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Future and communists

So, we will talk here for what. We in a matrix, and some people continue to believe in general wellbeing and equality on the basis of boundless abundance at this time. Also call these people Marxists. Of course, not Marx the first invented similar nonsense about equality and abundance, and one ancient people under the name Atlases, but for them I as - nibud will tell later you. There were still Christian heretics like Kampanella, so those believed in equality and abundance too. As for Marx, this just took and added to an invention to scope. It owing to the esoteric hobbies brought the satanistsky beginning in naive utopian idea. I, by the way, not on radio heard it, and from reliable sources I know so I speak to you absolutely seriously. Here what was ponavydumyvat by Marx with one friend: to reach bright future it is necessary to take away a private property from the people, to make all property the general and - the most important - to deal with the bodies - to be exact, it is necessary to choose them not from top to down, and from below up. Well, and already when everything to what went, at last, will come then will be from everyone on abilities, to everyone - on need.
to you - that is ridiculous because you authentically know that we live in a matrix, and, so, They are which, can inspire in us everything that will take in head, and we will believe in all their nonsense. And ridiculous here it is just not enough because there are countries where citizens almost do not look in a TV set, and there are such places where it in general is forbidden to be looked. For example, in Nepal.
the Word “communistic“ as I understand, same ordinary at Chinese, Cubans and northern Koreans to this day, as our word “sandwich“. And still other Latin and Western European terrorists on communistic ideas try to do the dirty business. Plans at them at all, however, different - from full “no“ a private property and achievement of general paradise before compulsory replacement of ruling elite and procedures of large-scale killing homo - sapienses by criteria of a social origin.
So to speak for the future and not to concern communists is a delusion.
As showed experience of those countries where all tried to do on mind, communism can exist only when it is reliably hidden behind seven walls and seven locks.
Me somehow time was asked by my friend Thomas: “If communism is an ideal of society that what it is society?“ At me on a similar question the ready answer is hidden. Here, I read … I found it in some magazine and specially rewrote: “The most noble, pure and true love to mankind - love to. I want to be free! I hope to be happy! I want to learn all beauty of the world. But my freedom is protected only when all other people around me are free. I can be happy only when all other people around me are happy. I can be joyful only when all people whom I see and I meet look at the world the eyes filled with pleasure. And only then I can eat with pleasure when I precisely know that other people, can also gorge on, as well as I. This question of my own satisfaction, only I solve, and I oppose each danger which threatens my freedom and my happiness...“
these words, of course, are pleasant to me though if on the truth, I consider them as totally ludicrous.
But we will return to our rams. So far we try to understand what it is life in the information plan, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans and Laotians undertook what is called historical responsibility. However, if to ponder, at us now the exchange of ideas really happens - barter as speak. That is, we to them Marx, and they to us for it Buddha … But if for us Buddha after Marx is sweet and pleasant how a dream after heavy day of work, what is meant for them by Marx after Buddha? However, it is better to ask Chinese about it, they - that both are both Marx, and Buddha - tried out better, than we. Communists there fought twenty years for the power, Marx under themselves squared, and themselves under Marx, and already sixty years as govern. And not for nothing, speak, fought and squared. About their progress I will not begin to remind, bothered. Whatever one may do, and present China is some kind of workshop of the world. And who following?
So, leaves, either the matrix which is left unfinished or Chinese keep back, or it is necessary to forget about materialism and the information plan and to look at communism and at the future absolutely on the other hand. To here take wild African tribes. At them there “from everyone on abilities, everyone - on requirements“ and plus still humanitarian aid from Americans and Europeans. Perhaps it is also “full“ communism?
A if to consider that borders of communism are quite conditional, it is possible to assume that all of us live at communism because all of us receive on requirements for the given work …