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Whether “physicists“ can be “lyric poets“?

Unity of culture are constantly shown also in opposite sense. What physicists - to lyric poets gave?

In a classical antiquity the physiophilosophy was not divided into separate sciences at all. Aristotle, Platon, Democritus were scientists - Encyclopaedists. In the Middle Ages the same creators reached heights both in sciences about the nature, and in art.

Leonardo da Vinci is an artist and the mechanic. M. V. Lomonosov is a poet and fizikokhimik. And. - V. Goethe is a geologist and the poet. I. Kant is a physicist and the philosopher. A. P. Borodin is the chemist - an organik and the composer, the author of music and the libretto of the opera “Prince Igor“. V. Ostvald - fizikokhimik and the flower grower considering coloring the main achievement in life.

The scientific XX centuries: I. A. Efremov is a paleontologist and the writer; P. A. Florensky is a physicist and the philosopher; A. L. Chizhevsky is the founder of science about influence of solar processes on terrestrial events and the poet; I. R. Shafarevich is a mathematician and the social scientist; the academician B. V. Raushenbakh is a theorist of astronautics and the author of remarkable works about the return prospect in an iconography; professor A. M. Gorodnitsky is a geophysicist and the poet - the bard.

At last, L. Poling (the chemist, the pharmacologist, the physician) and the physicist A. Sakharov received Nobel Peace Prizes for public work. “The iron lady“ of Great Britain M. Thatcher graduated from chemical faculty of the Oxford university. The former Mayor of Moscow Yu. M. Luzhkov is the Doctor of Chemistry, the chemist - the oil industry worker.

There is the whole group of the chemists who became writers, is V. S. Grossman, Mark Aldanov, Isaac Asimov and, at last, Agatha Christie, the laboratory assistant - the druggist at whom poisonings in novels are described exclusively professionally.

Film actors A. Filippenko and A. Myagkov also chemists by training. The film director Vadim Abdrashitov ended MHTI in 1967. The singer Jose Karreras studied chemistry at university of Barcelona. Here it is valid - “Chemistry in the center …“

of Physics and the poet V. F. Nozdrev made the collection of poems of scientists - 56 authors. Cyrus Bulychev (I. V. Mozheyko) is the scientist - the orientalist and the science fiction writer, the screenwriter. A. I. Solzhenitsyn is a mathematician and the writer. At last, your obedient servant, the Doctor of Chemistry, - say, the quite good performer of an author`s song.

The academician - geometr A. T. Fomenko initiated big scandal among historians. On the basis of methods of the statistical analysis of historical texts he made a hypothesis that the operating Christian chronology created in the XVI-XVII centuries by I. Skaliger and D. Petavius is wrong.

Here some of its conclusions: Christ was born in the 11th century from Christmas, Kulikovo field was in Moscow, the Horde - regular army of the Russian state, Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan Kalita, the khan Baty - the same person .

Chronology - discipline especially mathematical - having been included in the section of historical (humanitarian) disciplines, it began to be remade to please to political and national interests.

There are more than 200 various versions of “dates of creation of the world“. Conclusions of works of A. Fomenko at independent check by comparison of artifacts (household written sources, element and phase structure of metal and ceramic objects, age of organic remains) can change a history paradigm.

But it is a way extremely long and expensive. It is easier to declare the scientist the charlatan. It is important, however, that the problem a number of chronological paradoxes everything is it is designated, especially the millennium dark the Middle Ages and unexpected blossoming of the Renaissance seemingly from scratch.

Thus, about opposition of two cultures, according to Ch. Snow, out of the question. In total in our hands.