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How sex in a statistics mirror looks?

If you sit in the evenings in front of the computer or lie in front of the TV instead of spending this time with darling, know, you are not lonely. Various researches showed that about 20% of people have no romantic partners and never have sex.

Why sex is necessary?

First of all, for continuation of the human race. And still what for? Everyone can answer in own way. For one sex - it is a pleasure source, for others - top of the love relations. But except physical and emotional satisfaction, sex brings to people health!

It extends human life. Specialists of Royal university of Belfast conducted research about communication of sexual activity and life expectancy of men of middle age. It appeared, the more often the man has sex, the higher it chances to live long and happy life.

Sex reduces risk of development of heart diseases, stabilizes weight, helps to struggle with stresses and improves the general state of health. Regular sex - magnificent means for immunity improvement as during the sexual relations concentration of immunoglobulin in blood increases.

At women during sexual intercourse the level of estrogen in blood doubles that promotes improvement of structure of hair, and skin becomes barkhatisto - soft. In other words, sex is an infinite source of youth for women!

As often people have sex?

a Certain American organization conducted anonymous survey among respondents as often they have sex. It turned out that most of respondents (25%) regularly have sex of 1 - 2 time a week, 15% - 3 - 4 times a week, 15% of respondents have sex of 1 - 2 time a month, 7% in general afford it occupation only 3 - 4 times within a year! The small percent was made by people who do “it“ daily, and those who make love several times a day, just units!

What sexual activity of the people living in the different countries? Such large-scale research was conducted by the company on production of condoms, having interrogated 150 thousand people in the different countries. Results were stunning. The myth about sexual Latin machoes was destroyed. Inhabitants of Europe - Hungarians were the most tireless lovers of the planet. They make love 150 days in a year, is farther on descending in the list there are French, Spaniards and Italians. Russians enter honourable ten of “table of ranks“. The famous Swedes afford “romantic liberties“ only 100 times in a year. The laziest live with Singapore: they prefer to have a sleep longer, than to play useful and healthy game.

The following question which interested researchers: as far as partners are satisfied with the sexual life. The most satisfied people live in Thailand, Vietnam and Spain. Russians were the most unfortunate in satisfaction of carnal joys. More than a half are not satisfied with the sexual life.

Why is had “a bit on the side“?

What is done by people what to satisfy the passion? From poll it became clear that in many countries “the disposable relations“ are very popular. About 50% of respondents frankly declared it. Scandinavians were the biggest adventurers: about 70% of Norwegians, Icelanders and Finns wrote in questionnaires that they had a sex with people whom they just met!

It is very much a good result. If to compare “fans of a cheesecake“ in other countries, for example, about 40% of Germans and 25% of Hindus had one-time sex. On Russians such statistics is absent.

Unsatisfied people found a new way as to make it. In many countries of the world sex by phone, with use of the computer, through e-mail and even through the SMS is very popular. For example, over a half of the interrogated Americans admitted it. What

day of week the most suitable for sex?

the British scientists after long-term researches answered with

this question: the best day for love is a Thursday! For experiment people of both sexes aged from 20 till 40 years, the working 5 days a week and having two traditional days off were chosen.

It turned out that this day weeks the human body produces most of all hormones responsible for sexuality. This peak falls on early morning. At 5 - 6 o`clock in the morning the level of testosterone and estrogen reaches the maximum.

In the second part of research the analysis was made that happens to people in other days of week. Monday - an unlucky day. It is better not to plan anything important for this day. Scientists claim that on Monday the highest rates of loadings on warmly - vascular system are noted.

According to the British researchers, Tuesday was heavier, than the beginning of week. Over 20 thousand British who daily answered questions of the questionnaire of the emotional state took part in experiment. Many complained of slackness and refused sex.

Wednesday was designated in the best afternoon for appointments. This day almost all participants of experiment noted at themselves a stable emotional state. This day is good the fact that the potential sexual partner can prove to be from the best party and most to receive objective judgment of it.

Friday - a threshold of days off, everyone makes plans for these days when it is necessary to do household chores, to pay more attention to children, walks and the health.

Whether can be sex too much? the Statistics executed on the basis of numerous researches answers this question so: from the physiological point of view if you the woman, then no restrictions exist and if you treat the stronger sex, then everything depends on your individual abilities.

The choice for you!