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How to help birds to endure cold weather? A diet of feeding

Winter cold weather introduces certain amendments not only in life of people. Hardly it is necessary the birds remaining in the native land, especially at the end of a severe season - natural reserves of various fruits and available worms - larvae are already eaten by this time. And February frosts do not recede in any way, the winter is ferocious finally.

The nature took care of winter clothes for birds - under feathers the dense down which detains warmly and protects from cold grows. But many of birds can die from - for hunger, and at this time the help of the person is especially important for them.

For feeding of birds of nothing difficult it is not necessary to subtilize. In pet-shops it is possible to buy ready-made feeds for the wintering birds - from seeds and nuts, worms and insects, but also just leftovers from our table will save someone`s small winged life too! And it is possible to work a little and to prepare for fodder mix independently .

Fat or fat forms a basis of such mix. In kindled ( not fried! ) on a frying pan a basis add nutlets, sunflower seeds of sunflower or pumpkin, dried fruits, crude oat flakes, it is possible to rub old cheese etc. Proportions 1:2. I.e. on one part of fat - two parts of other ingredients from listed. And it is unimportant in what quantity everyone. The main thing that everything was unsalted ! We divide the received fodder mix into portions and we place for cooling in various small capacities which can be fixed then on trees, behind a window or just to put or lay out in a feeding trough. For the insectivorous birds searching for livelihood under bark of trees will be the real gift if to smear such mix on an uneven surface of bark, to fill with it small dredging in trunks and on thick branches. To a tree from it nothing bad will be, and birds with pleasure will be supported.

Still option: during country walk to gather in the wood of cones and to connect them among themselves in a garland, then to fill cones with fat mix (or even simply fat), having densely covered openings between cheshuyam. To hang out a garland in a garden on a tree or for a window. I think, not only it will be pleasant to children to watch then a bird`s feast!

Having decided to feed up birds, consider at the same time their specific structure, characteristic of your district: the structure of feathery guests depends on what will be in a feeding trough.

So, with what else can treat little birds ?

the fats which are already mentioned fat and nutryany, fresh meat Will fit. They are especially loved by titmouses, nutcrackers and other insectivorous birds to whom the high-calorie forage is vital. Pieces of fat string on a strong cord and hang out on trees, trying that large birds, cats and dogs could not reach them.

Various crushed nuts and sunflower seeds. Black podsolnukhovy sunflower seeds it is more preferable white pumpkin as contain a large amount of vegetable fats that does them by an excellent power source for an organism in cold weather. Sunflower seeds are loved by both zernoyadny birds, and titmouses, nutcrackers, woodpeckers.

Any grain, especially from cereals, will be to taste to many birds - sparrows, goldfinches, pigeons.

Dry and fresh fruit and berries (a mountain ash, a guelder-rose, a hawthorn) will be put to use too. Especially big fans of berries and seeds of trees (an ash-tree, a maple, a lilac) - sviristel and bullfinches who appear in a midland as guests from the North. Only such entertainment for them, of course, needs to be prepared since fall. But the main thing not to be overzealous in preparations, baring branches - anyway these birds - nomads will look for first of all a forage on habitual trees, but not in feeding troughs.

White loaf and pastries, the crushed hard-boiled egg, the remains of the boiled vegetables and grain (buckwheat, pearl barley, rice, porridge) - these products are in each house, they can always share with our feathery neighbors in the planet without special damage to a family table.

In feeding troughs still it is desirable for span to pour the processed egg shell to the main forage as a calcium source, and sand which will help to digest grain and seeds.

I in general, the diet has to be various , otherwise it is possible to do irreparable harm to health of birds. For example, the food monotonous, rich with fats, breaks work of a liver that leads to death. First of all emergence in a feeding trough of birdies with the tousled plumage, confirming an illness has to guard. To prevent negative consequences and not to do harm to birds, take for the rule not only to pour a various forage, but also to do this strictly according to the schedule - in a few morning, it is a little in evening. Birds will fly in search of other food in the afternoon, and in certain time to arrive to be supported to a feeding trough.

It is necessary to place feeding troughs or a forage in the places protected from strong wind with the good review of surrounding space that the birds who are carried away by food could always fly away from predators in time. It is good if nearby there is a dense bush, hvoynik.

Inhabitants of rural areas can feed up birds in the garden, residents of the cities - in the yards, parks, at the next forest parks and reservoirs. With pleasure children are connected to it - with enthusiasm make feeding troughs, carry in them a forage, watch birdies, learning their world and receiving practical lessons of mercy and kindness. To help birds to survive in bitter colds - our debt to the nature.