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the democracy Ontology, on the basis of the natural phenomena independent of will of the person, represents rather unexpected result. The person alcht too much from the fact that the nature, as a result does not nobody the law of the movement of the Universe, can give, in principle.

Rather bezortodoksalny independent detached onlooker operating with concepts Organic, similar to an organism, the Universe, it is possible to claim: such way of existence of social matter as Democracy, cannot be. With what people try to satisfy the requirement to be independent, in fact, represents a kind of Anarchism in words and Totalitarianism in practice. Obstructive populism - the child of Democracy using property of the Person to trust any information submitted with a certain functionality.

All the history Mankind is engaged in creation of similarity of what already initially exists, but in implicit and inconvenient for use by it a look. Creation of live organisms or Organic systems from live organisms - is a limit of opportunities of the Civilization.

If to be objective, in our Universe there is nothing except organisms and Organic systems. Even minerals have the same, Organic, structure with the center of concentration of the operating energiya and extensive peripheral sites, but unlike Organic systems, they do not reproduce own similarity with a similar masses, i.e. they are not live.

It is natural to provide to both Mankind, and the certain person, and any association of people self-sufficiency, i.e. reproduction of own similarity, the social structure of artificial societies has to have, by analogy with the nature, the Organic structure. Otherwise, public, religious, political, economic, social and other associations of people will absorb in addition on the unnatural existence huge energy, human and other resources also will be short-lived.

The nature created the states as similarity of social structures of insects, the same termitaries, ant hills, bee royov. People, in turn, try to reproduce similar self-regulating systems in science and equipment. For example, achievement of human reason of SAR, System of Automatic Control, - is approximation, in particular, of a state system in which the control center carries out a role of the element setting functionality, and people, the people, - a role of the feedback correcting functionality of all system from a cycle to a cycle.

At the time of a clear and unconditional victory of Democracy, in separately taken state what her ardent orthodoxes, the state call for, will stop the existence because process of self-regulation of system will stop! To an unconditional victory of Democracy, the number of citizens, i.e. people, turned into quality of government, and after its victory - the quantity will pass into quantity, i.e. function will stop existence - nothing will occur. The quantity cannot operate, in principle, quantity, i.e. such system is impractical.

the Democracy victory in separately taken state is necessary to destroy this state! Visibility of Democracy - is art and technologies of a vualization of reality. Those states which will manage to hide from others absence of Democracy will be winners in 3 - it to World war. On reaching the purposes, democratic institutes of the power of the won states will be replaced with a kind of Totalitarianism.

Conclusions are drawn on the basis of the bezortodoksalny Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe which operates only with analogies between the natural and other phenomena in social, political, religious, economic, etc. areas of interests of people of Earth to Ina carries out any political and other orders.