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Which of men was in Jennifer Lopez`s life?

Jennifer Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in “Bronx“, New - York, began the career in quality of the dancer and appeared in musicals and various music videos. In 1990 she won a national competition and received the place of dances in a popular comedy TV series Fox as one of “the Flying Girls“. The first feature film of Lopez “My family“ was noticed by critics in 1995. Later it appeared in the movie “Monetary Train“ (1995) and “Jack“ (1996), the director Francis Coppola, one of her partners Robbie Williams played in this movie.

The first big break at Lopez happened in 1997 when she was chosen for a leading role in the movie of “Selenium“, the biographic movie about tragic destiny of Tejano in which the priest - the singer Selena Perez was killed by the mad admirer in 1995. It gained wide recognition for this role, including got the nomination for the Gold globe, and became the highest paid actress in the history of Hollywood with a salary in 1 million dollars After Lopez became the famous actress, her marriage with the young actor - the Ojani Noa model appeared under close attention of the press, and it and her husband were divorced after only year of joint marriage. Nevertheless, her career was on rise as the movie of the same year “Anaconda“ made huge success and added sex appeals to its image. Besides she acted in the movie “Blood and Wine“ together with Jack Nicholson. Its role as the federal marshal Karen Sisko in Stephen Soderbergh`s movie “From eyes down with“, based on Elmor Leonard`s novel, supporting roles was played by George Clooney, was extension of its image in the form of the reasonable movie star.
Musical career of Lopez began to declare itself when it let out the ​ ​ a debut album Latin the priest - music, in June, 1999. The album which received success together with a hit “If You Had My Love“ became platinum within two weeks that made Lopez the most influential example for imitation in the growing Latin culture and the priest - music, along with Ricky Martin.
at the beginning of 2000 of Lopez was nominated for the Best Dance Performance for her second single “Waiting For Tonight“, but it lost an award having conceded it to the star Cher. In the summer of 2000 she acted in scientifically - fantastic - the thriller “Cellular“ in which she played a role of the children`s psychologist helping to trace the serial murderer. The same year she acted in work “Enough“, devoted to domestic violence.
o Musical career

Popularity of many talents of Lopez reached new heights at the beginning of 2001 when its album, J. Lo debuted on No. 1 in bottoms - charts, and its movie, the romantic comedy “Wedding Alarm“, came out on top in hire in the first week of release. In December, 2002 it executed one more - two works with a record exit “It I... Then“ and a leading role in the comedy “The Girl from Manhattan“ which became a winner on cash sales. In 2003 she acted with Ben Affleck in work with “Gigli“. And also in other projects which included “The girl from Jersey“ (also with Ben Affleck) and “Unfinished life“ in which

she played single mother, together with Robert Radford. Besides, she acted together with Richard Gere in the movie in “Let`s dance“, a remake on the super high Japanese grossing film.

News of private life

After the first divorce she the long period widely maintains the relations with the rapper Siyen. In December, 1999, the yellow press reported that they were involved in incident in night club outside New - York in which three persons got wounds. Then he was acquitted at all points charges, but Kombs confirmed in the middle of February that they it and Lopez dispersed.

Soon after their disintegration Kombs published the fact that Lopez began to meet Chris of Judd, the dancer who appeared in the clip on her hit “Love do not cost anything“. After long reflections of mass media, couple declared the engagement in August, 2001. They got married at the end of September. Nine months later, spouses left. In the fall of 2002 the star began to meet the actor Ben Affleck, they declared the engagement in November. After rumors about the termination of the relations, couple broke up at the beginning of 2004. Lopez married the singer Mark Antony in June, 2004 at a private ceremony in its mansion of Los subsequently - Andzheles.

Having returned on a big scene, Lopez found time to unite the forces with the husband in 2006. She really put a lot of effort and acted with it in the movie El Cantante. Played Hector Lavoe, the world famous singer of salsa in Antony`s movie. On facts of life Jennifer`s role - Puchi, which in the movie Lafeu`s wife.

In 2007 Lopez let out the ​ ​ the first Spanish-speaking album “Como Ama Oona Muje“ which got in bottoms - charts to Latino`s categories. She found, musical success a bit later, the same year with an album “Brave“. While the header song received attention, private life of Lopez made more interest from mass media. After her known passion to half-open, revealing clothes, identification of its fashion, Lopez began to carry freely fitting tops, creating speculation that she is pregnant. Its many photos, it would seem specially wanted to focus attention on her stomach, but the official announcement about its situation did not arrive till November 7, 2007 yet. Lopez gave rise on February twins 22, 2008. The boy and the girl were the first children of Lopez of the fourth and fifth husband, a star Mark Antony`s salsa.

In July, 2011, however, couple announced plans to divorce. In interview of Vanity Fair, Lopez did not open the disintegration reasons, but told:“ I love myself enough to leave“. With the new song from hits, the superstar refused to be reserved. “I am full of determination to move forward on life, to raise children, and to do the best work which I can as mother, the actor, and the person“.

Their general project - show Q“ Viva! on identification of talents in a Latina - the American region in which enormous financial resources are enclosed and the idea of unprecedented show, global in the history of Latin culture, is put - will proceed. And as approves Jennifer - her ex-husband is going to be in him interesting and the innovator of new ideas. So still we will see them together in cooperation, collaboration and new shots, including the scenes shot during their recent visit to Puerto - Rico. In one of scenes, Lopez free listening together with group of dancers while Antony watches productivity allows. Lopez and Antony removed a series together and separately in the countries of Latin America. Their production company is called “the document - travel“. Q`Viva, participants will be also Madonna`s mentors about round - the director Jamie King., and there will show time.