the multiplication table we remember names of all friends or the name of all songs from a favourite album. Generally, it is necessary to remember though something if only to occupy a brain and to switch attention from object of a sneer.


Laughing at other people (especially over unfamiliar) it is possible to anger them strongly. If there is a wish to laugh at someone who tries to be serious nearby, then it is better to use any above described method and to constrain laughter, than to offend other person. Most of people are able to cope with the fact that they became objects of a sneer, but there are also those which either are strongly sensitive, or are strongly sensitive.

In spite of the fact that the breath delay (as it was mentioned earlier) can help to cope with uncontrollable laughter, but also it can make the broken laughter explosive and very loud which for anything will not manage to be hidden any more. Therefore this method - a two-edged sword, it is also necessary to have it in a look.

If it is impossible to resist laughter or crying at an inopportune moment, then the neurologic frustration caused by a trauma or a disease of a brain can be the reason for that. Anyway, it is very serious, and it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. Perhaps, still there is time to recover.

Suppressing laughter, it is not necessary to bite too strongly lips, language or cheeks. Otherwise it is possible to put itself serious damages.