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Bezobr á zno without ó brazny

Hello, dear reader.

Chapter of the book of the collection of the words “Age-old Times“ is submitted to you.

The purpose of drawing up this collection was decoding of the existing words in Russian for the images making them to understand their true essence and value. It was supposed to open words on the basis of H`Ariyska Karuny. However, after the carried-out work it was clear that this idea needs to be postponed for some time. It is caused by the fact that runes bear in themselves information at several levels of consciousness and since I cannot see more than the drawing (flat and volume sight) displaying a rune, I decided a few Time - to Twist the outlook, and after to continue work on the collection.

It should be noted that the text which presented here, is created on monologues “Frankie - show“ copyright belongs to Silver Rain radio station, also scientific researches of the Russian scientists.


Bezobr á zno without ó brazny.

“I welcome you, my dear People. I am, more than ever, crowded with emotions of an anticipation, and I already tremble as a leaf on wind with nervousness and happiness that I have this touching opportunity to play with your imagination … Maestro. … It seems, the rain gathers, you do not find?.“

to understand why we do not know today and we do not use the initial language in which root the IMAGES displaying an essence at - Rhoda in whom we live and on which, you see, not only our welfare, health, but also life, and not only human, but also ALL life on Earth in general depends lie, isn`t it? Allow me to put you in the bicycle invented not by me and to give a ride on just pressed through track of outlook and new historical representations, to go to the depths of hell. To reach this place we should go there - I do not know where, we will try to find that is I do not know that. And though the place and the purposes are not specified in our navigator, we nevertheless at heart feel and we know where to us to go and behind what or whom, it - at whom as, to follow. That sparkle, that small spark burning in immense darkness nevertheless remains the noticed our consciousness, and we already feel that something not so, but not all at once, my dear. And here we already go on the bezdonnodevstvenny wood which is inhabited by such strange and more than unknown beings. And, looking around on all this centuries-old bezlyudnost, someone from you already asks me: “Far still?“. I, grinning, I hit question with a question:

- And where, in your opinion, are tridevyat lands?

- Lands Tridevyat? What tridevyat lands?

- How what? To you what in the childhood mother of the Russian fairy tales did not tell, and you do not know that it tridevyat distant distances? Ekhkh … Remember nothing …

A a distant distance, on Vedic sources, it is about 518 mlr. versts. You in general can imagine to yourself this figure? Interestingly, in what galaxies heroes of the Russian fairy tales went to solve the fantastic rebuses, truly? Of course, not many to decide to go to such distance - there I do not know where, to look for the answer to that I do not know that …

I here it is this well-known crossroads - a stone with an inscription: “To the right you will go - you will find the woman, on the left - you will find wealth, you will directly go - you will lose the head“, and it is so surprising, right?. Choose where you will go - we will not be able to go on three roads at the same time, or, having muffled in a plaid, stay at home better, but then in your life of the answer you can not count on fantastic gifts of the most important.

Once davny - long ago, and maybe quite recently, our planet had absolutely other government institution, perhaps, someone from you remembers these times. A terrestrial surface of cards and atlases at schools were lined absolutely by other borders of the states. By the way the capital of one of those states was, in the territory of the modern city of Omsk - Asgard Iriysky whose age more than 100 thousand years! If, for example, to look at the world map from 1570 Mr. Abrakhama Orteliya, then it is visible that Asgard Iriysky is the capital of Mighty Asiya or how it was called still Great Tartariya, such name was known in Europe at the end of the 18th century, it is amusing, isn`t it? It is the most ancient power of white people, on Asian part of the continent Eurasia. “Great Tartariya - the biggest country of the world“ - is so said about it in the first edition of the British encyclopedia of 1771. “Tartariya - the enormous country in northern part of Asia bordering on Siberia in the North and the West which is called “Great Tartariya“. Tartara, living to the south of Moskovia and Siberia, are called Astrakhan, Cherkassk and Dagestan, living to the north from the Caspian Sea Kalmyk Tartarami, and occupy the territory between Siberia and the Caspian Sea; Uzbek and Mongols who live to the north of Persia and India; and Tibetan, living on North - the West from China“ - the Encyclopedia Britannica, the first edition, volume 3, Edinburgh, 1771, page 887. In Europe provinces Great Tartariya were - Moskovia or the Moscow Tartariya, the Kuban Tartariya and Little Tartariya. In Asian part - it is directly Great Tartariya. It covered the earth of Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia and the Far East. On Hugo - the East it was adjoined by the Chinese Tartariya (does not treat modern China). In the south - Independent Tartariya (Central Asia). The Tibetan Tartariya settled down to the west from China and Hugo - the West from the Chinese Tartariya. In the north of India there was Mongolian Tartariya (modern Pakistan). The Uzbek Tartariya was between Independent Tartariya in the north, the Chinese Tartariya on North - the East, the Tibetan Tartariya on Hugo - the East, the Mongolian Tartariya in the south and Persia on Hugo - the West. Now we will look at the world map of 1745 what we see? The Mongolian Tartariya has no relation to modern Mongolia. Why, well and so here it is accurately drawn - the Mongolian Tartariya was on the place of modern Pakistan while modern Mongolia is in the north of modern China. By the way, the word “Mogl“ has the Greek origin, and means “great“. Quite recently all this was part of a single whole - uniform Slavyano - the Aryan Empire, in the Middle Ages named in Europe by Great Tartariya. By the way, the capital of this empire did not sustain invasion of dzhungarsky troops in 1530 of our era for a number of reasons. But despite loss of suburban provinces at the end of the 18th century of Slavyano - the Aryan empire was the biggest country of the world. Slavyano - the Aryan empire included Hugo`s part in due time - the West of Europe, Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, the Far East, considerable part of North America, and also many islands and archipelagoes.

