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Rewardings of the Grammy - 2012

on February 12 on the Red carpet concert Steples of the Center of Los - Andzheles the annual musical ceremony of delivery of awards - the Gold Record player of the Grammy - 2012 which is one of the most important events of year in music world took place, and it is comparable on grandness and the importance to a cinema forum the Oscar.

The scenario of a ceremony was in a hurry changed directly on the run of preparation from - for tragic sudden death of Whitney Houston. Actually, she still the day before solemnly met all the colleagues at the party devoted to the Grammy and danced under their execution. In backup dancers, at a party helped her mother 18 - the summer daughter Christina Brown. Nobody could suspect about such sad outcome of the events which took place literally in several hours. Christina Brown was hospitalized without having coped with emotional shock. Houston`s admirers on social networks speak with charge of her death of the husband Bobbie Brown who destroyed Whitney morally and physically throughout all matrimonial life from 1989 to 2007, having placed her on drugs, made the personality, dependent on it, and destroyed that its as outstanding performer.

The awards ceremony was opened the song devoted to Whitney Houston`s memory, I Will Always Love You performed by Jenifer Hudson and Chuck Chan at a background the video with Whitney was broadcast. Her parents attended an awards ceremony and told that not they, and their daughter had to be here on the Grammy - 2012. They hope that the soul of their daughter in heaven watches events, the people close and dear to it. A duet - Tony Bennett and Amy Uaynkhaus “The body and soul“, devoted it the song for which they by right received an award in category the Best Duet of Year.

The British singer Adele who let out the album “21“ at the beginning of 2011 was the main hero of the occasion of a ceremony. So stunning victory came to it not absolutely easily, but it is possible to tell that at the end of receiving the sixth award in a ceremony it was enough touched, probably its house preparations to thanksgiving speeches ended and it did not keep from tears, sending to the parents an air-kiss. Other awards of the Grammy in various categories were distributed as follows:

The priest - an album, the priest - a vocal - Adele, an album “21“, the Best solo in bottoms - execution - Adele, “Someone Like You“, the Song of year, Record of year - “Rolling In The Deep“, the Best short Musical Video

the Alternative album - Bon Eyver of “Bon Iver“, a little unexpectedly won against Nicki Minaj`s reppersha and a trio of the country The Band Perry, having received an award the Best New Actor. It is the second year in a row, the heated rapper was included in new category the New Performer. Voters of the Grammy, as a rule, steer clear of a rap in leaders of categories. But after three decades, for only two hip - hop executions he won the Best New Actor: “The slowed-down development“ and “Lauryn Hill“.

Fate - the song - Foo Fighters “Walk“,

of Foo Fighters won five Grammies, including the Best fate - an album“ Losing light“ and the best long musical video for Foo Fighters: “There and back“. Foo Fighters only the third time accepts in competitions fate - groups to win five Grammies for one night. group under the direction of Dave of Grohl imitating Santana (which won eight awards in 2000) and U2 (five awards in 2006). Butch the Whig producer of an album “Losing Light“ which group wrote down it in garage of Grohl. Album Grohl and the Whig who is with - the producer of Nirvana group, a distinctive milestone 1991 albums Neve

Fate - an album - Foo Fighters “Spend Light“

Hard Rock/Metal Performance - Foo Fighters “White Limousine“,

R & B the song - “Fool For You“, Qi Lo Griying, Melanie and Jack Hallim Vsplesk

R & B execution - Corrine Bailey Rae “Ýòî ëþáîâü“,

Traditional vocal R & B - Qi Lo Green & Milanyi Fiona “Fool For You“ (For you the Fool)

the Rap the Album - K?nye U?st “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy“,

the Rap the Song - “All fires,“ Jeff Bkhasker, Stacey Ferguson, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter and Kenye U?st

the Rap the Song in Cooperation - - “All fires,“ Kenye Uest, Rihanna marked themselves reunion, Kid Tsadi and Fergyus

Dancing record - “To Scary Monsters and Nice of a sprayta“ Skrayles

the Album Musical theater - Robert Lopez, Trey Parker and Matt Stone “Book of Mormon“

the Album World Music - “Tassili“, Tinariwen

Latin the priest - fate, fate or a city Album - Mang “The drama at Billiard pockets,“

the Tropical Latin Album - Kachao “In last Mambo“

the Gang or Norteno the Album - “Los Tigres Del Norte and friends,“ Los Tigres of Del Norte

Regional Mexican or Tejano the Album - Pepe Aguilar of “Bicentenario“

the Best for Solo the Countries - Taylor Swift “Average“,

Execution by a duet or groups sing - “Barton Hollow,“ Civil war

the Song of the Country - “Average“, Taylor Swift

the Jazz - a vocal in the Album - “A project mosaic“ Terry Lyne Karrington and other

the Jazz a tool Album - “Forever“ of Koria, Clark &?? White

Self-made Solo the Jazz - “500 Miles High“, Chick Koria of

the Big jazz Album of ensemble - “Good Feeling“, Christian McBride the Big band

the Blues the Album - Tedeski`s “Revelations“ Trucks Band

the National Album - “Barton of Hollow,“ Civil war

of Pop - a tool Album - “The road from Memphis,“ the Booker T. Jones

Sbornik of albums - “Paper samoletik“, Alison Krauss & Union Station

the American Album - “To wander in Riemann,“ Levon Helm

of the Reggae the Album - “Revelation of Pt 1. Life root“, Stephen Marley

the New album Age - “What is it“, Pat Metini

the Children`s album - “All About Hooligans... Big and Small,“ Various Artists

the Producer of Year not classical category - Paul Ipvors

the Best Remix record - “Cinema“, Skrayleks. Hot DJ Skraylles (real name: Sonny Moore) won three Grammies: Best Dance/Electronica the Album with a hit EP, “sprayta Scary Monsters I Nice“, the Best dancing record on the header song and the best remix Record (Non - Classical) for a remix of “Benny Benassi“ in “Cinema

the Evangelistic Song - “Hi Fear“, Kirk Franklin

the Gospel / Modern a Christian Performance - “Jesus,“ L`Andriya Johnson

the Gospel Album - “Hi Fear“, Kirk Franklin

the Choral Performance - “Light and gold,“ Eric Uaytekr

Klassichesky Modern Structure - “Elmer Kozlova,“ Robert Aldridge and Gershel Garfeyn

Prodyuser year, - Judith Sherman, won as the producer of year, in category classical music for the third time. Sherman is the first woman who won three times in this category. Joanna Nickrenz won two times. Elaine Martone once. (Any woman never won on the Producer of year, in category not classical works).

An orchestral Performance - “Brahms: The symphony No. 4“ Gustavo Dudamel

Record of the opera - “Adams: The nuclear Doctor “, Alan Gilbert, the conductor

Razgovorny the Word Album - “If you ask me (and, of course, will not be),“ Bettie Whyte

the Comedy Album - “Cheerful,“ Luis of CK

Compilation the Soundtrack the Album for Visual Media - “Boardwalk Empire“, various artists

the Album Soundtrack Assessment for Visual Media - “The speech of the king“, Alexander Desplat

the Song is written for Visual Media - “I see light“ Alan Menken and Sleyter Glenn

the Historical Album - “Band On The Run “(Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Deluxe Edition), Paul McCartney

Tool Arrangement accompanied by vocalists - “Whom I can address that (when it is necessary to nobody),“ Jorge Kalandrelli

Poclonniqui of fate stated the displeasure to those that the Academy disregarded the most popular group from Australia the EXPERT / DC. And loss of a reppersha of Nicki Minaj was written down in not favor to it of church which has the representatives in board of judges of Academy.