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we in the answer for those who were tamed?

Ya I want to tell you a story of a cat whose destiny merged with destiny of our people. But not what is called “middle class“ now, and that who … well is not called in any way. It is also absent it seems. There are rich, there is poor, there is “middle class“, and there are we which to any group did not carry also statistics on us any it is not conducted.

We are state employees, and even more precisely - teachers. We are not really loved in the people and is for what. But I not about it. I about a cat. And so, this history began long ago. On the TV then spoke about reorganization and acceleration, publicity and democracy much. Bread in shop cost 20 kopeks, fish, the most expensive - 60. New schools opened. In kindergartens there was a turn, and all children for the summer tried to take out on the South because we lived on Far North. In the summer our small town where all almost each other knew, became empty. And here then city streets were filled with cats. They moved from apartments on streets as residents of our town had big holidays, there was nobody to leave animals, all parted, and then just exposed them on streets. Here we have such feature - kind we, love animals, and careless, living on “perhaps“. Perhaps will survive, our Vaska will not be gone, and will be gone - destiny, so such.

We paid attention to it not at once - plays to itself at us under windows pretty three-colored very young, obviously house, a kitty. She also did not ask anything. And nights in the summer at us light, the sun goes around, without hiding for the horizon so the incident happens to other men from time to time - having gone on a spree with companions and having fallen asleep inadvertently not at home, not under supervision of the vigilant spouse, they jump up and in horror that was overslept for work, run, and the watchman meets them there - where you, darling, fly. Time - that 3 o`clock in the morning!

But when I threw it the capelin who remained from our Nyuska, she swallowed it even without chewing. And at once thought, from where, from what window the help came. From this day Mashka - so we called her, and since then all prigrety cats we call Mashkami, began to live on a bench under our window. In the afternoon it, as well as it is necessary to a very young cat, played, slept, communicated with other relatives, and in the late afternoon took seat on a bench, and without coming off looked at our window. The capelin cost then 20 kopeks, and did not make any work and expenses to support Mashka. So 3 years proceeded. In the winter its wool became dense, bright, a nose darkly - pink, sitting on a bench, it all was powdered with snow, and only under a belly there was a warm thawed patch. But once, having arrived from holiday, as always without having kept within the means allotted by the state a little and counting on a fast salary, we did not receive this salary. We did not receive it both next month and in the following behind the following too. It appeared so unexpectedly for all, we were not ready that we can be left so to the mercy of fate therefore we still hoped that it just some misunderstanding that someone just badly fulfills the duties. On 2 times during a week there took place meetings of collective where we demanded something, with something were indignant, threatened with strikes, perfectly understanding that we will never go to it because children - that are not guilty, they have to gain knowledge, to them to enter the institutes, to them to build life further. And situation became worse, among teachers hungry faints already began. Now very often began to speak badly about teachers. And it is difficult to argue with it. But any phenomenon has a prime cause. And unless huge work when everything was made to put the teacher on the lowest step of a social ladder was not done for this purpose. I think, many remember advertizing of bleach which does not spoil a thing at all, and the poor teacher can not be spent for the second jacket for herself. And her eyes at the same time so shine happiness, as at Lyubov Orlova in the movie “Light Way“. In shops then not only “consumer goods“ - shampoos, soap, toothpaste, but also food disappeared. After work we went on the city, looked for where in shop though something is on sale. What was created when brought “Bush`s legs“! They were not managed to be defrozen, and sellers broke these tiles against a dirty cement floor. Took everything. It was Far North, then already we adapted to grow up there in the beginning potato, and now and not only it. We learned to be independent of the government, learned to care for ourselves. Likely, we also needed such shake-up. We were thrown into cold water, and we quickly learned to swim.

