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As I made flight from Russia to America on July 8, 2009. Planes I do not love

, but I regularly fly. The advertizing “Fly by Planes of Aeroflot“ never inspired me and did not lift pride of our aircraft industry in my soul.

I trust “the Side play more - Hansa“. It is possible because the German pedantry as well as possible is suitable for control of “the air ship“, than the Russian indifference. Offensively, of course, for the power! But my precious life is more expensive to me, at least because not all points over “and“ are put in this life. And in “other life“ I do not hurry yet.

There is one more important moment. It is service. Agree! When the person trusts the life to airline, for the money there is a wish to overcome with the maximum comfort burdens of flight even in the house-keeper - a class.

But so it happened that to the leena - the holiday season deprived of me pleasure of a meeting about “the Side play - Hansa“, good wine onboard and Frankfurt am Main with its comfortable airport. It did not develop!

My way began in Yekaterinburg at 4:30 in the morning with two suitcases and a traveling bag as hand luggage. Two hours in air - and I already in the capital of our Homeland. “Mighty, vigorous, anybody invincible. My Moscow! My country! You - the most favourite!!“ On it the delight ended...

Possessing quick-wittedness and playfulness in the movements, I rushed first to me towards to the woman “with a metal plate on a breast“ with a question where to run after receiving baggage to “tranzitnik“, remembering that from Domodedovo it is necessary to be deployed in Sheremetyevo somehow. By bus? Minibus? Taxi?

The head thought badly after well carried out wires. Noticed: for some reason in moving - flying situations people are especially subject to vanity and fear to be late. Crowds of the people “rush“ towards each other with suitcases, wives and children, only to them one known routes. Without giving in to panic and trying “to hold blow“ with my suitcases, I tried to slip beautifully at doors.

Ha! I will not tell that it was ugly, but offensively and ridiculously precisely! Well why? Why all doors are not opened automatically?! Why it is necessary to open it a back, driving carefully suitcases, then, holding with a leg, to concentrate quickly in a decisive throw outside. A second more - and I “at liberty“! Now it is also beautiful to run to the parking of “minibus“ for tranzitnik. And then it is also beautiful to lay two 32 - x kilogram suitcases “in a heap“ others. In total! It is possible to take rest, collect brains and thoughts before the next point. On hours of the 5th morning. The time zone “ate“ two last hours.

Sheremetyevo! Here is more civil. The doors are opened automatically. And on that thanks! The easy morning cool refreshes the head and puts “into place brains“. Why beautifully rushed to a minibus, still there, in Domodedovo? Ahead of 8 hours of expectation of flight to Chicago! Well that! It is possible to take rest, look round, find a way to the international
lines, to put in order of, feelings and thoughts. First of all a call to the son to Yekaterinburg, then to the husband to America. No matter, that difference at ten o`clock! Has to like such importance as arrival of the wife.

So... Where at us make toilet? I, all - the woman, but not the thermometer! Of course, in the ladies` room! Having found the necessary institution, it was slightly puzzled. All ladies` rooms appeared “down a ladder“ without
of a hint on ramps. In the head as in back scrolled film, the picture was painted: whether it is worth making toilet if then it is necessary, without straining to drag upward damned suitcases? It is thought lovely up! These 8 hours of expectation I will remember
for a long time!

At last, on a board my flight was lit. Hurrah! And why at 3 o`clock earlier?
prompted Something to me - it is with an ulterior motive! It “with an ulterior motive“ developed into infinite turn at customs. The customs “gave a green light“ not to us one flying to Chicago. Gathered the person 400, persons interested to cross Homeland border on “air“. To be fair it is necessary to notice, the customs coped with survey, examination and an undressing departing, in record time. Small conversation regarding responsibility of the moment and the people “resolved“ on the gates. to
there are These short 40 minutes before landing in the plane, I at last felt the woman, but not the porter: suitcases “went“ to baggage.

Flight to Chicago made 9 hours. These 9 hours should be taken with
of somehow! The organism, after the endured shocks, refused “to go to bed“. The organism demanded to reduce stress! On such case, for example, on all boards “the Side play - Hansa“ darlings, the smiling stewardesses I offer wine, cognac, whisky at choice... Free of charge! It is included in the ticket price also as 2 - x single food! But not for nothing speak: “Mind not to understand Russia!“ For some reason, darling,s the smiling stewardesses on boards “Aeroflot“
suggested “to taste“ wine, cognac, whisky for $5 for the 50th Mr. Milo!
Rubles did not accept! The absurdity reaching marasmus! Oh that it I? On lips of, on lips... Political correctness, you understand. The organism was capricious, eyes were closed, but not filled up, hunger demanded food... Having eaten, all three, at last fell asleep.

Further Chicago - big “knot“ for distribution of passenger traffics in all directions of America. The number of people exceeds imaginable norms since the people from all over the world gather. 5 hours of expectation in turn for passing pasportno - customs control. Then, beautifully skipping with suitcases you rush there from where the plane flies to Boston. But it is also the most difficult. The airport in Chicago huge, is a lot of terminals, gates “to get very tired“! Even if the person more than once was at this airport, it does not mean that he will not get lost in “sea“ of transitions, rises and descents.
Time drew in me and “shouted“ in an ear: “You why such confused? By English on - white it is written where to run“. The organism snapped, suitcases dangled somewhere behind, hands refused to bear this valuable freight, eyes turned into two big saucers, heart hit into a breast, and brains “retired“ and no force could force to work them. If to add a July heat to it, the picture turned out, type: “Everything was gone! Everything was gone!“.

15 minutes before flying away of my next plane to Boston. I am still
“ in pickles“. Rushing from one employee to another with a question where this terminal damned ““ and a gate to Boston, reached the necessary point. I suspect that I had such “vidukha“ that part of men of the American production, standing ahead in a queue, passed me silently forward though I was silent too. Was tired, probably...

5 minutes before flying away of the plane. And I all “in a striptease“, i.e. in check on existence in a sole of shoes of explosives, in socks - flammable liquids, and in pockets on the grenade or a TT - 38. Checked even a cosmetics bag, probably regarding shot sleeves.
occupied This lovely undressing kind 15 minutes. No, no! Not only I was undressed. In total.
It finally finished me and I told the reflection in next
the ladies` room: “Enough! you Will be such until the end of a way“

Understanding that the time stock departed together with plane, I slowly was registered on other plane. Who knew that Americans have all easily, without ceremonies and bureaucracy. Would know, would not rush as the silly woman, frightening the people! Again expectation of the following plane and oh, happiness!, you - on the way to Boston! Later, nearly 1,5 days of flight, the head was empty, feelings any, desires too and only one thought: there the husband before whom there is no wish to look as - as if you the washing machine “chewed“ meets, and there is a wish to leave gait, “easy from a hip“ and the movie star`s smile.

Our meeting was rough.... for my part whether, for pleasure of end
of this infinite way, whether, from consciousness of happy end. And here brains, probably up to the end, at that time did not wake up yet.

I saw the husband at once as soon as I received suitcases and left in a waiting room. Behind windows twilight was condensed. On hours 23:45. The husband stood outside. Gait “easy from a hip“ as far as suitcases allowed me
, I approached a big window and sent “air-kiss“. And he stood and smiled. Che - that I did not understand! I repeated the maneuver. And he
stood and smiled. Of course, not it rushed on all airports! His smile was nobly - reserved as though Charlz Harold and my husband - twins brothers. So proceeded minutes four until I thought,
that it stands behind my back, being reflected in a dark window... About the rest there is no mention.