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To buy or sew?

Are frequent, owing to some reasons, people do not find on counters of shop the necessary clothes of that of model which were pleasant to them on a podium or in the magazine. Very many want to save, simply to buy fabric and to sew from it the pleasant thing.
Often without a certain preparation can sew a skirt, a dress, a sundress. What models the beginner can master? The skirt - solntseklesh is known to all. It is enough to know parameters up to waists and length of a skirt already to do a marking on fabric. Having added simple shelves up it is already possible to sew the whole dress! It is possible to buy a long elastic belt, when sewing his skirt it is long is equal the size of your waist minus 10 cm and to sew to it the &ndash fabric which is picked up in folds; originally and fashionably. The same way it is possible to sew also a sundress, only for it the belt is chosen more on width, and &ndash fabric; on length. Choose light fabrics, use a lining. Black lacy fabric is well combined with a blue and pink lining - this scale is classics. But it is possible to form colors depending on what is pleasant to you.
If to decorate an old thing with applications, florets, bows, paillettes, then it will give it the second life, and to you - original dress. Very necessary thing which is simply irreplaceable on the beach and is sewed literally in several minutes. It will require a piece of fabric 2 meters long and 1 wide. 5th meter. Fabric has to be easy and streaming. Its advantage that it is possible to carry it differently, thereby forming the image.
the simplest things can be connected. For example scarf. Still Italians developed a new interesting type of clothes - a sweater / scarf which consists of wool. The product quite simply &ndash matches; as scarf, which ends - sleeves. Knitting - elastic band - English or magnificent, and ends - sleeves simple elastic band 11. The cloth 70 x 250, height of a sleeve is 40 - 50 cm. It is more freely draped and better sits. It will be required for creation of such graceful thing 500 gr. a yarn and a spoke number 2 - 2. 5.
At inability to cut, it is possible to use magazines for sewing in which the complete description of process and a pattern is given. Choose the recommended fabric since fashion designers proceeded at creation of a pattern from its thickness and physical properties.
can be saved Much if which - what details of an interior to make with own hands, for example, of a curtain. First of all it is necessary will decide on the fabric choice: its colors, impressive properties. Well curtains as cold and warm color look. Usually curtains sew from brocade, a velvet, a taffeta, natural silk, organza, chiffon, guipure, cotton and linen fabrics. One-color fabrics without drawings are in harmony with an environment easier, and fabrics with saturated color and expressive drawing are pertinent in the general big room, a drawing room. In bedrooms are acceptable soft pastel tone, quiet color gamut which bears a cosiness, warmth and harmony. Accuracy of measurement of a window is important for calculation of fabric, the final length of curtains with rings is measured from a loop on wooden a ring to a floor. Width undertakes on eaves of a window plus 20%. Usually two panels for each window, but maybe one undertakes. In fabric shops the special band - an elastic band is on sale, on it and panels are sewed.
Ability to sew in many cases can facilitate life, and at the same time to become a source of pleasure and deep satisfaction.