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Grief of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Gore of sorrow the grieving person to grieve sorrow protection to maintain value definition is shown causes works comes to console is born appears consequences to eliminate a method harm to win to banish burning to avoid not to allow will get rid

the Grief - misfortune, grief, deep grief …
pzv Protection against sorrows - high spirituality influences.
z significantly influences emergence and degree of sorrows outlook.
p the Board from sorrows - optimism. in
and the faith in God can Console in the mountain.
p to muffle a grief - think of those, the even worse.
p relieves Of sorrows - kindness.
to If the person correctly lives - to it easier to leave from sorrows.
of l not to see that, from - for whom your sorrows - break a mirror.
and Life tests the person not only happiness - but also a grief.
p cannot avoid sorrows they are who does not love people and the world.
pv the Important condition that to avoid sorrows - to love
everything that surrounds you.
pl should not be grieved and furthermore to be angry if something ended. It is necessary to thank God that it was.
p Before grieving about lacking - think better whether you deserved what you have. there is no
p sense to grieve for loss, - which you will not return. to do not grieve
for that is what is not present, rejoice to that is that is. there is no
to the road - without pothole.
p the Person himself goes to the sorrows.
pz to carry in itself sorrows - is enough to be the bad person.
p Gore - is afraid of light. be careful of
of the personal computer of the Grief - but do not wait.
of stars Gore - is more in consciousness.
p the Road to sorrows - rage.
p That sorrows did not repeat - look for in them the fault.
pv In the mountain is more difficult to deny the assistance to they be who did not appeal earlier.
pv In the mountain is more difficult for they be who already on trifles cadged all limit of the help, sympathy, compassion from relatives.
and the Predicted grief already came true - even if it will not be. all have
and Desire to help with a grief - but is rare when it turns into action.
and Takes away from a grief - service to people.
p From patient - a grief leaves.
pz Good protection against sorrows - a happy family.
p not to grieve -
of the opportunities should not rise above.
p Human life can be compared to game in chess. Than more right courses forward the person can assume
, the subjects
less he risks, to meet a grief.
zp Is short the road from a grief to pleasure at whom it coincides with the natural program.
p At the one who knows when to stop - sorrows less.
p is farther from sorrows that - who is content with small.
and If the grief was easy to avoid - it would not be.
and is closer to the nature - farther from sorrows.
p Gore - is afraid of strong.
p should not wait for Disposals of sorrows how good weather - and to work.
p Gore leaves bad people reluctantly.
pz The more discontent with life - the is more than sorrows.
and People, calming others in their sorrows - calm down for one and in the.
zpk Good protection against sorrows - positive outlook.
p Medicine for a grief - to think of the future.
pv is A lot of sorrows from inspirituality.
p Should - leave a grief in the past.
zpvkl Gore is afraid of activity - that banishes thoughts.
p Carried away - forgets about a grief.
p From a grief take away cares.
and Favourite work distracts from a grief, time heals, wine anesthetizes.
pz well treats For a grief pleasant, desired, fascinating business.
pz If you have a grief - look for those who have it even more.
p forgets About a grief of people then - when consoles others.
and What more people sorrows are captured by - that they is easier transferred.
and Sometimes sorrows are necessary - what the person seriously would think of life. kp Gore - you will not fill in
with wine.
and When the person is overtaken by a great grief, those sorrows which disturbed its
earlier - seem ridiculous.
p the Stolen happiness - turns into a grief. z Gore the person - exaggerates
, happiness - underestimates. and Gore unlike happiness we learn
at once.
pv Any grief - the general. organizes
and the Lion`s share of sorrows of people.
and Gore - communication is afraid.
p Gore gives in to self-control.
dv the Shared pleasure - is twice more, the grief - is twice less.
p the Sofa the friend of sorrows, a suitcase - the enemy.
of l is So arranged the world that new sorrows are distributed not happy - and that who already in trouble.
p As a rule, in each grief is a share of own fault.
d the Reason of sorrows first of all should be looked for in itself.
p Good cure for sorrows - creativity.
pz Calming the person in the mountain it is very important to be at the correct loss for words.
z the Person who got to a grief - badly perceives information. pz it is difficult for
to Calm words - easier something to distract.
z When we calm the person, words - how many are important not so much, that we the attention distract it.
z calms the Person who got to a grief better information - bearing in itself a form of the necessary future.
and Well the hope calms.
p calms the Person who got to a grief the given hand.
d Gore - shortens life.
d Gore - gnaws heart.
to the Mountain - is treated by dream.
p That did not fence off a grief from people and did not expose weak - shares it it is necessary not with all.
p the Helper of sorrows - idleness.
d distract problems From a grief.
and Gore cultivates patience. p Sorrows cheerful - not to get at
pz only that Drowns grief in wine - who does not know that it from it it is not separable.
p Gore, rolling in wine - pulls along also the person.
