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Whether dogs are useful to health?

We get dogs in the house that they barked, bit, “to the house did not admit a grief, enemies and fools“ - security function. We get a dog because the child wanted a shchenochka, and it is considered that it is useful for child to bear responsibility for the living being - option of a live toy. We get a dog because we liked some breed - an esthetic component.

We get a dog because it is a pity for the thrown-out puppy - realization of need for compassion. We get a dog from loneliness - realization of need for communication, friendship. We get a dog because all friends and acquaintances already got pets - imitation. We get a dog because the chief adores dogs - attempt to promote on service. And so on, and so forth.

Occasions and the reasons to get a dog there can be a set. But seldom we reflect what benefit is brought to health of the owner by any dog, regardless of the sizes, breeds, existence or lack of wool.

At once I will make a reservation - if there is an allergy to dog wool, then for health it is not necessary to speak about advantage. Alas, suffering from an allergy it is better not to get dogs. But if there is no allergy …

the Dog will never allow to miss. The bad mood, long depressions, melancholy, a misanthropy and so forth can be forgotten if the dog lodged in the house. Devoted dog eyes will be glanced directly in soul, the paw put on a master`s knee - a reliable shoulder of the friend and support group. The dog will listen to any complaints and will treat them with all sympathy of the true friend. The dog will never tell the owner: “You are not right!“. And the trouble stated and shared with the friend is only a half of trouble. And various problems with health arising at a depression (for example, a row warmly - vascular diseases which development is stimulated with the psychological reasons), do not appear. They are destroyed by a dog in a germ.

The lonely people getting a dog sharply reduce probability of emergence and an aggravation zheludochno - the intestinal diseases connected with improper feeding. The good owner will not put a dog only on “crackers“ - a dry dog feed. He will cook for it porridges, will provide a dog with meat and vegetables - as well as it is necessary for good dog nutrition. But, cooking porridge with meat for a dog, silly most to sit on sandwiches or pelmeni. And, providing the pet with healthy food, the owner of a dog will take care also of himself.

Obvious plus for owners of a dog - physical activity and walks in the fresh air. Even the smallest doggie needs walks at least twice a day. So, you want or not, a rain or the sun, snow or a heat, and it is necessary to go for walk - not for the sake of itself, for the sake of a dog. And about advantage of walks well-known.

But except walks of a dog provide performance of various physical exercises. Even the lap dog is capable to arrange full pulling of a rope when she seeks to go to one party, and the owner - to another. To develop a dog in the necessary direction, often it is necessary to make not so poorly physical efforts. Obstacle race - if the owner followed the tastes of a dog and directed there where she wants. Usually it is a jungle, absolutely impassable for the person (for example, the dog is eager to make vigorous walk on building). Run competitions on long distances - the dog broke from a lead and rushes there where she is called by dog soul (for example, on a dog wedding). Inclinations and “kopyemetaniye“ - any dog with pleasure will play with the owner in “throw and bring a stick“. Fight without rules - your dog was got involved in a dog fight. Pushing of a bar - if on your way the pool met, and there is no wish to wash a dog upon return home very much, then it is necessary to transfer it through this pool. Fight by rules - that can be more pleasant for a dog, and often and for its owner, than to drive on a lawn or a carpet, representing a dog fight!

And so on. Communication and walks with a dog provide load of all groups of muscles better, than any exercise machines. Besides, the dog as the good trainer, estimates a physical condition of the owner and tries not to go too far in exercises (for example, the majority of dogs very grandly walk with pensioners, but with children rush like mad).

So the dog is both the friend, and the colleague, and the exercise machine in one person (or it is necessary to tell - a muzzle?) . Four-leg quintessence of friendship having a tail and devotion.

But! Dogs bring benefit only in one case - if you love animals. If it is only about a reason for daily walks, then buy not a dog, and a racetrack better. Because a dog - live and very emotional being. And, giving the friendship and devotion, she has to receive in exchange not only a bowl with sausage, and equivalent gift. Otherwise - it is just unfair.