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“Colt Python“. Why it is called “by Rols - Royce“ among revolvers?

“the Colt the Python“ - Rols - Royce among revolvers …“ - so wrote R. L. Wilson, the official historian of the Colt`s Manufacturing Company company. And not only it.

Some collectors of firearms and authors of weapon encyclopedias, such as Jeff Cooper, Ian Hogg, Chuck Hoks, Leroy Thompson, Rene Smits and Martin Doherty, described “the Colt the Python“ as “the finest serial revolver which is ever made in the history of the weapon“. Who wrote this phrase the first, history, as usual, holds back.

So, “Colt Python“. Beautiful, stylish, powerful, charismatic, known and … very expensive. “A colt the Python“ - the first post-war revolver a premium - a class of the Kolt company. At first it was positioned as the revolver for sports and entertaining firing. Automatic safety lock. The powerful boss capable to stop the car a shot in the engine, easy work from the self-platoon mechanism, unusual design and a color … The first batches of this weapon let out or nickelized (color Bright Nickel), or with unusual blue burnishing (Royal Blue color), and for special judges revolvers were issued completely from stainless steel.

A long six-inch trunk with the unusual, “gun“, ventilated aim level. A front sight with the special bright insert visible even in the dark. Tselik is easily regulated by screws in two planes. The level is intended, in - the first in order that the air rising from the warmed trunk did not disturb an aiming, in - the second, for as modern armorers speak, “installations of the hinged equipment“, for example, of a riflescope. Characteristic of “Python“ which was adopted over time also by other producers - the extended extractor core casing passing under a trunk to the most dulny cut. This detail weighted the weapon a little in general, but reduced “ïîäáðîñ“ a trunk up and cross vibrations of a trunk at a shot that made firing more exact. Cheeks on the handle always wooden, never become covered by a varnish that is not always practical, but it is always beautiful.

Development began 40 at the end - x years, the first party is let out in 1955

Revolvers of the first releases since 1955 - 1960 especially are appreciated at collectors as differ from later in excellent workmanship and high precision of firing.

First “Pythons“ were issued with a trunk length only of 6 inches (153 mm), modifications with trunks length were released later:

- 2. The 5th inch (64 mm) for the hidden carrying;

- 4 inches (102 mm) - police option, optimum for carrying as in the open, and hidden holster;

- 8 inches (203 mm) for hunting and target (sniper) firing on big (for the gun) distances. By the way, for 8 - inch option the majority of “pistol“ riflescopes is also issued.

TTH of the Colt Python revolver (Colt “Python“).

Calibre:. 357 Magnum.

Total length: 191 / 235 / 286 / 327 mm.

Trunk length: 64 / 102 / 152 / 203 mm.

Height: 150 mm.

Width: 39 mm.

Weight without cartridges: 1006 / 1077 / 1233 / 1386

Drum capacity: 6 cartridges.

Very rare model “Target`s Python“ (Python Target) - a trunk of 8 inches, caliber. 38 Special.

Officially the Colt Python model was produced since 1955. At the beginning of 60 - x years 20 - go centuries the firm transferred a batch of revolvers with 4 - x an inch trunk to a competition of the police weapon, but a choice was made in favor of other gun. Speak, this choice was influenced by the “unreasonably high price“ of this weapon. After that “the Colt the Python“ if was used by police officers and military (for example, pilots during war in Vietnam as the survival weapon), then only in a private order.

In 1995 serial release of “Python“ was stopped completely. Further only small parties for collectors under the Colt Python of Elite brand were issued. But also this model was made only till 2003. And here producers of toys and models of the weapon stamp “Pythons“ of the different size in incredible quantities to this day. Often this killing “snake“ in the Hollywood movies and computer games “slips“.

“According to data of the historian of the Kolt company R. L. Wilson, “Pythons of the Colt“ were at different times acquired by the king fate - N - a beater Elvis Presley and various kings in traditional sense: so (its Majesty), Hussain of I, the king of Jordan, ordered limited number of “Pythons“, with 4 - x and 6 - inch trunks as gifts to his friends. On a casing and the handle the portrait of its Majesty was beaten out. “Python“ for Juan Carlos, the king of Spain, bears his name which is beaten out in gold on an aim level. Among other famous recipients: king Khalid and prince Fekhed (Saudi Arabia), king Hassan (Morocco), sheikh Ziyed (United Arab Emirates), president Anwar Sadat (Egypt) and president Hafez Assad (Syria)“. Source: Wikipedia. English option.

“A colt the Python“ became the primogenitor of the whole family of koltovsky revolvers, and also strongly affected design of revolvers of other weapon firms. “A colt the Anaconda“ - practically the copy of “Python“ in more powerful, 44 - m caliber. Colt Stalker (Colt Stalker) obr. 1978, Boa`s (Colt Boa) Colt obr. 1985, Colt of the Grizzly (Colt Grizzly) and Colt Kadiak (Colt Kodiak) obr. 1994 are lineal heirs of “Python“. Let out in due time as “A python for the poor“, today these revolvers can cost even more, than “Python“.