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How correctly to rent apartments

Hi dear reader I wanted to tell about those frequent mistakes which are made by people at an apartment sjema for short term:
1. Not when you do not call the lessor after 20. 00 if you want to rent apartment for the period of session or for a kmandirovka i.e. if you need the apartment every other day, two that call in the afternoon (svam will talk).
2. If you call to rent apartment for the night try will get rid of music, noise which could sound on a background.
the Example Hello I would like to rent apartment for the night. And in a tube music is heard so loudly as you is not heard and still who to ninut shouts “well now in semery we will jerk on a hut“ What lessor will lease after it the apartment? I do not know.
3. If you think to spend hour with the girl or two on the rental apartment conversation need to be conducted so “Hello the one-room apartment with a double bed is necessary and with good repair“ from such phrase it is visible that the person at the apartment not for 7 people is necessary, that with the apartment everything will be to a vporyadka and if you become the regular customer and after you it will be pure, then you awake to rent apartment for nothing.
4. If all of you removed a kvaritra that try to specify the following at the owner:
1. Where it is possible to smoke.
2. What cannot be done in the apartment (a napimer to rustle).
3. To look whether there is no leakage (not to flood the neighbor).
4. Where stop, dustbins, shop.
5. When settling the owner let will come into the apartment the first look whether he will simat footwear if yes that and you remove or you do not take place to rooms in footwear.
6. Discuss with the lessor as you awake will be moved and how many to call what would will be moved, from that as you awake to behave a lot of things depend. to
Yes all these moments and many others are necessary only to those who wishes to rent apartment for short term (we will tell to spend several hours in the apartment you understand for what).
For example at you on the platform the person leases the apartment and every day in the apartment noise, shouts, till the morning a disco, drunk people are unsteady all night long on an entrance. As if you felt when would be afraid to go outside what any drunk man would not stick to you????? Why then to arrange it in rental apartments, to deceive lessors about the purposes of a sjem of the apartment.
Was a case in my practice the guy of years 23 - 26 calls me and speaks the apartment for carrying out birthday is necessary (I think what he counts on?) I ask and how many the person will be on birthday (asked only because interest took me) this guy told 7 - 12 I hurried to please him that I have one apartment super cool and that I am ready to hand over it only not for it and for his parents who can quietly perenachivat in my apartment (there is everything and a jacuzzi and a stereo system) and to it suggested to otpraznyvat the birthday itself in the apartment has there everything that to it is necessary both ware, and berths, in any case ware will be to say yes everything that to it is necessary and itself will conveniently feel in the territory. What he answered me how to celebrate birthday at home at me the neigbour angry and if that he, causes militia at once and not udon neighbors swear. Yes it is possible to think I have no neighbors in the apartment. I to this person that long not to explain a cause of failure (he also did not understand) told that the apartment is occupied for your term and hung up. Budte`s
rent apartments correctly more cleverly. To be continued.