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Love - one of the main components in life of the modern person. In total love.

Love - one of the main components in life of the modern person. In total love.

“The world keeps on love to itself and to people around“.

At first sight paradoxical statement, but, nevertheless, it so. The desire not to be lonely, a passionate inclination, loneliness, bad partnership often push people in embraces of each other. The unlimited sexual satisfaction not only does not give the real human happiness, but conducts to the sharp neurologic conflicts and psychosomatic diseases.

The person not the thing, having used which, can be dumped without effort. Meeting “with boredom“, “because so it is necessary and it is accepted“ we doom ourselves to neurosis, a stress and collapse of all hopes and disappointment.

Love as “rescue from loneliness“ the same does not work since. this inexplicable feeling. Or is or not, and you will do nothing with it!

Also our century was not as if pragmatic people looked for, look for and will look for this magic feeling as it is put in our genes.

There is a legend about Androginakh, the first people, each of which was also a man the woman in one person. These people were so fine and perfect that Gods envied them, and divided into two half which look for each other now and do not calm down, will not find yet.

When the person is lonely (irrespective of he is married or not), he always subconsciously looks for someone who can become his beloved.

Or, at least, dream to find. Desire darling to love and be so deeply put in people that we are ready to look for and for, meet and to meet, be mistaken and again to look for, despite pain of last losses.

Because personal is the main thing. You were not as if successful, welfare, and strong confidence in tomorrow will never replace simple human happiness and the loved one nearby.

On a question what is love everyone will answer in own way. At us at all long ago, since youth idea of this magic feeling is created. At someone according to books, at someone on the example of parents or relatives, and to someone already most has the luck to fall in love. Emotional natures fall in love constantly.

Actually, falling in love, we often become defenseless and helpless, we are afraid to show the weakness and dependence on the partner, we do not know how to behave. Gradually, accumulating experience, everyone chooses the line of conduct. Someone hides behind a screen of ostentatious indifference, someone intrigues, and priyato sincerely to express someone the emotions, to be open and natural.

Actually bright emotional (hormonal) splash is only the Love prelude on what the real strong family and the human relations is under construction.

It is love, bright unforgettable feeling which can not develop into true love if the man and the woman face misunderstanding, rejection, desire to subordinate the partner to the will, just to a whim when fight of samolyubiya, ambitions etc. begins.

Very often partners just do not suit one another, psychologically, neither on mentality, nor according to the social status.

But such lessons always do well. It forms the personality, forms character of the person, does us cleverer, practical and skilled. But it in that couples when the lesson “did good“ and the person did not become embittered and did not take offense on lower the world, was not going to revenge cruelly or became reserved, having been disappointed. It is very important when nearby reliable friends or the understanding parents who can support by council and business.

So was also with my children when they grew up and, having felt adults, began to build the relations, were mistaken, quarreled and yes for a while left the partners. It was the real test for all our family, and I always tried to be near, and than could, helped because wellbeing of children this most important. It is pledge of my quiet life. “Life to live to pass not the field“, I said. “Release the love!“, if it real, surely returns how many time would not pass. And if is not present, you should not grieve long for it, it is necessary to move further towards to the destiny. Personally I believe in destiny, but I consider that if not to help it, then nothing will turn out. Or it will turn out, not as there is a wish. And it is necessary to seek to live qualitatively and happily. Because we one and another will have no life.

Now my children grew up. It both sadly and joyfully at the same time. The daughter is happily married, and will begin to give advice to me soon, relying on the personal experience to family life. The son the same married recently what I am very glad to. On love which, despite hot temper of two parties, does not die away three years. Also I will tell honestly - at a wedding I never saw happier groom!

It is possible to tell that they were lucky. And how to be another, perhaps, not to such young people and having wide negative experience of vital mistakes.

Ability to love this quality of the specific person based on self-esteem and respect for the people surrounding it. And still it is everyday work, it is as if banal and it is prosy did not sound. Without ability to love itself it is not possible to love people around, it is even more difficult to summon similar feelings.

The person is born happy and trustful with the joyful relation to the world. But then it passes. Education costs, coldness and excessive insistence of parents, Wednesday, collective steadily influence formation of the personality and often spoil it. We lose the identity because it is necessary to be as everything, “not to lag behind collective“, “to live in society and to be free from society it is impossible“. These are cruel facts of life, but how to be with immortal human soul to which such approach is not pleasant at all?

Awareness of own uniqueness and originality - a way to and a key to personal happiness.


Believe in it. Also accept yourself it what you are! Yes, if you want that that to correct in and if you are criticized. Nobody will help you except himself. A treasured key to own happiness in your hands (is more true in the head).

Listen to nobody and do not wait so far someone will come to the rescue to you, and the prince (princess) will be on a wave of a magic wand. Do not wait - it will not be!

But you deserve the simple human happiness and love.

For a start take several advice, they will help you:

1. You drive away people who destroy your self-assessment and kill love to themselves. You have for them no time!

2. Do not allow to use yourself. Trust people around, but be vigilant, cut the “vampires“ ready to profit your energy, time, money. You will have enough experience to distinguish pearls from a ryegrass.

3. Accept yourself it what is. You unique that in itself is valuable.

4. Be constantly improved. Develop all parties the persons: appearance, mind, beliefs, tendencies and interests.

5. Try to love yourself no more and not less other people.

6. Surround yourself pleasant, people who sincerely treat you love you and appreciate. Reciprocate to them.

7. Sincerely enjoy life, without watching not temporary depressions. Life at us one!

8. You appreciate the peace of mind and rest of the relatives and darlings above all. Allow to become yourself happy and favourite!