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Whether “lyric poets“ can be “physicists“?

Charles Snow claimed that between humanists of the European West and scientific culture in the XX century the catastrophic gap is formed. And Boris Slutsky in 1959 wrote: “Something physics in honor. Something lyric poets in the shelter. It is not dry calculation, matter in the world law“ .

According to Snow, hostility of two cultures can lead of mankind to death. Whether so it?

What lyric poets gave to physics?

Humanists anticipated

many fulfillments of scientists of the XX century. Besides, lyric poets are necessary for physics for practice in human language. The scientist is proud of the ability to get into secrets of the universe, forgetting that arrogance - a mortal sin. But it became for quite some time now noticeable that catchers of the Word have a presentiment of opening of natural sciences and even the social phenomena long before their realization. “Verses - they from the sky, I - transport“, - Gennady Shpalikov noticed. There are examples:

1. For the first time atomic bombs were blown up in 1945, and the phrase an atomic bomb was entered by Herbert Wells in the novel “The Freed World“ in 1913. Andrey Bely wrote in 1921:

... The world was torn in Curie`s
experiences at by about me lopnuvsheyu a bomb
to electronic streams
hundred-million hecatomb.

at the same time Ernest Rutherford even in 1933 denied a possibility of mastering atomic energy.

2. In 1906 Jack London so described reality of star wars - “A way of war“:

The weapon will be a match for a century,
will be able to break off all Earth in pieces …
planets we will be able in the sky to throw,
we will be able to fly astride comets,
we will be able safely to soar in space,
we will be able to burn all Earth from there.

of Work To. E. Tsiolkovsky about a possibility of an exit in a space were not widely known yet.

3. Daniil Andreyev in “A world rose“ called this ability “gift of a vestnichestvo“. My colleague V. Ivakhnishin, being not familiar with D. Andreyev`s work, uttered:

thought came Once by itself,
That the true poet - already the forerunner.
Not therefore whether As a cross bears gift invaluable
or trembling candles...

If I knew A. Tolstoy`s line “earlier Is vain, the artist, you think that the you creations the creator “, would not puzzle over the creativity nature.

4. Estimated result of nuclear war at J. G. Byron in 1816 is as follows:

the sun light Went out, and stars
Wandered without the purpose, without beams
In space eternal; icy Earth
Was blindly in the air moonless...
I the world was empty.

I at Osip Mandelstam in 1937:

The message flies a svetopylny new thing:
- I am not Leipzig, I am not Waterloo,
Ya not Fight of the People, I new,
From me will be to light light-.

Result of “nuclear night“. In the first months after the conflict temperature over the land in the Northern hemisphere will go down by 20-40 degrees, and in Youzhny - by 5-20 degrees. “The nuclear winter“ - “icy Earth“ - will not be endured by 2 billion people, and “the world will become empty“.

at the time of nuclear attack - an apocalypse - John the Evangelist suggested to act so:

And the sky disappeared, having twisted as a roll; and any mountain and the island moved from the places;
both tsars terrestrial, and grandees, and the rich, and high captains, and strong, and any slave, and any free disappeared in caves and to gorges of mountains...

6. Fedor Tyutchev so put a problem of an origin of rocks (for example, ofiolit):

From the mountain having rolled down, the stone laid down in the valley.
As it fell? nobody knows nowadays -
Broke it from top by itself,
Or was nizrinut will others? Stoletye`s
after century rushed: Nobody allowed
a question yet.

I it is valid, ofiolitovy belts are far from the place of the estimated birth. Whether and cradle their ocean floor? Nobody resolved a question yet.

7. from geology. Sergey Yesenin wrote in “The letter to the woman“:

Face to face not to uvidat
of the Person.
Big seems at distance.

It is valid, ring structures on Earth were noticed only from space. Their radius reaches tens of kilometers. Often find ore knots in them. Now is the whole class of objects of a terrestrial surface investigated from space stations and satellites.

8. Nikolay Zabolotsky in 1930 wrote about artificial food.

The donkey wandered on the mountains,
Gnawed pig-iron potatoes,
A at the foot of a hill the machine temple
Manufactured oxygen flat cakes.
There horses, chemistry friends,
Supped Russian cabbage soup from hundred molecules …
… And before it in bank of
dews Big chemical oats.

in the way of chemical synthesis from natural inexpensive proteins received Presently margarine, black caviar, a salmon, soup chicken, broth meat and fish, fruit jelly, juice, vitamins, biological active additives to food. A barrier to their active consumption is our prejudice against artificial food, though bread, both alcoholic drinks, and kefir, and yogurt, and cheese, and beer - products of biochemical synthesis.

9. Nikolay Klyuev in a cycle of the verses attached to interrogation of February 15, 1934 predicted:

To us messages bitter came,
That ruffle Aral in dead ooze,
That storks in Ukraine are rare, Mozdoksky are not ringing
a feather grass,
I in the light Sarovsky desert
Creak underground wheels.
modern Aral`s Destiny is known and sad

as, however, and the Chernobyl events of 1986. But to assume in 1934, in four years prior to opening of a possibility of use of nuclear energy that on the place of monastery of Saint Seraphim of Sarov in 1947 there will be a cradle of a thermonuclear charge, the city of Arzamas - 16 (now Sarov), located substantially underground, only the seer could.

10. And it from the field of history. Velimir Khlebnikov wrote in 1912: Whether “It is necessary to wait for falling of the state in 1917? “ Vladimir Mayakovsky knew about Khlebnikov`s work, but postponed the prediction to a year earlier, having assumed that “... in a thorny wreath of revolutions the sixteenth year approaches“, and was mistaken.

11. Olzhas Suleymenov writes: “ Convince crying out, vomiting, dumped by waves to the boiling abyss of blackness that chaos - one of the most reasonable compositions of an order “. Here will also throw the bridge to Herman Haken`s synergetrics and the self-organized Ilya Prigozhin`s systems.

It is necessary to recognize that “to the mankind with the poet on a back is similar to army with the standard-bearer behind and with the drummer sent to a wagon train “.

Paraphrasing the same Slutsky: the nobility, not weak wings - your sweet Yamba.