This empire was inhabited by Slavs and many other people which had the equal rights with the main population. Behind a veil of the last three hundred years we cannot accurately claim now whether there were these people of a vneplotna, but it is precisely possible to assume that they were self-sufficient. For the last three hundreds of years there were so many casual fires, and sacred fires of inquisition, crusades in which the huge number of people and books died that the head around goes. … And nobody will tell you now the exact number of books which was killed in fire and that there was written and whether it is possible to trust all above in general. And while the truth is waiting in the wings we, my dear reader, we will plunge into the imaginations and we will present that game was their only pastime. To intrigue the reader we will make a reservation that the word “game“ will be given interpretation slightly below. Yes, the maestro, be so kind as develop to us a panorama of these surprising measurements. I ask you be not frightened, all these frightening faces that already appear from space before you right now it is faces of the playing gods. Actually they are peaceful, but sometimes like to make impression of angry. Just smile, and wave with it a hand. No, I ask you wave, do not think that nobody sees you. Wave with it, here - so, well it is more courageous … In - about - from, thanks a lot. There now they already on your eyes smile to you, and, I assure, you have no chances to be not involved in their magic games. And here you are already accepted in their family, both being dissolved, and condensed, already create yourself in different forms, infinitely hiding, and turning, communicate mostly images and illusions. You have nothing to conceal from each other. You carefree exchange the power, wit and talents, and create improbable variety of games, just fantastic! Of course, to all inhabitants, Tartariya represented by us now, the sound reference points designated those images that are vital, from the communicative point of view were given. One of them is H`Ariyskaya of Karun, or H`Ariyskaya runopis. H`Ariyskaya of Karun is one of four types of writing of Great Race (Da`ariyskiye Tragi, H`Ariysky Runes, Holy Russia images (the Drop cap, Runiki, Lines, Reza), Rassenskiye Molvitsa).

But over time, in a smoke of fires of inquisition, under a clang of an armor of knights of crusaders, there is a surprising thing - all these people “do not notice“ that they merge with the daily occurrence, own creations, forgetting about the initial divine status. Forgetting that are capable to generate from nothing any energy, a form, and begin to get it from a subsoil of the planet on which we live. Of course, besides, it is possible to assume that to all these people, namely their future generations, and it we as it is should tell whom and there is no place to read as it is possible to construct, for example, the fiery chariot and to move on it from the continent on the continent in several minutes as of water to make wine, and of wine water or as well as where it is necessary to expose enormous stone pyramids that in case of the shift of axes of rotation in the different planes of our planet life on it did not begin the repeated cycle of development with the zero. And the question is even more interesting why initially harmonious building with grandiose mysteries turned into a market square where all just strive to swindle each other and how game majestic, full of sacral meanings turned in such pathetic, banal, rough, and, in general, without (c) a smyslenny plastic toy in which there is not a soul neither beauty nor depth?. And to think of the above we will give very simple example: in mass media there is information on archeological finds there is nobody a strange animal. Unicorn. It was given the name - “Elasmotery Sibirsky“. A rhinoceros, one horn, and not on a nose, and on a forehead, to be exact on the head over eyes looks more as. Deposits of bones of Elasmoteriya Sibirsky together with bones of people were found in the Rostov region on Taman Peninsula. According to the Soviet encyclopedia this animal was to 4,5 meters in length, to two meters in height, herbivorous, cutters and canines are absent. The standard look described probably from the Volga region by Fischer von Waldgejm in 1808 displays that there is this animal from early - an average pleistocene (Ice Age) of Ukraine, the Volga region, Zavolzhye, the Cis-Urals, Uzbekistan, Siberia, Kazakhstan, China. This fact gives a reason to assume that this animal was house which cows, oxen, and other cattle are today. This animal, apparently, played a large role in life of people: helped to plow the earth, to move heavy objects and many other things. And the base of this assumption will be, my dear, “the Deep Book“. Let`s read careful, and we will note the next lines:

