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Complexes - from where undertake also that with them to do. (the second part)

So, in the first part we investigated a subject “about what it?!“ respectively it is time to pass to business (Because!!! criterion of the correct theory - always practice!!!) it is time to pass to practice.
“ Diagnostics is 100% of successful therapy“. And it is correct. “To bomb“ - it is necessary to mark the opponent`s points. Technology:
1. we begin “to maneuver“ - we act in a genre, uncharacteristic for ourselves and we watch who as will react. The rule - is present at any suppression education, i.e. us and so “accustom“ (generally train) to work by certain rules. Muck of a situation in accustoming - in a definite time (and change of a dynamic stereotype - only 2 months) we perceive this scheme as the. Simply - it is we. Therefore it is necessary to change. The easiest and effective way - to present itself Arnosha or Sherochka (it - Stone). At the seeming strangeness there are two useful moments - in - virtuosity never stirs the first (it is possible to register in general in studio of acting skills).
Actually now exist also other decisions - it is possible “to charge itself to professionals“ - now is full of the psychological centers providing rehabilitation according to the scheme of scenography. But: it is expensive and inefficient. Here the main thing - is simple to believe in the forces “you can do it!“, well and then is so cooler. Well and at last - a well-known and highly effective method of self-defense (fighting arts) - wushu.
There “styles“ - a tiger, a monkey - “drunk“ and other. Very effectively. Just you begin to arrive not as from you wait, and this advantage... And the main thing, behavior model it is clear. Here too it is not necessary at the first stage of impromptus. In the beginning “school“, and demonstration performances then.
Open classroom: Who experimented with this stage, can resemble on “òàéöçèöþàíü“ - internal superschool. Everything is based on love to the opponent (that person to recognize him it is necessary to fall in love. .) and simply “we continue its movement“... I.e. simply we lead up its actions to the point of absurdity. But, strictly speaking, it already “retaliation tactics“...
2. So our maneuvers set the purpose to define the scheme of a binding, and it always is, simply we begin “to move“ as Gulliver who was tied threads to the earth by Liliputians and, gradually (at least we expand vital space) we get rid of fetters. BUT: not for this purpose the spider stretched them what the fly would fly away - a signal “the victim twitches“ always passes, but as the spider is confident in himself, some time is (usually - one or two months, actually how to twitch...) .
3. “We cut communications“ - here essentially everything simply. “the reflex camera method“ works - it is just necessary to repeat actions of an aggressor strictly. Here the scheme such - “time it is possible for you why it is impossible for me?“ At the same time correct (the skilled player) it will accept - differently “to open cards“ “as you can...“ - it is silly... Actually both you - and I...
the Scheme of actions “full friendliness“ - at friends is all equally - or it is necessary to designate the scheme of submission: “It is possible for me - to you is not present...“ But the “correct“ aggressor will never allow it - it is just control loss.

Except the general theory stated above there are, of course, also special cases. By the nature of complexes are just our fears... With stated above it is combined simply - to suppress, it is necessary to intimidate...
B - the general - a phobia. But phobias - they subject “darkness“, “height“ and other - here we, actually just are afraid. Generally speaking, only. The main thing - decrease in level of a self-assessment.
concerning the NLP - as speak in the east: “how many do not tell sugar - in a mouth will become more sweet not“. So - it is reached by exercise. As was in the movie “bodyguard“ - “My son in the childhood of a lot of things was afraid, but always struggled with the fears“. Only the madman is not afraid (the delusioned...), but the main thing that it did not suppress.
simply, slowly, we begin to try the forces, since small. It is just necessary to reveal what you are afraid and to liquidate all this gradually. Certainly action. To float surely, it is necessary just to float and gradually it will turn out. And then the confidence will also come. It is possible to be frightened. The main thing - not to allow to intimidate itself! So - all in our hands!