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What is wanted and do not want the man? A system of a guess

With women already it seems as it is clear - they do not know what is wanted, but that about men? They have too desires which sometimes are so inconsistent, as well as at representatives of a fine half of mankind. Sometimes and there is a wish to ask: “Yes what you want from me?“

All - both men, and women, want something. To want - it is normal. When there is a wish for nothing - it is already crisis, but then there is a desire to want something to want, and it already which - that. Crises appear from a dissatisfaction, and the dissatisfaction comes from unfulfilled desires. What dreams are cherished by men and what they want?

All men aspire to the absolute power - it is ideally. But if the man suddenly for some reasons did not become the master of the Universe, he can always compensate this annoying misunderstanding by the power over the woman, bringing order to her chaotic thoughts and actions - “that slippers stood in parallel each other and perpendicular to a bed“ .

One of the main aspirations of the man - to show to people around that he is an alpha - a male. All other men too males, but after it. This dominant in its own territory is especially brightly expressed. You think, he to spite of the woman hides dirty socks on all apartment? No - thus, it marks the territory, hinting other men that violation of its possession threatens with serious problems! Though these problems, as a rule, appear then not at the rival, and at the wife or the mistress.

By the way, the mistress is always more preferable to the man. He prefers freedom and marries, only if to drive him into a corner. The man is very much frightened not so much by absence of other women in his lives, how many lack of the opportunity to have those.

On a deep belief of men, the good thing marriage will not be called. Very few people from them are ready to daily contemplation as the woman from a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Cucumbers and sour cream well look in salad, but not on a face. The type of the pokhrapyvayushchy wife in a dream with a saliva groove in a mouth corner does not match in their imagination a habitual sexual image at all, and opening that princesses break wind too, in general unsettles.

The woman has to look good at any time, but not frighten by process of targeting of this beauty and, especially, not bother with requests, extorting money for maintenance of the external trade dress.

The man is a hunter and as each hunter he tests passion, winning the woman. And the it is more difficult to win it, the to it is more hazardous. But as soon as the objectives are achieved, interest begins to die away. No, it still will play with it as a cat with a mouse, but already it is rather by inertia, than as necessary. And when familiar “toy“ begins to weigh, under the law of “universal gravitation“ - the longer the man tried to obtain the woman, the more it weighs it then. When emotions settle finally, the man will begin to look out for other “victim“.

Men are laconic, and their functionality does not provide comments. After good sex they have no desire to discuss female problems, the neighbor in a staircase or health of the potential mother-in-law at all - to them enough emotions received just at the physical level. It is good if the woman just silently falls asleep, but it is even better if she puts on at once and will leave home.

Soccer is sacred! It needs to be looked with friends and beer and, of course, without women! If without friends, then beer does not make a reservation. No series or transfers as alternative to soccer are even discussed with Oprah. In absolutely extreme case: you want to watch TV - watch with it football! But if you watch, then any questions during game like - “What such penalty and an offside?“ . And if he was going to spend evening with friends, then on its remark “I go today with friends to a strip - bar“ (which is formed not in the form of a question), she steadily has to answer: “Go, of course. I wish to have a good time“ . And any offenses at the same time! But also too fast consent with a smile upon the face will cause suspicions. Ideally - the woman has to lead his life, and it - the.

With women it is difficult for the man, but without them anywhere. Otherwise what it an alpha - a male? But if to bring the woman, then such that all men died from envy around! The more attractive it the woman, the more significant it looks in the opinion of other men and, naturally, in own - if she on it sank down, seemingly, it the strong competitor, time is able to afford such luxury.

The intelligence of the companion in this case too plays not the last role. The clever and beautiful woman near the man lifts that on a pedestal - means, and it it seems as not the fool. Mind - it is good, but good has to be moderately - there is nothing to expose knowledge of the multiplication table the man the silly person! If the woman with faultless concentration of mind and beauty did not manage to be found, the man can always compensate it by the number of women who have to suffer a situation with angelic humility and understanding because they are guilty that such ugly and stupid.

The woman has to keep at a distance. And its place in kitchen and, if necessary, in a bedroom. In a bedroom no headaches should be! Crossing a threshold of this sacred room with a sacrificial altar, the woman in general has to forget that it has a head. At other moments she only gets under feet, creates chaos and is an irritation source.

To respect hobbies of the man is a sacred duty of the woman. Collects matchboxes? And what here ridiculous? Everything very much is even logical - matches a rarity now. And here when this collection will make him the millionaire, then we will look who will laugh the last!

One more man`s privilege - the car! She, however, too sometimes is capricious, but it is difficult to take offense at her, unlike the woman, it was wanted since the childhood. The car is a sense, is not present - did not begin, and man`s continuation. The more small the man, the more there has to be at him a car. Because it is pleasant to be not only the giant of thought, but also to show to people around as strongly he stands on the feet also wheels. To emphasize what to it presses and rubs not only a purse, but also what decent people do not write on fences.

If suddenly the man drinks - has the right! Means, on that is good reasons - the world falls to pieces and private life in general not the fountain. Not it is guilty, of course, and the world plot. Everyone can accuse the unrecognized genius, and you try, understand - “do not judge and you will not be judged“ .

Men never come back to the past and try not to look in the future. They, as a rule, live in the present, and in the present there is no age. At first mother, then the wife cares for them. Men live out of time - they do not mature. On streets, in offices, families there live whimsical, gray-haired, sick, with a set of false teeth boys. Men are a grown old children. The whimsical, exacting, spoiled children!

So what is wanted by men? Money, toys, shows, power and sex!