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Why change us and how to make that it did not occur?

Often we asks such banal question and why change us?

When that comes such moment when women learn that their darlings are not faithful to them.
Begin checks of phones, various correspondences and as a result - hysterics, and this cannot be done! with
the Stronger sex the wife (or the girl) who arranges checks irritates, and he begins to think: “And can find another which will trust me?“
But to suffer changes, it is impossible!

All talk on male polygamy, is that other as a justification. To them easier to say that they can do nothing with it ….
of the Girl and the woman, stop to trust them, they just want to take a walk! Give
, think and why they it want …
1. Daily occurrence, constancy bothered and of course “domestic squabbles“
2 became boring. Monotonous sex, is also not the positive moment
3. And, of course, all men like a big breast, but if you even are her happy owner, then it will just want to it other
I what to do in this situation how to avoid change or if it already was, then to hold darling?
1. For some time costs where - nibud to crash to vanish (of course with it), it is desirable for a long time, for example to other city.
2. Just hint that you want something another, extraordinary and if does not understand, then directly tell what pose to you it is pleasant. Also much attention should be paid to a situation, or it is possible to try in other place (the elevator or a cinema hall).
3. It is the best of all to buy new linen, only with a coloring is accurater. It was only pleasant to one my acquaintance red, black and white, and another peeped from yellow. Therefore it is necessary to find out at first that he prefers. And not to forget the Main thing about smells which have to be pleasant to it.
of the Girl, follows from all my councils: that just it is necessary to change, t. to the stronger sex there is a wish for a variety which it often does not receive from you. Be different: bright, passionate, silent, mysterious, liberated, be that which you want to be!
It is necessary to be cleverer than the competitor, let her make mistakes. Your man will understand that he does not need short communication which will not lead to anything. The nutty mistress demanding to throw the wife …. Much better the beloved wife with whom it is habitual, convenient and who does not roll up hysterics concerning the mistress (she most likely guesses her).
It is necessary to be more patient though it is not easy, to get it together and to go vpred.

And in the conclusion:
Dear women, the main thing always to love itself, and never to despair, let thinks that it got the strong and beautiful companion of life. If you like your reflection in a mirror where there will be no habitual dressing gown, a convenient sports suit, and there will be an attractive young girl dressed even at home in a seductive dress, with deep cut and clapping long black eyelashes, it, of course, it will be pleasant also your expensive. Be happy
, and let never to be necessary for you this article because your darling will be faithful to you.