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“The unemployed of Russia surely look in the future“!

For the last half a year Russia became other country. No, in it corruption did not stop, the power of officials and oligarchs did not disappear. Even Putin, most likely, will be re-elected in the first round with result 50 with a tail of percent.
of Change occurred still purely psychological. The power, seemingly, finally lost the aura. Both among opponents and among supporters. And without aura it is somehow difficult to direct. What in power is now?
the President who solves nothing. The ruling party ready itself to leave a scene under the guise of rebranding. The minister - the administrator who is rushing about over the country and finishing both fans of fishing, and church, and club of oligarchs to elect him and only him.
In the developed atmosphere the power does very nontrivial courses. What is costed by attempt to bring to the square of workers for support of the regime of oligarchs.
All the same that slaves to Rome shout on squares: “Glory to Caesar for our stable existence“.
the Union of oligarchs and workers is more abruptly, than the union of workers and peasants at the Soviet power. And sees: a new statue on ENEA. Abramovich and the turner Trapeznikov in uniform ecstasy go to bright future.
Or here a conclusion of state employees and gasterbayter on meetings in support of the power. In it, apparently, is not present any to no - Hau. In Soviet period such meetings took place at plants and factories everywhere and at the slightest pretext. You remember who is more senior: “Freedom to Angela Davies“! Workers chulochno - knitting factory from Dalnekukuyevsk worried about the American oppositionist during a lunch break.
Fight against the American imperialism became actual again. But also got new forms. First of all, this categorical rejection of orange color. In Soviet period by this color the relation was very tolerant. Even the song such was:
“Orange sky, orange sea, orange camel“.
Now the power shudders at one mention of this color. And at the same time and white. As fear of flowers is called in medicine - I do not know. But that the power is captured by the strongest phobia - so it precisely.
I it takes out new slogans on public. Main messages of the power:
“Is necessary to us stability“. Or “We have something to lose“. Aha, is. To Abramovich Chelsie and billions of dollars. To the turner Trapeznikov - cutters and working honor.
“Putin is our President“. And there is a wish to remember the old Soviet slogan “All for the sake of the person. In total for the good of the person“. And the national comment on it: “And we know a name of this person“.
will lose the Power only because it is not creative. Its slogans are boring at all do not conduct in fight of weight. Therefore the power should be helped. For example, on February 23 state employees, officials, gasterbayter and several true supporters of the power can leave with new slogans: “The unemployed of Russia surely watch
in the future“,
“To Putin - the third term“,
“Lived up to pension - caused a loss to the Pension fund“, “I want to know
where the State Department gives money“.
Etc. Somebody wants to help with our country to the power or how?