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To whom what to give on gender holidays?

Every year February and March - time of gifts. They differ from New Year`s and not so long ago began to be called gender. It means that we express the gratitude to the person of an opposite sex. For example, we show sympathy and love on St. Valentine`s Day, we congratulate on February 23 or on March 8.

These days not to do without gifts in any way. Let`s try to tell who and that can give on these traditional holidays.

On St. Valentine`s Day expensive things cannot be given. To the person to which / which you sympathize to send “Valentine`s Day card“ enough. However be careful. Married people from - for too frank wishes can have problems, and at unmarried and single - vain expectations or uneasiness (“She / he to me is glued!“).

Generally, it is correct to give gifts to men and women is an art. The gift for the person knowing secret language of gifts is a fine way to designate the intentions. Expensive gift can be apprehended as bribery attempt, cheap - as humiliation, impersonal - as “excuse“, address - as a certain hint on special proximity.

There came the period when in the head questions start over again crowding: to whom what to present for February 23 and on March 8?

In labor collective, probably, the simplest and all favourite option - a card - an envelope with a certain sum. The last can not just be put in an envelope, and to issue in the form of a chocolate tile or otherwise as the imagination will prompt. Generally, a problem of mass gifts - to please the majority. The mass gift is candies in boxes and chocolate, tea in beautiful banks and coffee, circles with portraits of employees, cosmetics sets: to women - for care of a body and hair, to men - for and after shaving.

What gifts for February 23 can give to colleagues?


Unlike the women preferring wines and liqueurs, to men it is possible to give alcohol of any fortress. If the sort of their activity is connected with business trips, to decently present toilet bags and road sets. If fellow workers are busy with literary trash - give them daily logs with individual design, notebooks and nice handles. Well, and if a lot of time occupies the computer, as gifts card readers, USB sticks or original rugs perfectly will be suitable for a mouse. The smoking colleague the Japanese mouthpiece with anti-nicotinic cartridges will please, the fan - the photographer - a new photo album, and the inveterate gambler - an original card pack.

Everything is correct. The individual gift always considers needs and tastes of the addressee.

What gifts cannot be given for February 23

Socks, ties, knives, empty purses and things with a female coloring (pink or with ridiculous “lovely“ drawing). Muslims are not given, in addition, a product from a pigskin, alcohol, souvenirs with the image of a pig, dog or with human portraits.

Special article - the VIP - gifts. They should be thought over especially carefully. They should not be provocatively expensive, but also too modest are not pertinent here. Give usually services, vases, desk sets, a bracket clock, sets for hunting and picnics, to women - collection dolls. On etiquette such gifts an engraving do not make out. The card with a congratulation is just applied to them.

Foreign colleagues are usually given souvenirs in the Russian style.

What gifts should giving to women for March 8

the Individual gift to the woman - business thin. Quite good option - the gift coupon in perfumery shop or on cosmetic procedure. The subscription in theater, tickets for popular show, the musical - too among decent options. Even if presented will not be able to go there, tickets can be transferred or in general to sell to persons interested.

It is much simpler to list here what gifts you should not give to women for March 8:

- cheap costume jewelry;
- kitchen ware and small appliances;
- scarves with corporate symbolics;
- decorative cosmetics;
- means from sweat, a smell, cellulitis, dandruff, wrinkles and other phenomena, unpleasant for women.

Here still bright examples of what it is indecent to give, and not only by February 23 and on March 8:

- gifts with a hint on a nickname or a surname of the fellow worker;
- scales to the stout person;
- the thermometer or a hot-water bottle often ill;
- a set for shaving to the bearded man;
- a cognac bottle to the nondrinker;
- identical and for men, and women sets - for example, shampoo and shower gel;
- pass - an aquarium with three tiny small fishes who for the second day will quietly depart to the world other.

As is correct to accept gifts

If you something are given, it is necessary to thank and smile by all means to the benefactor even if this gift is not necessary at all. Expression of admiration of gift advantages will be the highest manifestation of gratitude.

Refusal of a gift is considered extreme degree of disrespect to giving. It is possible to refuse a gift on etiquette only in two cases: when it too expensive or when it cannot be accepted for religious or ethical reasons. Rejecting such gift, it is necessary to thank by all means giving, to apologize to it and to explain a cause of failure. However if you want and are ready to accept a gift, you should not “break“ and disown from it. Now it is not accepted - take safely and use.

Well and, at last, about flowers .

Flowers, especially to the woman, as they say, the best gift. Nevertheless, and there are rules and traditions:

- It is not accepted to give flowers to young people.
- to Men of middle age give darkly - red, white or violet flowers: carnations, roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, lilac, lilies.
- to Girls will approach small bouquets of white or pink flowers more.
- in the prime of life you give to Women red, claret and yellow flowers: roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, orchids. At the same time slozhnosostavny magnificent bouquets are admissible.
- to Mature women can be given also flowers in pots.

Holidays on the way. You hurry to make gifts to the darlings, friends and relatives.