26. …………………………. ……………….
Vozgovorit Volotomon - the prince,
Volotomon - the prince Volotomonovich:
“ Oh you, a gy esa, wise Blagomir is the tsar!
27. You tell, perhaps, the memory,
the memory age-old:
30. ………………. … … …. ……………………?
Which animal to all animals of MATI?“ Vozgovorit`s
wise tsar,

31. Wise tsar Blagomir:
49. …. ………………………………………….
U us Indrik is an animal to all animals of MATI.
50. Why Indrik is an animal to all animals of MATI?
Went it all over the world White,
A was in this world dry great,
was not to kind people of a vospoyeniye, ablution;
51. It dug a horn to Cheese Mother - Earth,
he Dug out keys all deep
it Got waters all vigorous,
It let them on the fast rivers,
52. And on small streamlets,
On deep big lakes,
It gave to people a vospoyeniye, ablution, -
Therefore Indrik - an animal to all animals of MATI“.

Is, though figurative, but nevertheless the basic image, this animal. But we will not distract more and to ask a question so it or not whether there was it actually or not.

And here someone from you opens already Ozhigov`s dictionary, finds the word “reality“ and reads - “real existence something“, i.e. reality, correctly? Then finds the word “reality“, reads - “objectively existing phenomenon“, i.e. reality?. There is a reality and reality - same! And you begin to find such tremendous putolka in a set of authoritative editions. Someone speaks:

- Well, it is not essential, to understand a difference between reality and reality, as between the words “morals“ and “ethics“, “empire“ and “power“. It is too abstract, and it is possible to manage without a thing it.

Or, for example, we will take the floor “responsibility“. In dictionaries it is specified - a duty to give someone the report for the acts, i.e. to work according to the law. But if to track a mutation of this word to its roots and to return the lost letter “D“ on the former place, then we will find out what the word “responsibility“ means - the action going from knowledge whole, i.e. I know that I create, I am responsible for what I create. But same it is heavier, than to pay taxes, you see, and whether there is something more burdensome in the modern world than submission of to maintaining what I create in usurious organized territory of the world.

And so, my dear... As all of us know, in the beginning there was a word, and a great number of scientists will tell you: “The word is a factor of the highest civilization and culture“. But if we take, for example, the concept “Slavs“, then besides a formula in the explanatory dictionary - one of the groups, largest in Europe, related on language and culture of the people, it means - clearly speaking. And in “The story of temporary years“, by the way, the word “language“ in general is used not in speech value, but in people value. Therefore Slavs always were also called “pagans“, i.e. been born with language. You feel how it is beautiful?.

And any sound in this language initially stores in itself an image, and the image is not the picture, not an illustration in the magazine, it unites many levels, truly?

And so, ladies and gentlemen. All of us are educated people, truly? And which - who already noticed that at this word there is a word “image“. And very much it is not pleasant to us when us call uneducated, truly? That is without ό brazny, as if not having an image. For example, all of us know that in 988 the baptism of Kievan Rus`, but very few people know that about 9 million people die in this process began, not persons interested to accept new belief. And this figure will seem more than shocking if you specify that the population on Earth of that time was several orders lower, than today. That is the new religion almost cut out almost whole people. And someone from eminent scientists already says that up to Kirill and Mifodiya, and it is the seventh century of our era, at Slavs was not at all and there could be no writing. Kirill and Mefodiy, as you know, took the Old Slavic Drop cap in which was forty nine figurativeness of letters filled with trotyl, threw out five since in Greek there were no such sounds, and for four gave the Greek names. Then Yaroslav the Wise moved away one more - there were forty three. Pyotr great reduced by five - to thirty eight. Nicholas II on three. And mister Lunocharsky to thirty one, having cleaned at the same time the drop cap of “Yati“ playing more than important role among the brothers and sisters - it was image of communication of the Terrestrial and Heavenly beginning. But there is more to come - it expelled a language RUMBLEAG, so-called images, and Russian became without ό brazny, i.e. bezobr á zny. And on it bezobr á zno without ό brazny language all of us, actually, also grew up. Very not pleasant news, agree. … And from this point, how many you want clang a bell, and only you will not hear a bell sound, but only a sound of an aluminum basin or the gas-removing pipes.