and In society all people are connected - need, and the grief of one cannot, will not concern others.
p Happiness - be not praised, on sorrow - do not complain.
and Happiness - indulges, - cultivates sorrows.
p of sorrow are afraid of Tranquility even.
d Sorrows - children of mistakes.
to Negative passions lead to a grief - positive to victories.
about Humility in the mountain - the help.
p If does not cope with a grief - that it at least should be forgotten.
and Gore pulls together even the most irreconcilable enemies.
and Gore - a trap.
p For the lucky a bad weather - already a grief.
and Sorrows turn the person into the fighter.
from Rather foreign sorrows of people has to reduce to a molniyenosnost animal reaction of pleasure from satisfaction with own wellbeing.
z If the person is capable to philosophize concerning the grief - to mean passed crisis of despair, and there came humility.
and Where the coquetry and flirtation keeping love disappears - when to darling came a grief.
and Gore - has the reason.
kp do not rejoice beforehand - you will grieve.
of C Gore - is eternal, happiness - is rapid.
p life throws Us as if a ball: today happiness, tomorrow grief.
it is necessary to Reconcile, that`s all, and there will be knee-deep a sea.
p the Poor creature - is ugly.
and the Pessimist - obviously the poor creature.
and Would be desire will become sad or to rejoice - the reason will be.
and Poor could not be grieved.
and When the person grieves - he does not live.
and Communication with the poor creature - is unpleasant.
p is Grieved by those - who is happy past.
zd the Grieving people - seem tired and painful.
and the Poor creature - is unsociable.
and At first the person dreams and wishes others to live up to gray hairs when it comes - grieves.
kp Language - our grief.
p Gore - that the thief, it is worth relaxing - it here.
vp Gore - the ally of diseases.
p the Board from sorrows - courageous heart.
zd Gore - tranquility is afraid.
of V Military Industrial Complex a grief be - it is resistant, in happiness - it is modest.
pz Is not so terrible presence of sorrows - as absence of will.
and are Not so terrible sorrows - as inability to overcome them.
and our sorrows - our teachers.
and Gore becomes attached thoughts of it.
p Gore - strength of mind is afraid.
p Gore - patience is pacified.
d the Friend reduces a grief even the presence.
lvpz As a rule, in the mountain are rescued not by desired friends and acquaintances - and hated relatives and unknown people.
d our sorrows - in ourselves.
p everyone brings Most of all sorrows to itself.
p At the person is a lot of sorrows from inability to use money.
pzv Who refused from superfluous - that took away from itself(himself) a grief.
and Responsible for sorrows often appears that - who nearby. and to Show to
a grief - to mean to open soul.
and Sincerely sympathizing - we come into soul of the person.
pz to Show a grief to the good person - to reduce it, bad - to strengthen.
to Sorrow - cleaners of soul. p to Remember
sorrows - to repeat them.
p can protect knowledge of psychology From many sorrows.
p the bad attitude towards people comes back to the person - a grief, good - happiness.
p Gore - ages.
p Gore pushes to addictions.
and Gore - bezdonno.
z Nothing so distracts the person from sorrows - as participation in reproduction, care of a family, service to money.
Cannot also feel happiness - without having learned sorrow.
and When the person has a grief - it remembers God.
kp Sorrows of an old age - from - for youth sins.
and Gore takes away gloss of eyes.
z Gore - deep feeling.
zd Gore - is dissolved in time.
and get used To a grief.
and Gore - connects language.
p In the mountain calms - the kind word.
and Gore does the person defenseless and it is easier for it to get to new trouble.
p reach people with big heart For a grief of others.
z Gore - is more real than happiness.
to Feasible sorrows tempers will, excessive - breaks.
and Without sorrows - people would not know that such happiness.
and is Not enough compassion to sorrows of the minion of fortune.
about Happiness does life shorter - but a person lives longer, the grief
extends it - but he lives less. tears prevent to see
and the Reason of a grief.
and Gore is capable to turn out soul.
and Gore - is laconic.
p alone a grief doubles.
zp Gore is discharged by the purpose and idea.
vp a grief sympathize with the Poor in trouble, to the rich - no.
d Gore promotes reconciliation of people.
z Before sympathy in others grief - flashes complacency from own wellbeing.
and Happiness connects people more weakly - than a grief.
and That the person could rejoice to happiness - to it at first come sorrows.
p Even in the mountain it has to befits to behave.
pl Not the grief that there is no happiness - be afraid to lose hope for it.
p When at the friend a feast go, slowly, when a grief - hurry up.
and Two grief having united - can create happiness.
p Who is able to remain kind in sorrows - to that and to happiness is not far.
and If the person has pleasure symptoms at a grief
at others, it, as a rule, not gloating, but shy thought of own wellbeing.
and Happy is afraid of changes - the poor creature seeks for them.
