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How is to the idiot among clever?

I Love clever people. I have a friend who knows who was city governor Grandau in 1413. He any more, however, knows nothing because he drinks strongly. One more friend remembers a surname of the person who shot Lennon, and when he drunk, only and tells it. It is always drunk therefore except this surname tells nothing at all.

And still I know the guy who read the Bible in the original. About Pushkin he did not hear, about Dontsova too, and here the Bible in the original - please. And when will strongly drink, says that an author`s copy.

The young lady one acquaintance always carries with herself Tsvetaeva`s small volume. As will see the man interesting, at once accepts a languid pose and a small volume gets. So far, however, without special success, because it as this pose of signs, begins to snore. And from it smells of a ramson, she has always a snack on it.

The neighbor at me strongly drinking, but as plays chess! Once beat Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer and brothers of Klitschko. Strange campaign, but he says that he met all of them at a stall and beat on beer. It since then when drinks, always places chess even if they are absent.

The companion is at me - the film actor. At film, however, does not act in, it has a rare illness of the person, it does not get into a shot. But, as it ostogrammitsya, very professionally argues on cinema. It is so professional that even the young lady with Tsvetaeva ceases to snore, says that to her konfuzno, despite a ramson.

And one acquaintance somehow met long ago the academician Kapitsa in shop. Directly face to face, near canned food. Since then drinks. Not Kapitsa, familiar mine. Because in physics it sechyot is better, and money there is more ukapitsa that, of course, offensively.

The wife at me in general the clear head. Everything knows, however, does not drink. And when I should go to shop and when to take out garbage and what soap opera I like to watch and how many times I in the childhood the head hit … Guesses, unfortunately, seldom. Practically never.

Here and I live in an environment of the cleverest people of our era, sometimes it is even opposite. The mother-in-law knows where I spend money and where I will finish the life; each police militiaman is aware what crime I committed and for how many rubles it is possible to forgive me; journalists somehow guessed that I am interested in private life of Ksyushi Sobchak, and in all newspapers report to me about changes. And changes there every day, by the way.

The chief at work learned from where - that about my school estimates. Yesterday my report read, put aside and sadly so asked: “You, Kuzmichyov, at school had no three, only the two? Well at least on singing?“. I still am silent about deputies. These just know everything though on persons and you will not tell. And how many money in a month leaves at me on food how many on drugs how many by the subway and how many to me in general it is necessary money. And there is no subway in our city.

Here brains at people are arranged - never in life saw me, and know everything! So gradually I came to a conclusion, bad for myself: in this country only one idiot. Ya. Ostalnye though in something, but the genius.

The taxi driver knows, to reach how much is from the station to my house though never in life at me was; in the MISINFORMATION know when in my apartment it is necessary to change pipes though too at me were not; neighbors from above found out that I adore choral execution of “Vladimir Prison“ at three o`clock in the morning; operators - how many I speak by phone; the chief of the Russian Railway - that I hate conditioners and I adore watching from a stuffy electric train at “Sapsan“ which is flying by by …

of the Doctor in policlinic the cleverest people - determine an illness by clothes. If a jacket shabby - “Drink a tea with raspberry also a bed rest“ and if a suit expensive and in each hand on a man purse - “You come, we will examine you, but is already clear that at you very started and difficult illness in treatment“.

In a passport office just clear heads work - know that I love guests, well and registered at me 150 people from the Caucasus, including 40 Chinese. Television chiefs too good fellows, know my tastes - 50 series a day about the provincial in Moscow plus humour. And Dibrova is a little that too is ridiculous.

But the cleverest, of course, Chubais. Learned that I in a month consume the electric power for 641 rubles 52 kopeks, and went to nanotechnologies. It is what is not visible. That is it will take normal state bank notes and to turn them into nanomoney. In principle, he all life was also engaged in it. Well, maybe, some nanodevice will construct, for the report.

And everything is good, I not against, but at me constantly arise one question: if the only idiot in the country it I, then why do not pay extra to me for it? Without idiot it is impossible to live, without idiot the state will die! Happen to me what trouble, one clever will remain and what? They about the city governor Grandau will tell themselves also about terms of replacement of pipes? To show series to itself and in “Sapsans“ to watch them? And they to whom will push nanohouses with nanofood?

So, children, protect me, I as the idiot oh as am necessary to you! You to me money, and I to you - full understanding of all your initiatives, including increase of tariffs for everything with simultaneous reduction of a salary. It is necessary so it is necessary, there`s nothing to be done. I will nod, in a television camera something approving a bryakna and I will go home to drink beer under series. If, of course, some clever people do not decide that I want to live on the street near a heating main and without TV. Them - clever, more visible, on they and clever …