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What does everyone have to remember to live quietly? You noticed

, for example, how very often the disturbing state is rolled on you? It can appear, from your point of view, for no apparent reason. But you can do nothing with itself somehow to calm down. And never came to your mind that you can be the cause of it and your wrong behavior in this or that situation? the Situation 1

you made to

an appointment with the person, but already there passed 20 minutes over the marked term, and you did not get on appointment in time. Your colleague was already tired to go around a monument on a twenty-degree frost. In his head any bad thoughts and unflattering words about you climb. At last, in half an hour you appeared and, having apologized, pass to discussion of affairs. But the mood at your interlocutor - is lower than a waterline, and he finishes conversation somewhat quicker and takes the leave. At heart at you an unpleasant deposit.

From here the simple rule follows not to bring people: if you feel that you are late, find a way to warn about it. If promised someone to call such - that day and hour, surely make it.

the Situation 2

you twirled at work, house too is full of urgent problems. It is simple to call parents well there is no time, and that to visit them … You are very busy, and in itself it sounds a justification.

Remember that parents are not eternal, try to find for them more time then not to reproach themselves.

the Situation 3

For some reasons for you it is very difficult for b to meet with other people. You have very few close friends with whom you can discuss deeply personal problems. And there was unforeseen: the person to whom you trusted and confided all the intimate secrets, told about your problems to everyone in your labor collective. You cannot forgive him, to you is sick and bitter.

What to do? Never come back to the person which betrayed you. It will never change.

the Situation 4

you go home from work by the crowded bus. The bus sharply braked, and the neighbor pushed you around. He apologized, but you were tired after day of work and in reply spitefully grumbled that it is necessary to hold in transport a hand-rail. He answered that he kept, but the bus moved and … unnecessary discussion was started.

Despite any circumstances, be polite. Politeness - a necessary condition at communication with people, without it any normal contacts are impossible.

the Situation 5

At work or houses we often make impulsive rash actions which lead to mistakes. As a rule, after such mistakes of people begins to be engaged in an infinite heart-searching why it occurred.

It is necessary to learn to recognize the mistakes. But needs to do it so that this process did not turn into a certain self-flagellation.

Admit to yourself that you made something wrong. Try to analyse the reasons, at the same time do not stop on superficial circumstances of a situation, and go deep into problems. And the most important: think how you should arrive in the future to avoid similar mistakes.

the Situation 6

Bad weather, bad mood, the working day since morning was not taken by

. It is a high time to go to smoke with the friend and to complain of life. But the colleague for some reason you interrupts all the time and transfers conversation to a yesterday`s hockey match. You do not want to speak on this subject at all. The friend vividly finishes smoking a cigarette and disappears in clubs actually of a smoke.

Remember: others problems interest nobody, and refuse an addiction to complain at the slightest pretext all the time.

the Situation 7

All of us are different: each person has the outlooks on life, the principles and installations how to arrive in this or that situation. Even between close friends and adherents there are quarrels. If business reached large dismantling, try to speak quietly, without the increased tones. Shout and stamping by legs you will achieve nothing. Many people are irritated by hysterics, shouts and tears.

Even if your quarrel very serious, it is not necessary to cut the person to the quick and to put spiritual wounds. You reconcile, but your opponent at heart for a long time will keep bitter offense.

the Situation 8

Almost for all of us is found a sin: sometimes we lie not to upset the person, or we go a bit to boast to show ourselves in the best light before someone. But one lie gives birth to another, and together with it the lump of problems grows: for each new “fairy tale“ it is necessary to think out new plots and turns of events. It can exhaust “storyteller“, and he, eventually, will get confused in own lie.

It is always better to tell the truth, then it is not necessary to remember anything.

the Situation 9

of People is born free, not burdened with any debts. But gradually acquires them, and we create the majority of these debts to ourselves. The more debts, the there is less freedom. So there is an enslavement voluntarily. What is interesting, the person is more intellectual, the he for himself defines a big measure of responsibility and a debt to other people and world around.

You remember: nobody should not nothing to anybody! If you do not get rid of the word “has to“, then can be up to the ears in the moral and material debt. you can change

the life to the best, without creating yourself additional problems which already are enough. In total in your hands!