And so, my dear. It is the simplest to tell that pagans are kramolnik, but be careful “to - Ra - a pier“, in your primordially Slavic language, means - to Ra, i.e. to pure shine, the sun turning the molv. In life, by the way, of Kirill and Mifodiya it is told about Slavs - simple chad. Simple, i.e. not bent, not crafty. And at this simple smoke there was also a belief such. Here is how you, for example, will decipher the word “belief“? Ve - to know, Ra - light. It turns out - maintaining light, perhaps? The maestro, be so kind as, dissolve everything around - from above, from below, on the right, at the left, in front, from a back in continuous shine … And - and - and! About - about - osto it is not probable … Even having closed eyes, from light of it not to hide, truly? And now, knowing that “Ve“ is to know, and “Ra“ is light, say several times, I beg you, this word, aloud! It is very important - do not hesitate. And first really to say very difficult - too everything is littered - both a mouth and an ear.

Belief …

of Ve - ra …

Through chinks of the closed eyes at someone droplets of salty awe, truly already follow? And in our imagination there is already this wonderful image, and a certain power wave already overflows and bears for itself for tridevyat distant distances, feel? And everything is full of such surplus of light inside. … And so, my dear …

Take, for example, the word “love“. “Liu“ - people, “Bo“ - God, “Ve“ - to know. People of Gods Know! You feel an image? Two meet that Gods to know. And this work - the highest luxury, truly? What only the Person is able to afford. And so, my dear …

We live on Earth long ago, behind the back millions of years of legends, bylinas, experience, and any precepts. But very few people remember that “Az“ is the God embodied on Earth. “The one who Gods satvoryazha verb!“ That is the one who shows thought of God through the word. But the majority of us do not even remember existence of these vivifying sources, I am not right? And why, interestingly, our memory became such short how you think? Why dead water to us is more to taste today, than live? And “conscience“ - only the abstract term? And conscience is joint with the Creator vedany lives. We are angry with others, forgetting that “to anger - sya“ in our language means - to anger itself. We fight, forgetting that “to tear up - sya“ - means - to tear up itself. And means “itself“ - this is God an image.

