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Whom we remember on February 15?

Sunday. On channel “365 days“ Leonid Parfyonov in the Recently program tells about 84 - m. Yury Andropov`s death, transfer of part of a drain of the northern rivers to the South, school reform, Indira Gandhi`s murder. The biggest losses of the Limited contingent of the Soviet troops in Afghanistan: 2343 guys that year came back home freight 200. In zinc.

However, then we did not know it. For the first time figure of irrevocable losses in Afghanistan - 13 833 persons - will publish in the Pravda newspaper only in five years, on August 17, 1989. Then it will be specified. Also will tell all of us what only in parts and divisions of the Soviet Army was killed, died of wounds or 14 427 soldiers and officers were missing. Taking into account losses among the military personnel of KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR this figure will increase by 606 people. But, most likely, even it - not exact, since. according to military experts - physicians, does not consider those who, being a wounded in Afghanistan, died already in hospitals of Tashkent or Dushanbe.

In 84 - m we did not know it. In the same way as the majority of those who and to, and passed after that through Avhan, did not consider itself as heroes:

- Yes well … What heroes? There is a grandfather, that is yes. Konigsberg reached. And we … Just served as it is necessary. Also returned.

* * *
One of writers of so-called “generation of lieutenants“ - Vasyl Bykov, knew about war by no means firsthand. But not to find those who rise with the grenade by the tank or lay down a breast on an embrasure in its works. In “It refuses to the hero to live up to dawn“ in realization of his opportunity to take with itself(himself) on a meeting with the Lord at least one enemy even if oboznik. And dies, without having killed any German. So, it turns out, it - not the hero?

Or in Bykov`s story “Pit“ - one of her main characters speaks: “Time will come and from everyone it will be asked where it was and that did when its earth groaned and writhed from pain?“ Where it was? What did?

Was where it was obliged to be. Also did what it should do. It is imputed its soldier`s duty. That`s all. Simple and clear answer.

The soldier has to be where him the order and a military duty obliges to be. It was not as if heavy, terrible and dangerous in that place. And if it where it is necessary, and does that it is obliged, despite fear and the danger menacing to it it already - the hero. Just because in spite of the fact that at any moment of it can kill, it does that has to, and there where he was abandoned by military destiny.

* * *

23 years ago, on February 15, 1989, we left Avhan. Therefore today - Day of memory of all those who honestly executed a military duty outside the Homeland. There, where it sent it, previously having dressed in a soldier`s form and having given the weapon in hands. Including in far it is central - the Asian country. Afghanistan.

And me it would be desirable that today we remembered them. About guys from Omsk, Abakan, Kirov, Marefy. Each of them dreamed to serve and return to the native and loved by it places. But not all could make it.

* * *

The post which was settling down in a northern tower of the shakhsky palace in which one of motor-maneuverable groups of the Termez frontier group was deployed by right also with good reason was considered not only the most inconvenient in the location and removed on distance, but also the most dangerous. On the one hand it covered from possible attack a site of the highway with a spontaneous market, orientally noisy and brisk. With another - to it the field limited from the city to a high, continuous duval behind which the dome and minarets Tash - the Kurgan mosque towered rose.

From this direction the post most often was also fired. Usually - in the late afternoon. But it is frequent also in the afternoon. And it was impossible to answer as appropriate. To shoot towards the mosque from heavy types of arms it was strict - strictly it is forbidden.

However, on the right side a dead zone covered the armored personnel carriers or BMPuh which were on duty at the gate leaving to the city. But all the same … Even the speech could not be about day sorties in the dense, not looked through from a tower garden being just between the highway and fortress. To make out what there was concealed in its thickets rich with the well-known samangansky grenades and other, not less tasty southern fruits … No, it was business absolutely impossible!

On the other hand, and Afghans were not eager special to wander about a garden in the afternoon. And furthermore - at night when there not only we could fire at them, but also so-called control armored personnel carriers.

The matter is that by fortress, along the highway Hairatan-Kabul, there passed the fuel-supply line on which smoothly both in the afternoon, and at night in the direction unknown to us native, Soviet kerosene flew. But Afghans, they are such children. Collective farmers. For which around everything that at a shurava badly lies, - and our. Including kerosene. Well, and that that it on a fuel-supply line? Approached, tied up a trotyl checker which in each Afghan family respecting itself, approximately, as at us - a laundry soap. Boxes and boxes. For many years forward.

Tied up, inserted into a checker a cord more long …

Well and if the family which - is not respecting, or from the dining room a checker strained, it is so possible for pomegranate with a delay mechanism. To the check jerked on itself and while the eyelet of a fuse cuts a lead plate of a delay mechanism, ran off, hid for shelter and you wait quietly. Here - here. Will jerk … Jerked

! Now - hands in legs. Time cannot be lost in any way. Until pressure fell in the pipeline also compressor the diesel thresh regularly, drive a kerosinchik on pleasure to the simple working Afghan, capacity decent that also not one is laid in advance up, - got and fill under the zavyazochka. That not only itself was enough, but also on a bazarchik it was possible to sell for real Afghani.

However, before a trotyl checker or the grenade does not prevent to tie up, look back on the parties. And that will run to the people on a darmovshchinka. It seems sell then if all kishlak to that blasting is tightened. Yes with the capacities. So it is better at night. When neighbors, unlike a shurava, sleep. And if who does not sleep, so nakosya. Take a bite! Filled capacity, dragged away, and in a pool that already on the ground spread, promising through what small time to turn into a kerosene lake … In a pool, burn it - all good Soviet - fire blue, red to throw a cockerel. Anything personal, shurav. Business.

And to whom it will be pleasant? There are two control armored personnel carriers, watering with vicinity fire, and rushed to and fro all night long on the highway on one, them to the famous schedule. And to these children from pipeline troops to spit was where to shoot on whom. Yes in white to the public, as in kopek. And boys can be understood. Here so, two crews … Only two. In total darkness, in uncertainty … In every second expectation that now … Now from this night darkness with others stars that podvisl small white, almost New Year`s fir-tree bulbs somewhere there, far above, almost at God who is absent … Now, or in a second - another - what in effect a difference? But will arrive. The cumulative charge will precisely arrive released from the grenade launcher the tired-out Dehkan hand yours . Yours and all crew. The help has no place to wait. And is once. You will not burn down, so will finish, swine until the approach to the aid.

What nerves should be had that here so, in impenetrable darkness, by only two cars to fly to full uncertainty? It is possible to understand that boys in these armor boxes … tested every night

Therefore even if they also covered when with line of “krupnach“ a post on the Northern tower, none of ours took offense at them. Having caught a roar of their cars, it was necessary just to depart from loopholes. And it is even better - to lie, having nestled on even rather strong tower walls more densely. You never know, will fly through a loophole what silly woman … What it, a ricochet, will be - who knows? Berezheny …