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Technogenic religions - what is it?

In the world there are no people not religious, only religions at all different. One people believe that they do not trust in anything. Others believe that they know something. The third believe in some divine essence.

Coming to the sacral level of knowledge, the person enters the area of mental perception of the world around connected with belief and called by religious.

Needless to say that there are religions which unite separate groups of mankind as the special integrity created for worship of some certain God. Especially this aspiration is visually carried out now when mass promotion of various religious schools and doctrines is conducted. Now each person trusts in something according to the consciousness.

It is known that the mankind consists of various races, the numerous people living in different places of the planet, in absolutely different environment developing in various socially - the cultural environment. These various human communities are divided by huge spaces and have own outlooks on life, categorically without understanding each other and practising different religions.

All religious doctrines repeatedly were exposed to criticism from occult sciences and esoteric doctrines where especially gets to orthodox church. Several generations of researchers, studying religious materials, came to a conclusion that religious doctrines of Christianity are wrong, became outdated, are perverted, are misinterpreted by priests.

Therefore and the aversion of priests for different scientific interpreters of religion who inherently are opponents of church is clear, using the received materials in own mercenary purposes. Now many scientists who believed in God are busy with studying of the Bible and are ready to carry on dialogue on a parity basis with religious figures about the different materials received by science as a result of computer researches of religious doctrines.

And the matter is that the church is not interested in any researches, everything that it is necessary for them for church service, priests know as all this it is written in the Scripture. And always knew all that truth which is revealed today by the modern scientists studying religious documents. Scientists are ready to confirm with an evidential order presence of God, and the Church does not need it.

It is ready to accept all scientists, but not as the equivalent partner for discussion, and as the prodigal son who is kneeling with the hung head with which no secret knowledge will be discussed because similar reasonings contradict christian teaching. Yes they and have enough scientific priests.

Having been refused church in cooperation, some scientists take the part of open counteraction and are engaged in promoting of different “okoloreligiozny“ doctrines where these scientists could be demanded, uniting sacral knowledge with elements of quantum physics.

It is the power and synergetic directions of doctrines, followers of different teachers and many kinds of yoga, indigo and a chenniling, advanced witchcraft and shamanism. For difference of the similar directions from a set of pseudo-religious formations we among themselves for convenience entered the term “technogenic religions“ explaining that some group of the admirers (worshipping) is created in the technical way with application of scientific knowledge.

It is necessary to carry all spiritual schools and doctrines which are headed by the acting or dismissed people of science having scientific and academic ranks to “technogenic religions“. Now all these organizations received one general name - sect. Sects are called also all trade pyramids using technologies of network marketing in the work.

The church quickly understood who is who, and allocated all at once with the name “sect“. And it is correct because everything that is connected good luck (The absolute, Energy and other multiple names replacing the word God), belongs to religion. “It“, there (above) - one, as if it was not called. And communication with “it“ is also identical at all who communicate with it. At one prayer - at others manipulation and a spell.

The inspiration, direct knowledge, insayt are conditions of consciousness, staying in which the person obtains the necessary information instantly as it occurs at the shaman. At the same time the psychic is capable to enter the consciousness into this state by effort of will, without any additional resources. Therefore everything that is connected with interpretation of sacral values at the level of perception by the person of environment and understanding of life at the level of communication of the person with the world, is religion.

In habitual understanding the sect is a name of any group of the people professing the separately selected religious doctrine which broke away from “official“ religion. These are Baptists, Adventists, iyegovist and a set of other small religious formations which profess the communication good luck at the level of Soul. People who receive the spiritual education in a family or in conversation with the priest come to understanding about need of the participation in this religious group.

Reduction of the person technical means in a condition of “flight“ when it is capable to come to the astral and mental level of consciousness without due state of mind, has nothing in common with a prayer. But considering the fact that finally the person brings in the artificial way himself to a state of communication with external forces - it is also necessary to call it religion.

But the religion not of spiritual quality created on command of soul, and it is artificial, a technical way formed - “technogenic“.