Why how you think, Slavs - us, it is impossible to overcome by force? Someone, trying to comprehend our mysterious soul, says what we play under some laws, absolutely unknown for all other world? What? You know about them though something and where they are written down? By the way, the word “law“ sounded, earlier, as “ïîêîí“. I.e. following of a game, “Game“ - the firm rule providential. And if we tell “law“, then we receive, what is out of this rule, out of the rule providential. As interestingly it turned out that in bases of our communications the distorted meanings of basic language lie to contrast. Or here word “democracy“. The compound word of the Greek origin, well you know. Means - the political system based on recognition of the principles of democracy. But “people“, in Greek, meant - the free citizens having slaves, i.e. slaveholders. And the people are “îõëîñ“, the blockhead - the person from the people. He in Ancient Greece had no right to vote. What the basic principle of democracy consists in? Correctly - the principle of a majority of votes, but even in Ancient Greece on one of temples it was already cut: “The worst always majority“. And at Platon, you, undoubtedly, read - I do not doubt, the democracy faces on the last place, tyranny. And nevertheless we still stand up for a system in which the voice of the educated scientist and responsible family man is equal to a voice of the illiterate bum and addict. “And you have alternatives?“ - someone from you will ask now, truly? No, there are no alternatives, but there is a remark. The matter is that primordially Russian principle it not a majority of votes, but principle of unanimity. In this case only the Parent has the right to vote, i.e. the one who proved the way of life that he is capable to order space around himself. If the person has a strong family, big and healthy posterity - it means that it has a qualification to order and protect life, there is a qualification to pass on experience, culture, vital meanings. It has mature responsibility for the future of the children. If the person has no this qualification, then suicide to use his opinion! Simple and more than practical logic, unless is not present? A basis of any culture - ability to keep and transfer from generation to generation a basic image of this culture. Culture, by the way, too compound word. “Cult“ - following to any rules, “Ra“ - light are true. It turns out - following to the rules keeping light. And if ability to keep light is lost, culture what does? Correctly - degenerates. For example, for the majority of you the word the culture and a civilization are, almost, one and too, truly? If to sort the word “civilization“ on crowns and abriviaurny language, then we will receive: “öè“ - energy, “twisted“ - cultivation in different directions, pro - it is consecutive. It turns out - consecutive separation of a complete stream of energy. I.e. the civilization seeks for unification and standardization whereas following to the rules keeping light, i.e. culture - absolutely other image, truly? How not to go astray, without possessing images of the native language?.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, the word to play, and earlier it sounded how “to gjkhorat“, consists of several very important images: ““ - to speak, tell wisdom, “Kommersant“ - with a tvyotdost, “ð“ - to utter reasonably and consecutive, “àç“ - incarnate God, “t“ - approved from above, “ü“ - communication with already existing Gods and once created. It turns out what to play means - to tell bequeathed by Gods and the wisdom confirmed with experience of gods embodied on Earth. And it already, you see, is so much entertainment, how many main function of life, truly? Also it turns out that with concept game: game of the actor, game of an orchestra, a play of light, game of children, game in war game, business and games of politics, freak of nature, game of mind, an imagination yoke, game of elements, space game - are connected practically all aspects of our life. It, as if, is penetrated by game at all its levels. And before us again this zloshchasny stone, well you see. And we need to choose again, and behind it a fork, and God forbid we choose a way again at the other end of the world in a faraway kingdom from where never to return. And here we cost already solid hour on this fork, we choose, we choose, and we count, and as a result we decide to turn back. And here Ivan the Fool, the most incomprehensible character of our culture, does not reflect at all, and such impression that to it in general all the same along what road to go. For it all roads as one. And here it already goes, groaning, and stumbling, hardly overcoming the terrible laziness, and know why it will surely return? Because the word “fool“ if to spread out it on Old Slavic images: “du“ - two and more, “Ra“ - shine, light, “to“ - return and introduction. Means - ability to think, i.e. to shine in two planes at the same time, to connect all paths in one, and, coming back, to bring once lost in system. And so, my dear. “Az“, “Buogi“, “Viyedi“, “Glagoli“, “Good“ is as you understand, not “And“, “B“, “In“, ““, “Ä“. The first - water of life, the second - dead. It is clear, why foreigners do not understand our fairy tales though to them on the head scratch a stake - cannot understand our deep images. “Az“, “Buogi“, “Viyedi“, “Glagoli“, “Good“ it is simply impossible to translate into their language, without having destroyed the harmony of our internal force, our internal scales created for centuries, without having erased vivifying logic of drawing up our meanings, so not detachable from the nature, without having distorted a sacral basis of a drop cap of “Yat“ that, being expelled as superfluous, continues to store an image of communication of top and a bottom. And patiently to wait for return home to the wild and such irresponsible family because do not know that create. By the way the word “image“ is an abbreviation too. Consists of drop caps of “On“, “Buogi“, “Ryetion“, “Az“, “Dz“ (dziyet). Having put meanings of each of drop caps, we receive - it Gods created, uttered by the person, i.e. the image embodied by God living on Earth. Life - too an abbreviation. “Earth“, “Nash“, “Er“ consists of “Zhivot“. I.e. a stomach of Earth our, created from above. Now we will unite the words “image“ and “life“ (way of life), we receive - Gods and the Person the created one of faces are live. It is live - original I the Person. It turns out - life in one of faces of many-sided soul whole. The word “soul“ is important to clear too - the good which is initially sent, in works by the person multiplied. And of course the gross blunder to speak “May of a shower“. The soul is the good which is initially sent, in works by the person multiplied i.e. it is correct to speak “I one of sides of soul whole“. I.e. here at what levels all of us one. But you, of course, have versions into all these accounts …

