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Whether the praise is so necessary to children how it is painted? Part one.

the Kind word and a dog are pleasant. To the person especially. Thousands of articles wander about the Internet with appeals more and more often to use a praise in communication with people. To praise for good intentions, valuable acts, to give confirmation that the person goes in a right direction. To support by a praise in difficult moments of life.

Read and decided to use a good advice of the venerable psychologist in practice - at usual school.

I think, let children will be glad, will feel happy. I do not grudge warm words.
even found the list of phrases which it was necessary to praise pupils correctly In the pedagogical collection.

Good fellow, good boy! by

Totally scattered all the concept logical at first sight that the praise is pleasant to all. Worked only for five children - they remained happy. The others gave something unpredictable.
- Olga Vladimirovna, you tell directly best of all what should be made? - imperceptible and modest Boris was confused.
- Yes, if I such remarkable, so fine and quickly wiped chalk from a board, then, maybe, all - for homework will put five, but not four? - Dima on duty inquired.
- Who, I am the is best of all a new subject today acquired? Children who want to learn a success secret, suggest to meet round the corner schools after lessons! - the most talkative boy in a class Ivan laughed the matter off.
- Yes, I just like that carried a chair, to me it is not heavy, - muttered to himself under Rohm`s nose.
A here the obvious leader of a class, having heard a praise in general was indignant:
- I know as as, it is not necessary to praise me!
the Lesson ended. Children ran up on houses. Having left me in full confusion. Why the praise worked not for all children?

All of us different

Went to the school psychologist for the answer. It is necessary to praise for action, but not for personal qualities of the child. So I also praised children for what they good made. Reactions at different children all the same differ. As white and black.

The temperament, heredity, education, mood, eventually, also define different perception of a praise. Do not worry - you praise, knowing that you do everything true, according to the psychologist - to pedagogical developments. Children will get used, and the praise will bear the gold fruits - mutual understanding, brilliant development of your subject. You remember, Jan Amos Kamensky spoke: “ Do not pursue a praise, but very much try to act it is laudable “.

Remarkable quote. One another is better, in everyone a grain of truth which was left behind by the great person from the past. Only I on the question did not receive the answer. The knowledge of aphorisms about a praise of emptiness of misunderstanding of the phenomenon of a praise and its impact on children`s mentality was not closed. As well as the given examples of use of laudatory speeches in the different countries.
of Children should be praised. In total. The more the better. And all. Point. What here not clear?

I look and I see

Stubborn. There was a wish to get to the bottom. Cleared distressful article about a praise from “ it is necessary “ “ have to “ “ here, for example, in Japan “ “ in my opinion “ “ as the famous teacher » spoke; - and there is nothing to read!
of the Reasons, proving the importance of a praise, is not listed. Praise consequences for different children are not designated.
Meanwhile here they are real children, thirty pairs of eyes each lesson watch at you also a praise all want to eat not and in different sauce.

Eureka! Who looks for

, that finds. Sooner or later. I was lucky, I found the answer to the question. Naguglila the website in the new direction of psychoanalysis. Terms confused. Especially concept “anal vector“. There was a rush to close a page and to run. As it is indecent to use such expressions! The modern children`s song was remembered: “as so the bottom is, and there is no word“. Really, than the anal vector is worse than anal sex, frustrations, an urethra, sense of smell. Everything is natural. Began to study. To understand what is a vector and what it matters for a praise.