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Social “networks“? Or safety measures in the virtual world.

Presently lack of access to computer social networks and registration in them - it is rather an exception to the rules. All of us can be found in social networks. Who “sits“ on Schoolmates who VKontakte, are still Twitter or Facebook … Often we prefer to a real meeting with friends virtual dialogue at the shining monitor. We post new photos and video, we update the statuses, we accept in friends and we are proud of quantity us accepted. We participate at forums and discussions. And our children are school students? The electronic diary with homeworks, class timetable “by mail“. At screens of computers, laptops, tiny is not present - beeches there passes the part of our life.
But as in real life there is a threat for our safety, and the virtual world is not always as friendly as it seems at first sight. We think that it is enough to switch off the button, and we are discharged of the invisible interlocutors and the virtual world. But whether so it?
the Internet the fraud, spam sending, doubtful virtual acquaintances destroying real families, financial and credit frauds by means of social networks. In our law enforcement agencies even the special division on fight about a cyber crime appeared. To fight all a cyber crime in general it is too global therefore let`s for a start try to protect itself and the children. Here several rules, following which we will ensure the safety.
1. At registration, filling in the questionnaire, you do not seek to answer most fully, having told about yourself, specifying both the residence, and date of birth, and contact phones. Advise users of social networks not to distribute information on the passwords, addresses, the amount of earnings, the company in which you work the name of bank which services you use. All information which you so trustfully spread can be read not only your friends, but also swindlers and your life and purse hunters.
2. Do not publish children`s photos. The nursery of a porn the industry prospers. And the harmless photo where your child laps in a bathtub with toys, can appear on a porn the website. And it is not necessary to doubt not absolutely pure and light intentions of his visitors, it is impossible to forget also about the people sick with pedophilia.
3. If all of you - decided to continue to post a photo the report of events of the life then to an ogranichta a visit circle to your page to the checked friends. You only present how many an eye with what different emotions and feelings look at your photos via the monitor.
4. “Friend in court is better than a penny in purse“. Invitingly, but only not on social networks. Behind attractive avatars and loudly sounding names, lovely and attractive interlocutors not always disappear. Both our friends, and our ill-wishers can hide behind monitors, as well as behind masks. Take an interest at your advanced child with whom he communicates virtually whether he knows these people in real life. Do not forget to talk to children about their network friends, about with what they are busy about what communicate that connects them. Ask about people with whom children communicate by means of services of an instant exchange of messages to be convinced that these people are familiar to them. Remember that adding, the interlocutor in friends, you give him access to personal information, the events to lives on which you regularly comment on the page. Whether it is worth trusting the unfamiliar person so blindly?
5. Information from your profile can be also used by other services and as a result is directed against you. There are many funny cases when the person, having asked for leave from work on the feeling sick reason, instead of an office of the stomatologist spent time at some party, and the employer by accident received photos of “the employee`s seriously ill patient“ dancing and happy. And “harmless“ virtual flirtation and correspondence with unfamiliar strangers? They destroyed many couples and families.
6. Information on your financial position is, perhaps, one of the most confidential. It is impossible to report about the size of your salary at all and about where you receive it and you store even under the pretext of poll or discussion at a forum.
is trustful to publish information on itself, having counted only upon what will be seen only by her closest people - the main mistake of many users. Remember that the most part of applications of social networks is intended for access to confidential information. Carelessness in questions of virtual safety can cause not only virtual, but also most that, on there is a real harm. Take care of the safety and safety of the children.