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Whether the icon can cure?

Atheist : The nonsense is dog. Tell on favor how the colored board can cure?

Believing : And, nevertheless, helps much.

Atheist : Auto-suggestion is exclusive. To the person, with not settled mentality, inclined to hysteria, auto-suggestion can give short-term relief which deterioration in a state by all means follows. As Kashpirovsky and other healers proved, for example. Auto-suggestion in an arsenal of mentality of the person - the serious lever of impact on organism internals. I will give an example.

In one of prisons of the Weimar republic experiment was put. The criminal sentenced to death was told that he will be executed by means of opening of a vein. It was brought to the place of execution and, having shown its tools, tied with a scarf eyes. Further on a hand the cut was imitated by the stupid party of a scalpel, and to the place of an estimated cut from a vessel began to pour warm water, imitating the following blood. In a few minutes the agony began, and sentenced died. Opening showed that the death was caused by blood loss, all blood was concentrated in a liver. This experience authentically proved a possibility of the inspired death, and together with it and the auto-suggestion force, huge, close to infinity, if it does not restrain a criticism barrier. The consciousness of the guilt and imitation of execution forced the victim to expect immediate occurrence of death with the highest, absolute internal reliability. The death “model“ which undividedly seized a brain - consecutive forcing of belief in its inevitability - caused death, and such which could come in case of its real implementation. The consciousness of the person who deeply assured in inevitability of death forced a healthy organism to follow in full compliance of the submitted scenario. Unless it not a miracle? However, it is created only by the doctor.

Believing : However the prayer before an icon considerably differs from the experiment given by you. In what? The criminal already prepared himself for death, and reliable imitation it was created in the criminal a deep-seated faith in execution realization. The criminal for 100% was sure that there is an execution process. The person appealing to an icon about talent to him health very much wants to recover, but full confidence that recovery will come, at it is not present. It is essentially important point.
you correctly noticed that auto-suggestion works when there is no criticism barrier when experimental absolutely trusts the experimenter. At the appeal to a prayer a little selflessly to believe in God, it is necessary to trust in the forces, and here in it is that the person and doubts. What cures the person? Something like that that is not identical to auto-suggestion, something being out of the organism praying. Though, certainly, the act of auto-suggestion is present, but, so to speak, playing a supporting role.

Atheist : And what can be present at a colored board except a tree and paint?

Believing : There is a God`s Grace. As some analogy of interaction of the person to an icon (you need to feel by all means) electrostatic interaction of a charged body with not loaded can serve. Distinction can be that not charged body - is passive, i.e. the induced charge during removal from a charged body disappears, and the person can keep the induced God`s potential of the Grace received from an icon as a result actively enters interaction with an icon, asks very much about talent to it health. Also it becomes clear: why atheists do not feel clemency of an icon. If the person does not believe in clemency of an icon, including it just painted board, then there is no contact between the person and an icon. Whether you will seek for communication with the person who defiantly in an emphasis does not notice you. The truth is confirmed: you knock and will open for you. That opened, it is necessary to knock by all means. The person has to be active. In that case: the prayer is a process as a result of which the person contacts with that essence which was introduced in an icon. What is an icon? The icon is no other than the living being.

Atheist : Well, old man, you already recovered a board. Typical ravings of a madman.

Believing : Yes, recovered by means of God`s force. The board, as a result of introduction in it God`s essence, becomes the living being. Biological life is a special case of life in general, lives comprehensive. To the living being the person also handles the prayer. Agree that silly to appeal to a log about the help, and people are not silly. The millennia, throughout all human history people address idols, statues, icons, and receive the help. If did not receive simplification, sting began to address? Really everything, asked for the help the Belt of Blessed Virgin Mary who was recently staying with us you consider as idiots?

Atheist : You promptly confirm my diagnosis and where these your idols? Perhaps, to fill with them hospitals, and to retrain doctors of all, for example, in plumbers.

Believing : You cannot but be familiar with Gumilev`s theory. Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev assumed that in the world there is a type of energy which is not opened by scientists yet (I hope, you do not think that all phenomena are recorded by science, all laws are open), which he called a passionarity. As a result of impact on the biosphere of Earth of radiation of the Sun, the ethnic field which contacts with group of people by means of introduction in people of a passionarity is born. Gumilev defined the birth of the ethnic field how a passionarity push. The fact that, according to Gumilev`s theory, both the Christianity, and Islam appeared as a result of rumors of a passionarity is remarkable. However eventually the passionarity is spent by people and it is not always reasonable. Also the God`s Grace can be used not quite reasonably the person. Clemency, decreasing, over time disappears absolutely, and the idol turns just into a log, a statue - into a stone, an icon - into a board. But, on the other hand, if the icon is constantly fed with Grace, then can live forever. Certainly, it is much more difficult to record this clemency in laboratory, than without grounds to refuse to God existence. But all - when it will occur, it will be possible to see visually: why one person recovers, having addressed an icon, and another is not present. Also I to you want to give an example.

The Greek doctors conducted examination of Athos monks, and also remains of their elder brothers on belief whose age fluctuates in an interval of several thousand years, and came to conclusion that monks not only have not cancer, but at all were never ill. Doctors came to a conclusion that it is result of a healthy lifestyle. But only whether in it the reason? But whether the prime cause consists in the daily address of monks with a prayer to God? Why monks are not ill, but not representatives of any other estate? Whether the prayer is the prime cause?

Atheist : It is impossible to deny that monks as a result of the faith in God lead a healthy lifestyle, but prayers are involved, so to speak, indirectly.

Believing : I hope, you though sometime held the Bible in hand?

Atheist : The bible as the epos of the Jewish people is not better at all and not worse than other similar monuments of human culture.

Believing : No, and once again not. The bible not only gives the facts, but also describes that mechanism by means of which the person is awarded with talent. We learn from the Bible that in the nature the essence takes place, coming to contact with which, the person becomes talented. Process of contact is defined as execution of the person by the Holy Spirit.

“And suddenly noise from the sky, as if from the rushing strong wind became, and all house where they were was filled. Also the divided languages, as if fiery were it, and rested on one on each of them. Also were executed all of Svyatago`s Spirit, and began to speak other languages as the Spirit allowed them to proveshchevat“. (Bible, Dejan. 2:2 - 4).

For us it is important to know that the essence, from the Spirit Svyaty, is capable to share and remain in a body of the person. And what is the person? You can give the answer to this question? The bible answers it extremely specifically.

“Also God of the person on the image created, on the God`s image created it; the man and the woman created them“. (Bible, Life. 1:27).

And in addition the Bible supplies to us with the information on how God created the person.

“Also the Lord of the person from ashes terrestrial created, and blew lives in the person of its breath, and the person became soul live“. (Bible, Life. 2:7).

So, the person is similar to God, but is not equal to him. What similarity consists in? That the person is capable from lifeless too, from ashes to create live. In what the inequality is shown? That the person can only transfer to the creation God`s Grace he cannot create it. On each creation of people leaves part of that execution of Svyaty Dukh which possesses, thereby recovering lifeless, at all not metaphorically, and it is real. Everything that leaves from - under hands of the person, represents live creation, but moderately as far as the person himself is living as far as the person is capable to recover the creation.

Sometime and you will understand if you do not learn to perceive by then, as Blessed Virgin Mary`s Belt, and a sacred icon - the living beings capable to give us both health, and confidence in tomorrow.