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How played in “To Bor and I remember“?

Once davny - chickens still grew long ago at once entirely, but not separate ham. And mother bought such pupuryshchaty carcass together with the remains of feathers, the head and eyes !! Also it was possible to raise a leathery eyelid with some rare eyelashes, and watched a round evil eye at you as live.

In this bluish whole chicken somewhere around a breast there was specially trained stone which was called “take and remember“. Chicken, perhaps, also did not know during lifetime that she has such stone, thought: edges, waist, rump, all! And all children in a family knew! Also waited for this stone as animated cartoon “A blue puppy“ for whom wait with the unique purpose: to listen to the silly song of fish - a saw... Children were ready to eat chicken soup with macaroni and floating polukruzhiya of carrot, if only take to reach to “and remember“.

Because “Take and remember“ is a game for two on an uncertain period. This stone reminded the Russian of “L“ or bourgeois and unattainable “Victoria“. Each of two undertook the tip of a stone and pulled. It was Ritual! When the stone broke, both blinked the eyes, stared at each other and told “ I Take and I remember! “. As oath! It meant: game began...

It is the more interesting and most difficult to play was with the father because he almost never forgot. Also it was necessary to become for a while adult and patient. And to wait at least half an hour, and it is better - to hold on till the evening because only the little foolish Daw tried to flog to you anything at once, beginning from a ball and finishing with a candy *, in hope that you already forgot... And you with a hitrinka take everything that she stretches to you, but tell every time: “To Bor also I remember“, - and she manages to open only a mouth in hope to insert “Prevail and...“. Because if you took anything from her hands and did not tell put “I take and I remember“, it means that you forgot ! And if she at the same time did not forget and said: “Take and remember“, - all! You lost!

With the father it was necessary to work in a different way. Right after broke a stone, it was necessary to go to itself to the room, to write on a piece of paper largely “To Bor and I remember!“ and to leave the house. To walk! And when you will return, to see the text, to remember and go to check what is done by the father. It is the best of all if it repaired something. Then it could give the screw-driver with a clear conscience, to wait with dying down second and, without trusting the happiness, honestly looking in eyes, to say: “Take and remember!! “

I then the folder even more you rejoiced that you inflated it, and few times threw in air. And you understood: to lose - it is cheerful too!

Now it is difficult to find whole chicken, it is lazy to look for in her a stone and that to break it, it is necessary to manage to tear off the son from the laptop that - oh - is difficult. Here also grow, without being able to suffer, plan, to win and lose... Or being able, but somehow absolutely, absolutely in a different way... And all forget. And you - take and remember...

(* The first that we did, coming to the grandmother on a visit, all cases and sideboards filled unclear, why with the collected ware on twelve persons began to open it... Because knew: in one of sugar bowls or in a chaynichka under a cover it is obligatory to eat a grist. (The science does not know, grandmothers of candy for themselves or for grandsons hide, but to grandsons it adds passion, undoubtedly...)

Most likely, it was cheap Plum caramel of which you get to the core in half, and then try to take a viscous stuffing with tongue. Or just lump sugar pieces. But there could be also a toffee, or even a bar. And it is unimportant that on kitchen at this moment there could be a full vase with caramels (that, of course, was a rarity). Only these “a teapot - sakharnitsevy“ candies - were secret and a treasure.

They were a little bit zapretna and smelled of adventure... So, were much more tasty...