And Mashka still sat in the evening on a bench and looked out of the window. She did not doubt us! Well as it was possible to deceive her, we not our government, we did not promise communism in 20 years, did not promise to lay down on rails, but we tamed her and were responsible for her. It still boarded at us. But also its diet strongly changed. She had to learn to eat porridge from buckwheat passed, with it we were just lucky - at the girlfriend incidentally was overlooked, soup from cubes of the become such native Galina Blanca, sometimes and the holiday happened when the husband went on fishing. Mashka as though understood everything and was not capricious. But there was a problem absolutely of other sort. Mashka was a woman, and the Woman from capital letter. She saw the main mission in leaving as much as possible posterity therefore she was chronically pregnant. In the beginning its issue was small, all lived quite safely and therefore its posterity without effort managed to be attached. But its productivity everything grew, and life of people all worsened. And the problem began to expand in a big PROBLEM!

The matter is that Mashka was very bright cat: she carefully hid the children until when the feeding up began to be required for them. Here - that it also brought them to a scene, that is to a rug before our door. On approach to the house neighbors already notified me - there brought grandchildren to you. Once I also saw how it does it. It could not carry a kitten in teeth any more, is rather heavy therefore it pulled him on the ground by the scruff as very young nurses dragged wounded from a battlefield, with one thought - if only to drag, and there will help. We came to despair! There was one more cat at our place. And in the summer all of us equally had to leave for work in some camp. I fawned upon all acquaintances. Convinced them that it is not difficult to support a kitten at all that they are such pretty. Still sucks somewhere in the pit of the stomach because that I attached several kittens in obviously dysfunctional families. People who could entrust them before taking - hundred times will think. And these took easily. And I cowardly did not even try to learn anything about their future.

There was somehow also a mystical case. Having arrived once again from camp after 2 - x monthly absence, we found Mashka in very deplorable state - exhausted, with the broken paw and obviously just brought the next posterity. I did not begin to ask the neigbour to whom left money for her contents why they did not go for the future, now it was necessary to rescue Mashka and her children. The matter is that this time she gave birth to them under a roof of the burned-down sawmill. In the country wild capitalism was under construction, cars exploded, shops burned, also the private sawmill opposite to our house burned down. There she also settled. To find it out, the husband as the skilled intelligence agent, followed on bushes dashes it, and she at the same time pretended that she does not hurry anywhere, in every possible way looking away everything, and only when decided that she deceived all, got on a steep wall on a roof. What it costed it - exhausted, with helplessly hung paw!

Also dreams me at night a dream - I keep in a hem of two kittens - one three-colored - the girl and fluffy red. Next day I began to ask the husband - we will go, we will take away them, to go down they will not be able from there, will die for hunger. Not at once it the structure already only on wall-paper agreed, kept, and there it was possible already just to break a neck. But therefore we with it there are already so much years together that more kindly than the person, than it, I in life did not meet yet. In the evening he severely told: “Went“. I stood below, listened as it carefully bypasses all attic, and suddenly heard: “Pi - and!“ and shout “catch them!“. I with myself had nothing, I substituted a hem and there two kittens … three-colored and fluffy red fell! At these children the destiny developed happily - according to the announcement in the newspaper they were taken away by those who wanted to themselves pleasure to the house.

And their mother recovered, otjetsya again and got already glory of a legendary bomzhikha. On this glory admirers began to be flown. And there was even one elderly kind woman who wanted to take her to herself. We were delighted - at last, Mashka will find not only friends, but also the warm house. The reader, by the way, can ask a question why ourselves did not take her to ourselves in the house. On it there were reasons. And so Mashka was absent 3 months, and then appeared on a bench again. So much time was required to it to realize that her house absolutely not there, and here and to return here. She did not want to betray us too! Here also tell - to what cats are more attached - to the house or to people?

There were years, life was gradually adjusted, several kindergartens were closed, 2 schools, the population of the city decreased half, the youth ceased to come to teacher`s collectives, there were women finishing to pension as men dispersed who too where - they need to feed families, but a salary, though small, began to pay regularly. Our cat was killed on the street, and we allowed Mashka to spend the night at us in the house, but she preferred nevertheless the street. So there passed 10 years. And once Mashka did not come to a small bench. Long all of us looked out for it, but, probably, the cat`s century came to an end and they are teeth at it was not any more, an eye was almost not seen, but she distinguished us and our car unmistakably among tens of people and the same cars! So the era of reorganization and the period of accumulation of seed capital by our oligarchs for us and our Mashka ended. Light to it memory!