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As it is easy and to choose without special knowledge the good camera for purchase!

In life of each person occur unforgettable events which there is a wish to remember again and again.

It is joyful moments of life which forever will remain in our memory, reflecting over which, we will plunge into the atmosphere of the fine past still more than once and we will start over again enduring these concerning moments.

As often we want to get again when to us it was really good especially as over time, our memoirs become more and more indistinct.

Here to get a pack of photos now and to refresh all these fine events in the memory. Not that cannot transfer that atmosphere of the past as soon as with own hand executed photo!

In our life, really very often there are events which would be good to be imprinted on the camera.

It is always good to have at itself near at hand a camera that at any time, it would be possible to make a picture for memory. Presently almost everyone has phone with the built-in camera, but quality of such pictures leaves much to be desired so far.

I would like to help with this article to you with the choice of the camera.

I decided not to write with unclear terms, with a heap different and unclear to most of people of figures and designations. Professionals in this area know what to buy by it, and the fan has enough of that the camera took the accurate and bright picture!

Nevertheless we will divide our cameras into three groups: soap trays, semi-professional and professional cameras.

Soap trays So usually call

the simplest digital cameras.

By sight have the form of a small brick with a sliding lens which leaves at turning on of the camera.

Soap trays though the cheapest type of cameras, but quality of photos rather good that it was possible to unpack them or to look on the computer.

Among soap trays it is better to buy such cameras which keep photos on a flash the carrier, but not for the built-in memory. Have the charged accumulator, but not finger-type batteries.

As additional functions, the video filming mode can be built in a soap tray that also well can be useful to you.

The cost of such cameras usually fluctuates from 3000 to 14000 rubles.


Semi-professional cameras, have the same functions, as soap trays plus a set of additional parameters.

By sight they are very similar to professional cameras, only the size it is a little less.

Good plus in many semi-professional cameras is automatic elimination of effect of red eyes, than soap trays very often suffer.

Also at this type of cameras any nozzles on a lens are provided. It can be special lenses or, so-called, filters. Thanks to these additions it is possible to increase many times quality of shooting in different weather conditions or situations, and also in badly lit places.

The cost of semi-professional cameras is in range from 16000 to 50000 rubles.


It is the most expensive cameras.

In fact if you read this article, they are definitely not necessary to you.

Such cameras possess the whole lists of various functions, in power with which to cope only to the professional!

Certainly, in them there is all that is also in semi-professional cameras, but it is only small part of what professional cameras are capable of.

The cost of such pleasure is from 60000 rubles and above!

If you the fan are also not going to become the professional photographer, then it is quite enough this knowledge to pick up the camera suitable for itself.

You should not stuff yourself with excess information, trying to understand what is pixels what is a matrix, permission, a format , let understand it professionals! To us rather simple, but bright photo!