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Whether there is a secret of family happiness?

Councils how to reach happiness in a family, pour from all directions. Councils are offered an infinite flow of books - self-instruction manuals and magazines. But the problem is that consultants people also contradict each other therefore council which is considered standing today can be recognized as unacceptable tomorrow.
Where then to look for the reliable management in family life? You would address the book which is written more than 1900 years ago? Or it seems to you that this book became hopelessly outdated? However in this book the original secret of family happiness reveals.
This book - the Bible. Everything confirms that she is inspired by God. In the Bible we read such statement: “All writing bogodukhnovenno is also useful for learning, for accusation, for correction, for manual in righteousness“ (to 2 Timofey 3:16).
If you doubt that the Bible is capable to promote family happiness, think here of what: The one who inspired writing of the Bible is a Founder of marriage (Life 2:18 - 25). In the Bible it is said that his name - Jehovah (the Outcome 33:19). He is a creator and “the father from whom each family … received the name“. Throughout all history those who sincerely applied the bible principles in the family life were happier than others. I Will tell
to you in brief about these principles.

Two keys to durable marriage.
the First key is a love. It is disinterested care of doing right thing in relation to others and to create good irrespective of whether that party of such relation deserves or not. “You condescend to each other and farewell mutually“. Also it is recommended to study the God`s word together.
the Second key - respect. “You, husbands, treat reasonably wives, as with the weaker vessel, doing them the honor“ (1 Pyotr 3:7). Jeunet advice is given to respect the husband. It is necessary to show respect for the partner in life, not only caring for itself, but also for others. It is necessary to think not only about own benefit, instead it is necessary to think that it will be best of all also for another. To put interests of the partner in life on the first place.

Domination in a family.
“Wives, obey the husbands as to the Lord because the husband is the head of the wife, as well as Christ the head of Church“ (to Ephesians 5:22,23). The good husband will not be rough and imperious, he will not begin wrong image to use the domination. The good husband prefers to love the wife and to respect. When the husband is mistaken, he waits from the wife of understanding. To Aoety he recognizes mistakes. Jeunet is much easier to respect domination of the modest and humble husband than proud and stubborn.

Submission of the wife.
God created Eve as “addition“, but not the competitor. Braque should not remind the ship onboard which two competing captains. The husband has to predominate with love, and the wife - to show love, respect and to readily submit to the husband. However the good wife, besides obedience, tries to be the real assistant who supports decisions of the husband. Instead of criticizing, the wife can express gratitude for those efforts which the husband makes in implementation of the management. But how to be if the husband “faithless“? anyway the Bible urges wives to love husbands, to love children, to be chaste, pure, popechitelny about the house, kind, obedient to the husbands. If the husband demands from the wife to make what is forbidden by God, then she needs to remember that her highest Governor is God.

Good communication.
the Loving husband talks to the wife about her affairs, problems, is interested in her views of various questions. It needs it. The husband who finds time for talk with the wife and actually listens to her. Shows thereby the love and respect. In our hard times to husbands, perhaps to have time to work hard outdoors, wives should get a job. But spouses need to find time each other. Otherwise they can move away. If spouses have a desire to look for the sympathizing companionship out of a family, there can be serious difficulties.
Is important how the husband and the wife communicate. Tone of a voice is very important and loss for words is. Good communication prospers where tender words are heard, warm views are given and soft gestures become, kindness, understanding and tenderness are shown. Diligent trying to support good communication, the husband and the wife will not hesitate to speak each other about the requirements and will be able to become for each other a source of a consolation and the help during the periods of disappointment and a stress. It is necessary to be careful not to humiliate and to condemn the partner in life who pours out to you what collected in his heart.

Causes for divorce. As people are imperfect
and live in a sinful world which is ruled by the Satan, some marriages appear on the verge of disintegration. The only bible reason for divorce allowing to marry again is fornication (Matfey 19:9). If you have concrete proofs of incorrectness of your marriage partner, then you face the difficult decision: to keep marriage or to divorce? It is clear, that before making the decision, it is necessary to consider a lot of things. However if having learned about change, you renew with it the sexual relations, then thereby show that you forgive him and want to keep marriage. In that case there is no reason for divorce allowing to marry again any more.

Bases for separate accommodation.
Happens so that it is possible to justify separate accommodation if your partner in life did not make fornication. But in that case the Christian is not free to look for the new partner in life.
the First basis - a family remained or can remain without means of support from - for obvious laziness and addictions of the husband. Perhaps, it loses all income of a family or spends it for drugs or alcohol.
the Second basis - if one of spouses is extremely cruel concerning another.
the Third basis - if one of spouses constantly tries to force another to break commands of God anyway.

Marriage is a source of pleasure and grief (Parables 5:18,19; 1 Corinthians 7:28) should settle
of Disagreement immediately (to Ephesians 4:26)
the Conjugal duty should be executed with unselfishness and tenderness (to 1 Corinthians 7:3 - 5)