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How to make is “hotter“? It is edible - sharp prevention of cold

Soon days off, so which - which of you will be free as the radical! I know on what to spend your time! Namutim! Let`s knock up!

So, you need to finish process of consolidation of a sofa consciously; looking around, to get into a grist; to get from there three hundred grams of paper money and to go in grocery hyper - super - a puper - a market.

With astonishment wandering between regiments, you need imperceptibly for to throw into a basket:

1. Two lemons.
2. Four oranges.
3. One tuber (a root, an ear, a root crop, otkopysh) ginger (what you shuddered?) .
4. To sugar if suddenly all exhausted on moonshine... (however if exhausted, then lay out everything from a basket back, there is no need to translate products).
5. Vassab should not be bought!

All! Scaredly pay off and rush home! Let`s cook “nuclear“ jam!

Pass, please, in torment and lower a skin from ginger! If he so told nothing - rub him on a grater or a raskolbasta on the blender.

Rind oranges slowly and with concentration, give pulp to a hedgehog, a martin, a beaver and other living creatures - find fault divide, and a tsedrosoderzhashchy layer - any convenient way to a chevyrdachta in dense gruel (however, admirers of the marquis de Sade can cut with small cubes - legislatively it is not forbidden anywhere).

Safely throw out all this terrible medley in uniform ware where already impatiently wait for 150 grams of sugar and a third of a glass of water. Frown and there squeeze out juice from unfortunate lemons.

Bring to boiling. Remove. Cool. Bring
to boiling. Remove. Cool. Bring
to boiling. Remove. Cool.
To... Though, perhaps, enough!

Everything, misters! It is possible to feed the mother-in-law! Categorically useful product is ready!

Is it, of course, it is impossible because the people running with an open mouth on the apartment look extremely ridiculously, and to add here on a tea spoon to tea or, for example, in pie - just the valshypstvo turns out!

However, it is possible to reduce potential of explosion jam - trotyl a preliminary 2-3 day soaking of ginger (and crusts too) in water with periodic draining of the last. But you guess that curative molecules are fled in large quantities together with liquid - it is their favourite way of escape.

Be not ill!

If you still have not enough, then for fans of a bobma in a mouth (though is not present, it is rather for food miners - professionals) I will share also the recipe of hot Uigur spice :

It is required to us:
1) spicy chili powder;
2) red ground sweet pepper;
3) red pepper dried, cut pieces;
4) the cornel crushed;
5) different seasonings to taste;
6) garlic;
7) rural (smelling of sunflower seeds) vegetable oil.

Slowly, enjoying a play of light in gold, we pour oil in a saucepan and we put it on a ring. Meanwhile we pour out all above-designated with first on the fifth point in one vessel. There small - small we cut (or we press on a chesnokodavka) much - a lot of garlic. We mix all this.

Already fragrantly, huh? And now we fill in the received edible madness with the heated vegetable oil. It is ready.

Seasoning is stored in the refrigerator very long. Perfectly goes with meat, it is added to soups and other dishes...

Well, and finally unpretentious anti-virus retseptik “From the Executioner“ only for masochists. Take extremely hot and burning pepper, accurately cut off a wide tip (in common people - buttocks), shake out seeds from there and stuff the turned-out shells with grated cheese. Bake this communistic pleasure in an oven. In total! We eat. We cry! But we eat. Because it is tasty. Also it is incredibly useful!

Microbes announce global evacuation even in the course of cooking, and after the use - sign total surrender...

And again good luck!