I so, my dear. … At the modern world there are set of so-called dichotomies, truly? I.e. steam of opposite concepts: the good and evil, clever - silly, good - bad, beautiful - ugly, the earth - the sky. But, if you look at the runic letter of the native language, then will be more than are struck - these dichotomies are not in it! (for example, H`Ariyskaya of Karun whose images are presented here). But from the point of view of primordial runic meanings “beauty“ and “ugliness“ it almost words synonyms. And Initially the word “freak“ meant - proximity to a sort, i.e. at Rod located. The same words good - the evil. A drop cap of “Dzelo“ meant something novel, the exceeding understanding. And we did not tell “this good“, and “this bad“. We always told “another“, “inakovidyashchy“, i.e. perceived the universe on other. It appears in our DNA, by means of language codes, surprising knowledge - respect of everything is written down that sotvarenno and it is shown in the Universe, all possible life forms. And “+“ and “-“ are just mathematical concepts, but not ethical. Therefore our soul - BIG SOUL. And all know about it everywhere. SOUL capable to COMPASSION, containing in itself both the pleasure, and others pain. In it, and there were never contrasts excluding or denying something not keeping within our understanding. We are created on an image of a set in unity. And therefore, are capable to live out of the conflict, and our energy is created in the field of elements, but not passions, in the field of generosity, but not greed, in the field of a svetanostnost, in the field of love. In a word, to be the Russian person it is not enough to know Russian in perfection a mat. And all of us are ready to agree with it, truly? The Russian person is the one who in works and responsibility restored the patrimonial memory. And someone already says that it and is the main national idea - can be why and is not present. But business, as always, not in proclaiming one more slogan, but that at the heart of this patrimonial memory, in LANGUAGE which it with us speaks, is NOT PRESENT EVEN, and I ask now - sit down and stiffen, my dear, there is no CONCEPT of DEATH EVEN! I.e. the symbol meaning contrast of life. And it absolutely beyond understanding since all of us know that life of course that all of us will sometime die. And God Perun speaks to us on it: “Look for you death in the environment, for yourself you will not find it because death only change of measures of life. And to achieve the objectives - means to reach a complete image behind which each of you should go … there“. I do not know where, my dear to find that is I do not know that. And only provided that and your image will be shown in Obvious, i.e. in the physical world, in the light of the perfection … to

By the way if to undertake and decode that file that it was enclosed on our hard drives, that the death is the end of life, then it is possible to tell the following. The person - the only being on Earth who is capable to realize the death perhaps you did not know about it. Death - “With - died - t“, from measures to tick (to change a space measure); to die - “at the world to at“ - to be pacified - at the worlds to be opened! Animals do not realize that they die, they are just dissolved in a life stream. In the awakened consciousness the death looks not as the suffering and violence, and as game of bright and colourful streams of energy representing elements of the general pattern of the vibration which is given rise by so-called emptiness. Which, some authors, translate with Tibetan as - completeness. I.e. a certain capacity, from which everything and in which everything, you understand? And it is also a world essence, not mine teks - the next quote, of course. And the person who reached during lifetime of so-called self-realization understands, as to die that actually not to whom. That death, per se, no. And it sounds so touchingly, truly? All ancient religions claimed, and continue to claim that so-called transition in itself is fine and full pacifying (to be pacified - at the worlds to be opened, open themselves to the world) actions. And there is no external violence here of course since there is no concept “external“ even. All visions - only “illusions“, the split plans of our consciousness which are shown in turn in a certain dramaturgic sequence. And having realized unities of thought and a thing, the word and action it is possible to lose one of this understanding illusions and to merge with reality per se. In many sources it is written, also, that the images which are found here are very similar to characters from own life of the dead. In them as if in snapodobny dreams, it is possible to recognize the relatives: parents and friends who speak with you my today`s text: “Be afraid of nothing, the sonny!“, “Be afraid of nothing, the daughter!“. Actors meet the favourite roles here, the Christian will distinguish Christ`s shape, the Islamist - Mahomed, the Jew - Moisey. And the most shrill experience which can be met, of course, here that everything endured till this moment is realized as an absolute plastic fake, you understand? And as jeer, and profanation. And the person navzrydno understands that he all the life absolutely dullly wriggled on a scene of some peripheral remote theater and that actually did not live at all, but only pressed close on corners in fear to see that the whole world around only its own reflection. And now, attention, my dear: if you try to run again - you will fall even below. And this game there will be neither end nor edge. The coition of your parents is nothing else as a door in the new birth. And all baggage of your acquired programs already specifies to you a way there where you will have to step anew on the world stage to realize the qualities which brought you into this point of space. Someone from you, I hope, remembers to what learned there, and already sees that all ideas of the reality surrounding you only vibrations of waves, and a tremendous variety of roles, the statuses, races, the sizes, ideas, forms and moods, and even distinction between live and not live, the fact that there, and the fact that here - nothing else as various states eternally playing, sputyvayushchikhsya and the untangled, power clots though … A mask, being recognized - dies.

