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5 main recipes on weight reduction.

of the Problem of excess weight disturb the majority people.

There is a set of different ways for weight reduction. It is possible to hear thousands councils which did not help to overcome unnecessary kilograms.

In this article I decided to write five main recipes on weight reduction which in total will give to tremendous result.

So, we will start!

A diet

Any diet implies refusal of certain food. To many people very much it is heavy to refuse favourite delicacies, but beauty demands the victims!

Our diet is very simple. by

It is cleaned from our diet all sweet and farinaceous food. The only exception - it is possible to leave pastries from rye torments.

Be not afraid!

You should not refuse this pleasure of times and forever. you can Sometimes indulge yourself, but do not dare to relax!

Healthy nutrition

the Healthy nutrition and a diet - two is absolute different concepts.

We mean by healthy nutrition: process meal in the correct sequence.

We use cereal dishes in the morning, during the lunchtime we try to eat more vegetable preparations, and in the evening - meat and other proteinaceous products.

Very important at meal carefully to chew everything not to overload a stomach.

Physical activity

If at you is an inactive way of life or work, you surely need to use physical activities.

Daily you come for walk and you pass 2 - 3 kilometers on foot. Always choose for yourself only active recreation.

Main! Do not force the organism sharp transition to big loadings. Increase the activity gradually.

Sports exercises

Begin to visit gyms.

Where there is a mentor, will always prompt you exercises, useful to you.

The gym is good also the fact that collective occupations take place where is simpler what if you practise at home alone.

The good decision will be to be engaged in fitness or aerobics.

Fast day

Is too not the unimportant recipe on weight reduction.

Allocate once a week day in which you in general will not eat any food. It will be day of clarification an organism.

This day drink water and green tea with a lemon.

Well teas will be suitable for weight loss which can be got in any drugstore. The most widespread tea with good responses Karkade tea is considered.

If for you it is difficult to refuse everything and for all day at once, begin to refuse gradually.

you can use drinking yogurt or kefir In the beginning. To take not full fast day, and to certain time , but to gradually pass to all day without kefir and yogurt.

All five recipes in a complex

Use of all five recipes in a complex give to stunning result, but besides I remind you: do not undertake everything at once, you make changes to the way of life gradually.

Only this way you will achieve the necessary results and will not withdraw!