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How to take the first step to dream when to you any more not 17.

Hello, I am a writer. So far only in dreams, but since the birth. And it means - born! How it happened that to me 34 years, and I still did not write any article, the story or the essay on public (articles in the corporate newspaper and notes for friends in contact it is not counted)?! Why for some quite naturally to follow the calling and to earn a living by favourite business, and others even do not decide to dream of it? Here only some reasons for which I still belonged to the last:

1) Reestimation of dream, excessively strong desire and idealization. That who though he is remotely familiar with transsurfing, it will be clear, about what I. For the others I will explain by the own words: when our dream is represented to us too fine, we begin to spend all the energy for its idealization, but we do nothing that to get closer to her. Its beauty and attractiveness begin to hold down us on hands and legs, turning it into an idol for worship, and us - into unworthy idols.

2) From here the barrier under the slogan « follows; I am insufficiently capable, good to live as there is a wish. We assure ourselves that at others, more talented, lucky and sure everything turns out by itself. And so there is too much them to what to climb there where everything is already occupied.

3) I do not know how to you, but to me always it seemed that happiness cannot come to me just like that, directly. It should be deserved. And I worked hard and went all out to prove to myself and much that I something mean in this world. And at last tired out itself to such an extent that it is already terrible to me to think of return to unloved work and there is a wish to make something just for himself. In it there is known plus, though a way quite thorny. But I already said that I try to deserve everything.

4) Wrong stereotypes - other barrier which is taking away us is farther and farther from the desirable. Dreams - all this from the childhood. And in adulthood there is no place for I want . Here we responsible, here we first of all have to . And desires - will wait. Or we will be engaged in them in other life.

5) important factor - finance. Money. They are necessary, to argue silly with it. We get used that for the sake of them can and be suffered: rudeness, hassle, stresses - everyone endows something to earn a living. Where to dream here? I, frankly speaking, still did not solve this dilemma. But to what to solve it if circumstances at last developed as necessary, and I can try writing!

And here we pass to how it becomes, our first step. Not one year I little by little practice yoga, meditation, psychological techniques better to know and understand myself, the place in this world, sense of mine of stay here. I think, all this also forced me to move off dead center and to begin advance towards my real desires.

1) I always try to be honest with myself, it helped me to define the available barriers. When they became visible, they ceased to seem insuperable.

2) I remembered that I always liked to do - to read and write. Also started over again being engaged in it (though to read I and did not stop, but under the authority of records there was very long break).

3) Now it was necessary to wait for a suitable opportunity. Well, to make public article. To publish the child. I did not see an opportunity long. Though looked for itself, and attentively got accustomed to what new is offered to me by life. Here main thing - patience, I study it both in matrimonial life and in yoga, I am able to wait.

Yesterday I looked for information on how to meditate, and the first article which drew my attention was here, on School of life. Article was good and useful, and then I also found out that here it is possible also most to become the author. Read articles for beginners, and saw that ze it is not terrible. Are ready friendly, suggest not to be given at the first difficulties, generally - not sharks, it seems will not eat. Just the fact that it is necessary for me, I thought! Here it is possible to try. And here it, my first signs. Do not judge strictly, please!

And as I want to emphasize a result once again:
Main - not to be afraid to begin new life even if to you any more not 17! And if to make in the heart room for the treasured desires even if forgotten, indistinct and silly at first sight, they will surely find the road, will break all barriers and will force - you to take that important first step! Good luck to all of us!