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How to cook borsch “on-barchelor“?

Ya in spite of the fact that I can manage as much as long meatless in a diet, it is firmly convinced: in borsch - it is unambiguous, undoubted and unconditional - there has to be a meat stone. Yes vegetarians and syroyeda will not eat me (however, vegetarians will not eat - I all - from meat, and here syroyeda can - I, after all, crude).

While the added some salt water gets acquainted with meat and thinks whether not to begin to gurgle, we manage to clean 5-6 potatoes, a two-three not too large morkovin, average harm a bulb and one big beet. We do it, previously having ground knives, diligently, having put out a language tip, deriving pleasure from process. Any nerves - everything is cleaned easily and easy. Women for some reason are not able to sharpen knives therefore during cleaning of vegetables quite often are nervous - all somehow not so … Men, want to eat tasty food - sharpen knives in time!

Yes materialists will not eat me, I am sure: we “eat emotions“. From with what thoughts and feelings the food was cooked, its taste directly depends. I will repeat: one of the reasons that men are considered as the best cooks is that for women it is routine, and thoughts at it during cooking - not about food, and about what it is necessary to manage to make farther, and for men, rare guests in kitchen as cooks, cooking of food is always experiment. They aspire, having spat on recipes, to take out from the refrigerator and to push something that should not be there at all in a dish. But, in spite of the fact that taste turns out strange, the positive emotions tested during cooking give to a dish with unclear ingredients a juicy and unexpected shade.

… Meanwhile the stone with the piece of meat which embraced it begins to begin to boil. The woman, reflecting on usefulness and harm of food, does everything by rules - merges “the first water“. To the man on health of darling and family members to spit, the gain from meat has to remain in broth. The main thing is to remove all foam until as water began to seethe and the gray scum left deep into pans. The man in kitchen, as a rule, does not hurry anywhere, he should not rubat cabbage on salad at once, to fix whether eggs were digested, to stir rice and to look behind a saucepan. The man usually does not prepare more than one dish. Therefore it is able to afford to stand and several minutes are simple to remove foam and to loudly splash it in a sink. Hozya - I - yain!

When all foam is removed, it is possible to sypanut generously all seasonings to which your eye fell.

It is remembered, I resolved some issues in bank, and the chief of branch contacted “Center“ for specification of the basic moments. And the person - the man sitting in a chat - a window on that end, very slowly and thoroughly answered her questions. Madam swore and among other things said the following: “Here you, men, all such. You will ask the husband to cut potato, you already managed to make both the first, and the second, and the third, and he everything cuts it cubes and cuts, both cuts it and cuts. And cubes all accurate, correct … And you - that is necessary - quicker!!“ It is very indicative told, generally.

And so when all foam is removed and the broth which kept the transparency begins to be on friendly terms more and more closely with meat, we begin “to cut and cut cubes“ beet and potato (beet - slightly more small as it is boiled longer). Besides, having cut these strange vegetables and having lowered them in broth (all potato and 2/3 beets), we swept - swept a knife we crumble onions and carrot. Here - one more basic moment distinguishing “barchelor“ cooking. The man never will be for saving of time to rub carrot on a grater. Everything that it is possible to make “hands“, having given a maximum of attention to “cubes“ and other pieces, it has to be made hands. You should not shake up in a shaker what can be shaken up a nimbus. Carrying out this “long“ and “unnecessary“ work, we give to future food - each its piece - the attention. And it from it becomes more tasty. Yes psychiatrists will not eat me.

By the way, one quarter of carrot can just be cut with rings or half rings and to lower at once together with potato and beet - these orange kruglyash will beautifully float then in a plate.

Meanwhile we tonenko slice cabbage, we rumple it in palms that it began to give juice and also we pour out in the gurgling saucepan.

If you in the refrigerator have salty cucumbers, tomatoes or sauerkraut, then all this holiday in any proportions as experiment should be added to soup. And here a brine - not for experiment, and for taste, and almost without fail!

While all this pleasure cooks, we slightly fry onions, then we throw the cut carrots and the rest of beet into the same frying pan (this part and will give “tasty“ color to borsch). As nonsense here I sometimes fry also small part of the chopped cabbage (it is without fail made when cooking a bigus - the fried cabbage gives to its main weight which is extinguished in a cauldron beautiful golden color, but it is already other history).

When we understand that we beet - potato are and others almost ready, in soup all fried beauty from a frying pan gets enough sleep. Then there a quantity of tomato paste is added (or as a last resort ketchup), the ukropchik and other greens crumbles. For a full high we do not forget about a garlic glove and … all.

The plate is switched off, the saucepan is covered with a lid and caught up“.

Well and for those who will eat it: borsch should be eaten with sour cream and black bread, and it is much more tasty on second day, and for those who will prepare, - do not hesitate to experiment, it introduces in taste of food pleasure !