And so, my dear. All of you know that everything in this world works under the same laws, and keeps in collected situation with the help of the same force - attraction forces. Everything that occurred - occurs, and still will come to your life in the future, you, and only attract in it. “But how, devil take it (“devil“ - means a being who passes line of permitted), it occurs?“ - asks the cleverest.

Very simply, I answer. By means of images which you form in mind. All you most of all think of, turns you into this image, you understand? Also it is possible even to tell - you also are what you think of, what you see in the head, and similar, as we know, attracts similar. And here in one of revivals, someone from you already gets from verbal garbage one small frazochka, that. Or even the whole monologue in which a certain character says that his subconsciousness is programmed by any information garbage and already goes crazy from uncontrollable surplus of the meanings which are turned out on a wrong side. And already rises against own, in the end, the littered subconsciousness that, apparently, it is already ready to give rise for light of the next monster. And someone from you, reading these lines, grabs a thread, and begins to untangle this incredibly confused ball, but it is already too confused as you see. Also a lot of patience and abilities, and so, my dear is necessary. Every moment our life we are in process of activation of this or that thought, truly? The creation of reality occurs every moment, and all wise men of the past spoke about it. And right now there is the same, well you see. The reality is weaved directly before our eyes … The eyelet behind an eyelet, thought behind thought, and a Big Bang as someone from great told, occurs every time as soon as we make out this or that vague desire or feeling in a cogitative form. And as a result of this mental entertainment, someone or something surely is born on light, understand? And, if reading these lines, you think already that you not for the world would not like to appear in the environment where thoughts materialize with a speed of the emergence and to be passed in the subway car hammered with goats, mudaka, and any creatures. We not mentally ill people, truly? And though the deeper you go into something, the bigger the problem get. Unless we attracted this next goat in our life, unless we attracted this chief of a nervostennik, this default, this accident, this act of terrorism which victims appeared? Or the majority of us most of all is afraid of it, these fears fray in our heads most of all. And here, which - which of you already looks out in a window or goes outside, or just turns on the TV or the receiver, and it is just forced down from legs by this unimaginable amount of negative thoughts and emotions which, apparently, cannot already be controlled. And it is so clear, the majority of us feel living nearly in hell, or in prison, or the desperate, looped circumstances which simply got stuck in some. And here they already furiously cry out that they hate everything that surrounds them, and with the last bit of strength restrain not to grab the automatic machine and not to shoot, it is not important whom if only to thrust in eyes to the subconsciousness oversaturated by violence and lie sharp splinters of glasses. And without (c) of course complain and groan, and ask about mercy, both discuss, and procrastinate all this on all channels, condensing the fears and images in the GLOBAL image that does not find room in their stomachs and the heads any more. Waters already depart how all of us see, and childbirth here - here will begin and whether, as always, will interestingly show all this on the TV, truly? And here someone states that it is not possible to listen for days on end to the lie and a half-truth rushing from everywhere by the principle of a volume sound: at the left, on the right, in front, behind, and in the latest fashion even from above, and not to be in a varying degree not zombie this fatal lie. By the way, someone from you knows for what term the Lord is elected? And whether there is in heaven a democracy? And constitutionally or unconstitutionally to re-elect God for repeated term and whether it is possible in general?. And, of course, there is a wish to come around sometimes which - to which of you to full on the nose both to break a hryashchik and to seal up a brain painful shock under the slogan: “Keep the brain clean!“. It is that car which creates reality. Yes right now, directly here - an eyelet behind an eyelet, thought behind thought. And once again, directly - KEEP the BRAIN CLEAN! Also can be just not including the TV, or at least without sneering at what merges in your plates and troughs from these black squares. And, as we know, taste to good food is imparted by good food. … And if you all day long eat slops, then to what to be surprised to that smell that your worlds are tightened. Though, of course, by and large and it is even not important since there is no dirt at the certain level just, understand about what the speech? And never was. And to see the world shining it is necessary to work properly over the brain. How many dirt to project on the Divine screen of movie theater - the screen is always pure. And all this, of course, knows the majority of us.