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Fantasy “Running on an edge“. What progress reached?

History of a world film fantasy is constructed on opposition of the person and cars. People constantly fight against own inventions in such classical movies as “2001: Space Odyssey“, “Terminator“, “Matrix“. Whether it be robots, cyborgs or just harmful computer programs, fight of human intelligence with artificial reason became one of key perspectives of science fiction.

At cinema this fight turns out especially spectacular, bloody and intense. And not always cars look heartless pieces of iron.

The picture of 1982 of the director Ridley Scot “Running on an edge“ many solid editions and film critics is recognized as one of the best fantastic tapes for all history of cinema. This fact seems to fans of “Matrix“ and “Star wars“ scandalous, but on that they and fans. Thanks to this magnificent movie Scott strengthened the glory among admirers of a fighting fantasy (three years before it removed famous “Stranger“), Harrison Ford finally, after “Star wars“ and “Seekers of the lost ark“, was approved in the status of the superstar, and the talented Dutch Rutger Hauer seriously declared himself in Hollywood.

… Los - Andzheles of 2019. The human race with might and main colonizes nearby galaxies. Having met on the way reason alien, people decided to compose the artificial intelligence. The Tayrell corporation starts for needs of osvoyeniyanovy planets a series of androids - cyborgs. Is more useless to people of Earth to dig in space debris, for them it is done by the slaves who got the nickname “replicants“ in the people.

The part assigned to them soon ceased suit replicants. Having realized the unenviable position, they immediately rebelled and demanded equality with the creator. Then specialists of “Tayrell“ genetically limited life expectancy of cyborgs 4 - mya for years. And the authorities forbade their presence on Earth on pain of inevitable destruction.

The former cop, and nowadays “the blade - a ranner“, the replikanstky head hunter, Ric Dekard receives the solid order for capture and elimination of four brave cyborgs who managed to break with fight to Earth. All replicants under blond Roy Batty`s leadership treat the last generation of Nexus 6 and had the strengthened combat training at galactic boundaries (except for a cyborg - the prostitute Pris, but also it is better for it not to put a finger in a mouth). Mission is nontrivial, considering that replicants externally differ in nothing from people, but much stronger and quicker. “the blade - ranner“, despite long-term experience and a trained eye, are forced to use the special test for identification of cyborgs. In this case Dekard should rely on intuition and intuition of the detective because Batty and his friends, being limited on time, are not going to stand on ceremony …

Immemorial philosophical questions. Why created by God on his image and similarity cannot play, in turn, the Lord independently? What disturbs people not only to bring up posterity, but also to clone itself darlings for quite specific goals and tasks? Whether humanely to create similar, limiting them in the rights, freedoms and even term of activity? And whether the conceiving being can, let and not the person in the true sense of the word, to have an opportunity to independently choose the destiny?

Vast majority of fantasts are inclined to believe that the “humanized“ artificial reason, sooner or later, realizes the superiority and Earth will try to get rid of the creator from a planet surface. Therefore the future is drawn very gloomy. While our electronic engineer unconsciously isolated Syroyezhkin in garage, foreign supercomputers packs produced Terminators and snubbed unfortunate astronauts. The world “Running on an edge“ too does not please with paints: in a shot continually pours a rain, and eternally lowering sky is lit not with beams of the Californian sun, but a heap of bright neon brochures.

Say that whether Ridley Scott did not find time to read Filip K. Dick`s novel “Androids dream electric lambs?“, being guided by more imagination, than a literary basis. The writer did not live up to the first screen version of the work only several months, having died from heart attack on March 2, 1982. As it often happens, the talent was recognized too late. Nevertheless any of the subsequent screen versions Dick`s book (“To remember everything“, “Shouters“, “Dissenting opinion“, “Prophet“, “Changing reality“) cannot be compared with “Running on an edge“.

Not for nothing the director exhausted all film crew with repeated doubles. Aspiring to impossible, he practically reached perfection. The visual component of the movie deserves all praises, and amazing music of Greek Vangelis is considered one of the most memorable musical tracks 80 - x, along with John Williams`s call signs in “Indiana Jones“ and Alan Silvestri`s motive from “Back in the future“. Perhaps, in many respects thanks to music and skill of the operator and artists of a tape, the atmosphere “Running on an edge“ turned out especially impressive.

In the course of a casting Harrison Ford was not the only candidate for Dekard`s role. In lists of producers Dustin Hoffman and James Kaan also appeared (Sonni from “Godfather“). Well, Hoffman could cope with the lyrical line of a plot, but in fighting scenes would hardly look convincingly. However, Ford`s hero in a shot mostly is mutuzit, and he managed to cope only with two of four replicants and those were a female. Dekard`s heroism in general under a big question. For “the blade - a ranner“ elimination of cyborgs became routine business for a long time: he did not get used to risk the neck and especially is not ready to die at work. Perhaps, for this reason the dying replicant Roy Batty (Hauer) also did not begin to finish the opponent, giving that chance to begin life anew.

Do not consider my words pathos, but Ridley Scott really removed a masterpiece. It is not casual that to the present owner of the rights for a picture and a brand in general, the Alcon Entertainment companies, it is forbidden to remove a remake “Running on an edge“. Only continuations or background. Than, by the way, the maestro Ridley Scott is also engaged at present, planning to release the prequel in the next two years.

It will be already absolutely other movie. Without Ford. Without Hauer. Without Vangelis`s participation. And, judging by the latest works of Scott, without due desire to surprise the viewer.