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How the cowboy`s song “I Will Always Love You“ turned into a Black soul - a hit? I was going to write Whitney Houston`s memories of

About this song long ago, the benefit at it a long and interesting story. However, could not think that I will write it in so mournful occasion. Still! Whitney Houston was only 48 years old when she was found dead in one of Beverley`s hotels - Hilz. The priest - music lost one of the most beautiful, strong and emotional voices. Also even this one song will be enough that it was forgotten not soon...

It is forced to recognize that in due time I nearly began to hate composition of “I Will Always Love You“. In 1993 neigbours in the hostel of the Luhansk teacher`s college twisted it is unceasing. As a result I remember all modulations and melizm of this song still to the slightest trifles though I will never be able to sing them. “I Will Always Love You“ so grew together with a magnificent voice of Houston that you, perhaps, are surprised that I will begin song history with the story about absolutely other lady...

Not all, likely, paid attention that in to / f “Bodyguard“ where this song sounds a keynote, heroes of the movie call it “cowboy`s“. As it will paradoxically sound, but wrote and for the first time not the so black singer, but the most white blonde with outstanding advantages by the name of Dolly Parton executed it. Moreover also the song in the most white of white American style - a country was written (which star the singer actually also is - not without reason heroes of the comedy “The Bumpkin from Beverley Is Hilz“ so are eager to invite Dolley to the wedding).

On it amazing opening do not come to an end. All context of the movie “Bodyguard“ gave to the song lovingly - romantic notes and a passionate despair. But Dolley if used in the song the word “love“, then absolutely in other sense. The matter is that the song was initially devoted to Porter Vegoner - the mentor and the partner in a duet which brought beginning a country - the singer to a big scene. But the moment when Dolley decided that it is time to go to solo swimming came and broke off the relations with Vegoner. The relations are purely business, no love romanticism in them existed.

But in gratitude for everything and trying to express that Vegoner for it made as she appreciates him, the singer wrote the song which in this context gets absolutely other sense. I you will always love

(Vlad Lane. i. miR) of

If I remained, I would only interfere That with
you on this way.
Therefore I will leave, but I know,
Ya I will think of you

And I will always love you!. you I will always love
You - my dear, you...

Bitterly - sweet memoirs -
All this that I will take with myself. Forgive to
. Please, do not cry.
Both of us know that I not that that to you it is necessary...

And I will always love you!. you I will always love

I hope, life to you will be kind.
I I hope that you will have everything,
O than you dreamed. I wish
I to you pleasure
I of happiness. But, first of all, I wish
to you love...

And I will always love you!. you I will always love
Ya, I will always love you...
of Darling I love you...
Ya always, I will always love you...

Anyway, the song sad - that “we dispersed as in the sea the ships“ - therefore it is strange when people order it on radio to make a declaration of love to someone. And “I Will Always Love You“ on poll of many radio stations - one of the most popular songs ordered for St. Valentine`s Day.

Dolly Parton for the first time published the version on a single in far 1974. White southerners estimated the song at once, and the single won first place in the special section of a country - music.

Many persons interested took notice of the song that hour. So it gathered in the same 74 - to include m in the movie “Alice Here Does Not Live Any More“, but the movie was not pleasant to Dolly Parton, and it did not give the song to it. In any case movie! The singer refused to Elvis Presley because that with “royal“ impudence demanded a half of author`s assignments.
B 1982 Dolley rehashed this song itself - for the comedy “The Best Bordelchik in Texas“. And why not to sing it if the singer played in the movie a major role - namely the manager of this most cheerful institution.

By then when Parton was already the real icon of a country, in show - business, still shy, the very young black girl from a good family tree made the way. And how here not to start singing if singers are your mother - Sissi Houston, your aunt - Dayon Uorvik (remember at least “Walk on by“ in its execution), and your godmother - Aretha Franklin (who, in my opinion, does not need representation)?
I here in 1985 22 - summer Whitney Houston releases the debut album, and right there rises on top of a muzolimp. The album occupies 1 - e the place and establishes for that time an absolute record by the number of sales for a debut album solo - singers.

The excellent vocal and nice appearance of Whitney bring it eventually into cinema. And, it is necessary to tell, nobody expected that “The Bodyguard“, that is “Bodyguard“ will so powerfully shoot. The reasons for that there was a weight. In - the first, the good voice often does not mean acting skills (and some still consider that on “Hamburg score“ Whitney played indifferently). In - the second, the scenario of “Bodyguard“ was recognized long ago obviously failure therefore it became dusty in granaries since 1975! But the producer and the actor Kevin Costner risked and did not lose.

By the way, at first for the main musical subject of the movie Jimmy Raffin`s song “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted“ was planned, but it turned out that it was already managed to be used in the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes“ (1991). Then Kevin Costner also showed to Whitney the “cowboy`s“ song - the truth, performed by not Dolly Parton, but Linda Ronstard 1975 of release. Houston undertook the song and cardinally changed it. It was not sad a country - Parton`s plaint or gentle grief of Ronstard. In the song power, dramatic character and “air“, a soul inherent in black style appeared. Real the akapellny introduction which all modulations will be reproduced not by each good singer which then blows up shrill shout of love became a highlight of the version of Houston.

Now it is difficult to believe, but the record company tried to reject this introduction. Like, so far there will be these modulations with pauses, the people will throw the song and to listen. Costner and Houston insisted on the. Besides the version was pleasant to choosy Dolly Parton.

“I Will Always Love You“ and “Bodyguard“ were juicy mix (we will not forget also a song of “I Have Nothing“), and in November, 1992 blew up show - business. The single from songs headed a hit - parade of the USA for 14 weeks and became the most sold single among singers. The soundtrack to the movie became the most sold soundtrack (43 million copies). The movie earned 400 million dollars, and the right owner of a song Dolly Parton - 6 million. Still! Now its song captured fans and a country, and a soul.

Dolly Parton: “As the author I am very glad to
when people sing my songs. To me all the same as they do it... I feel very flattered. Look what Whitney Houston made with “I Will Always Love You“. I never represented that this song can achieve such results. Many people speak: “Your version is pleasant to me more“. And I speak: “Its version is pleasant to me more because I earned more money thanks to its version“ (laughs). I have reasons!“

of “I Will Always Love You“ the most successful song of Whitney Houston. In 1993 she snipped off whole three “Grammies“ and bathed in a rustle of notes and beams of glory.

Continued the victorious procession and the song. In 1995 Dolly Parton returned “I Will Always Love You“ to the course of a country again, having rehashed the song with Vincent Gill what received both “Grammy“, and an award of association of a country for - music.

The song and the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein - yes so touched that he accompanied the pre-election rollers in 2002 with this melody. The record - a label where Houston registered, even made the complaint about it in the UN (what business ended with whether Saddam to Americans of oil for the song cast, I do not know).

And in 2010 the Internet was stirred up by execution of “I Will Always Love You“ by the chubby and shy Taiwan fellow Lin Yu by Chong who, despite a floor and appearance, coped with execution perfectly.

And what Whitney? A lot of money, the husband with bad bents, alcoholism, drug addiction, scandals, divorce, unsuccessful tours... And on this background only one unexpectedly creative “revival“ with an album “I Look To You“ of 2009.

And here sad result of such bright and promising beginning. But which - that Whitney nevertheless was in time.

Dolly Parton:
“My heart - only one of millions broken by news against Whitney Houston`s death. I will be always grateful for wonderful performance of my song, and I can admit with all frankness: “I Will Always Love You, Whithey. You will not be enough“.

P. S.: In 1 - the m comments to article, as usual, is a lot of interesting.