p Wisdom in happiness - is constrained, in the mountain - is firm.
of C of the Wise man learn - knowledge, the fool - sorrow. z I Burn with
- the motive is not necessary. pz the Reason has to prevent
penetration of a grief into soul.
of l Weak-willed - the melancholy strikes, strong-willed - the grief does not break.
and Gore - weakens.
p Philanthropic people demonstration of the grief - do not allow.
zd Gore and experiences strengthen each other.
z If to a grief is not possible to break the person - it becomes tempered.
z If the person is not able to cope with a grief - it doubles.
klp Who is afraid of sorrows - that is happy, does not happen.
d Sorrows - Life.
and to the Come grief is the end, expected - is infinite.
and As the litmus piece of paper distinguishes acid from alkali - so a grief distinguishes friends and enemies.
p Sorrows are envious - from them better to hide happiness.
and Sorrows attack together. pz Sometimes it is easier for
to transfer sorrows - than to avoid.
and Secret a grief - genuinely.
and from the moment of a grief presentiment already begins fight against it.
and One of the main tests of the bringing sorrow - poverty and wealth.
p Humility with sorrows one of components of achievement of happiness.
p Gore - when the person does not notice happiness.
d the Bigger grief - absorbs smaller. d Behind a great grief - small you will not notice
and Own sorrows seem much heavier.
and Only the soul is capable to find proper words of a consolation.
and That the person noticed foreign sorrows at it has to be heart.
but not learned sorrows - does not know that it real happiness.
d Gore does the person softer.
and Gore connects people longer and stronger - than happiness.
and Sorrows - temper, happiness - weakens. and In the mountain everyone before even mediocre day we perceive
as happy eternity.
and Gore does the person closed.
and the Small grief - training before big.
z Gore can change outlook, lead to faith in God … z Gore forces the person to glance
in itself.
and Gore of the person bares, showing his disguised inner world.
d Having tested a grief - the person, begins to see and understand troubles of others.
and Worldly-wise - anything at all.
z If others change your grief for the - that is not a grief yet.
and rivalry and envy prevent to See a grief of others.
and In happiness of people an eagle, in the mountain - a lamb.
vp to reduce a grief - should think, listen, speak about the stranger.
p a grief - halves Firmness.
p Knowledge in the mountain a support.
d Experience of the first sorrows helps us to fight with the subsequent.
p the Silent grief brings more sufferings.
and Sorrows come to the person that it passed happiness.
pv If a small grief did not teach - comes for it
d the Main culprit of human sorrows - nonsense.
d Sorrows - children of mistakes.
of l of Sorrow - result of the sum of vital mistakes.
p the Big share of human sorrows from inability to be self-controlled.
p Sorrows comes to those who do not know or do not listen to truth.
and is A lot of sorrows - from misunderstanding.
p the Lion`s share of sorrows - from absence of knowledge and experience.
and the Presentiment of a grief - already trouble.
d Sorrows strike weak stronger.
and Without sorrows - life is defective.
pzvl Sorrows come back to the person until then - he will not stop the indignation preventing to derive the benefit bearing them yet.
and Gore facilitate tears.
and a grief overtakes Minions of fortune only in love.
and People often, do not understand that they are guilty of the sorrows.
z Natural natural sorrows are less dangerous, than caused by a modern civilization.
z Gore - is capable to become an initial push in fight against defect. z I Burn with
the easiest to capture the person - during happiness.
z Sorrows improve the person, clear his soul, promote strengthening of will.
and Gore bares nerves.
and Sorrows accumulate requirement to unburden the heart, clear it, awaken on creativity and good deeds.
and Foreign sorrows - to us often seem petty and ridiculous.
p can get rid Of many sorrows of people if correctly organizes the life. p From those sorrows which are presented by life the clever, knowing, careful, disciplined person is capable to allocate for
the lion`s share.
p That will get rid of sorrows - it is necessary to do that it is necessary and not that it is pleasant. yu If people so helped
with a grief - as are interested of
yu Take your time to cry out about a grief - can do to trouble this your happiness.
yu That for one grief - for some happiness.
yu Clever not to give in to a grief - is necessary studies at silly.
yu Happiness of others bothers stronger - than the sorrows. yu the Most grieving woman that which men love and in marriage do not call
. yu the Practical person even finds
in sorrows benefit.
yu to divide a grief, it is necessary to tell about it so that not to please.
yu Gore does not come one - it comes with the account. yu When the person is tired to grieve
that there passed youth - he begins to rejoice that the old age, only came.
yu Gore comes sometimes - under the guise of happiness.
yu is better Woe from Wit - than happiness from nonsense.
yu Only after you were helped out in the mountain, you understand - what is the real trouble.
yu Sorrows always at the wrong time.
yu Gore is transferred easier if to your enemies it is even worse.
yu Gore - a normal state of the sober person.

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