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Belief in the fairy tale. Whether it is necessary to return the child in reality?

... The son sobbed inconsolably. He learned that Father Frost does not exist. He was eight years old when I decided to open for the child the truth that it did not look silly in the opinion of peers, telling about what to it was presented by Father Frost.

It was frankly a shame to me. It is a shame that created to the child the fairy tale all these years that supported in him belief in magic. For the fact that destroyed this belief, having hurt thereby close, native to me to the person.

The consolation came. The son thought and told: “Father Frost exists, just he far lives“. I did not begin to object.

This history was remembered quite recently. Article how it is fine that at children the imagination is well developed caught sight to me. Lovely such article, one may say, fantastic. And all nothing if the girlfriend with the daughter did not glance to me that day on a spark.

The matter is that this girlfriend in the childhood very much loved fairy tales. She was so keen on princes that - neighbors almost did not notice boys and if she noticed, then it is exclusive those which reminded princes. At the same time she was guided only by external data of the young man.

The prince, proceeding from the scenario of that fairy tale which it for itself thought up, had to fall in love with it, as in the real princess. From its party of efforts it was not required - it is the fairy tale. All has to occur.

““ Nothing developed. With age neither external appeal, nor understanding of a problem increased. Over time, so it seemed to me, she forgot not just about princes, and at all about existence of men. Though with career, thank God, everything is all right, the beloved daughter also exists.

However in this couple guarded me here that. Unconditional passive belief in the fairy tale which mother descended and grew in the daughter. The girl - the teenager can fall for hours in a reverie, sitting at herself in the room or looking on the TV infinite stories from life of fairies. But about that “to make the fairy tale bylyyu“, the speech does not go. The slightest attempts to push the girl to activity encounter a protest and tears. She waits for the moment when all leave her alone, and again with pleasure is dipped into magic dreamland. Whether only there will be for it a prince, or more active Cinderellas of all will snatch away - so far the question remains open.

In that article which I mentioned, it was told - do not prevent the child to dream, do not take away from him the fairy tale. The child will grow up also itself will understand that in the fairy tale the truth and that - no. For children of preschool age it is correct. They live in the world of imaginations and develop the world by means of the fairy tale. However what to do if the fairy tale too dragged on?

To act rashly, telling the impressionable child about Father Frost`s absence, the Tooth Fairy and Carlson, perhaps, is not necessary, and here to bring closer life to the fairy tale quite perhaps. I think, it is better, than to throw up to the fallen into a reverie child new books and movies on beautiful Cinderellas. Eventually, the Cinderella had to work enough until until she became a princess and the godmother - the fairy is not at all.

The girl is attracted by an image of the princess - remarkably! Remind her of education in imperial families. They, princesses, as a rule, had to have a regal bearing, learned to dance them, trained in arts, several to languages and princesses had a considerable outlook. Besides, princesses were obliged to know etiquette, to have an idea of policy and to own other knowledge of reigning persons.

Only it is not necessary to abuse the girl, do not forget - you left process of immersion to the world of the fairy tale without control. Help it to become if not the real princess, then, at least, the interesting person, and princes will appear, here will see.