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Why chooses the worst from all possible options of people? It is easy and pleasant to Write

about Destiny to human lives - nobody knows what is it actually and therefore it is possible to compose some next unpretentious theory without special work, having complicated it various fashionable features about the past and the future at the same time, about penetration of a universal mind into our poor heads or a cock-a-hoop with genes.

It is easy to write also about the Life, being healthy and happy at the moment. Especially as still nobody can intelligibly explain what is life in general, - everyone just prefers to live longer and only at a leisure sometimes “to look“ for sense of own life. As a last resort it is possible to generalize grandiosely, as a rule, based on personal feelings.

And here in detail to explain why chooses the worst from all possible options of people, - it in power unless to very courageous science fiction writer in judgments or the wise man who was stunned by own clearness... The others only try to assume.

Also I will try.

With children really a lot of things are clear and clear - after instructing “It well, and it - is bad“ they immediately go to check the validity of parental statements in practice. Children fast turn an axiom into the theorem which is required to be proved. Also prove, prove … And parents - their N render, punish … Generally, there is a normal creative process.

But how to be with the adult?. How to explain absurdity of acts of quite healthy, serious and even decent people from the point of view of common sense?

For example, the driver (mainly the man) can crash on the car into the one and only column on a roadside, being one - odinyoshenky on the road. A married couple, having hardly paid off with debts, already next day can begin to think of the new credit … Costing

on the edge of an abyss, the person can prichinno ponder with “pleasure“ - investigative communications of the falling by the head down - the estimated terrible crunch of bones and an inconsolable grief of relatives for some reason bring him. And maybe in practice “to check“ it …

It surely will set fire to what is strictly forbidden to be set fire. Will tell indecent to darling. In business will make the maximum quantity of mistakes... Can even get drunk “to death“ for pleasure concerning return from hospital.

“Instincts of life and death“, - Freud would murmur. “The demon of a contradiction“, - gloomy would squeeze out Edgar Poe. “Fool!“ - would tell in the people.

“What does not kill us, does stronger!“ - the person objects, having survived by miracle after the next experiment with himself. And I agree with it, but only in certain cases.

Case the first: research instincts

of People since the childhood receives data on world around not from personal experience, and from other people (first of all from parents). It was stuffed with information to a limit - pushed considerable part of the experience acquired by mankind for many and many years into it. And at some point it it is simple - naprosto begins to check this knowledge because its personal experience extremely lagged behind them. Its research instincts from now on are eager for confirmation of the obtained information by carrying out experiences (most often negative).

Case of the second: “exile from paradise“ - the birth of the person


Ya it is convinced that bible Adam`s stay in paradise is a certain rudimentary condition of the person, and his real life begins after the birth - after exile from paradise. There are no most favorable conditions any more - there are improbable difficulties and irresistible aspiration to survive. The person strains, dodges, makes feats for the sake of himself both the relatives, and his muscle grow stronger, mind is improved, the will becomes staunch. Or the person perishes.

It not punishment … It is a new task - to keep that valuable that was acquired, and it is obligatory to rise by a new boundary of development. Many of us will get over and over again into various difficult life situations only for one reason - we move evolution forward. In an award for this hard labor we had an opportunity to live and ability to enjoy life. By the way, sometimes in the face of danger of death it is possible to feel fully all richness of life and value of life.

Case the third: the mother`s sonny

our subconsciousness perfectly does also without our control. But how we live - whether in a consent with it or we clash, depends not only our health, but also behavior - the majority of us provokes criminals.

And as criminals those fears act that were acquired by hothouse education. And therefore you should not be surprised to the worst option from all possible - subconsciousness stops in the person all that it disturbs it. Spiteful types behind each corner seem to the coward person. Be more courageous - and fears will recede!.

I distinctly realize attractiveness of the evil and sincerely I sympathize with unfortunate. I understand that instincts of life and death stay in immemorial unity and conflict of opposites.

I believe that God wants to see in the children the worthy and strong people capable honestly to work, respect others and to love.