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To whom is it necessary, this breakfast? Recommendations of the old early eater of

Ya looked through materials, about a breakfast is told much. And it is even very interesting! But all also remained to me the place. The son recently, on Birthday of the granddaughter, surprised guests with the story about my resistant habit. The matter is that I have always breakfast. Even when it is necessary to leave the house early in the morning. Drinks differently. And here several scoops of borsch - are obligatory!

I will not call you for such abundance, but which - that I will tell of a breakfast.

Popular wisdom says: eat a breakfast! And it is correct. The first, morning, meal defines your state and mood during the forthcoming day.

It is no secret that conditionally we can be divided into two main categories. The first - I can only a coffee cup in the morning. The second - without having filled a stomach, I do not leave the house.

At once I will notice that need of a breakfast is proved by science unambiguously. Otherwise, sooner or later, you are watched by weak immunity, high risk warmly - vascular diseases, the English spleen or the Russian depression. In addition, without having eaten since morning, you inevitably use a double portion during the lunchtime. Why? Yes just the organism will demand compensation of the spent energy.

However you should not aspire directly from a bed to a table. Stretch, smile, drink 150 grams … waters, of course! It is possible with honey or couple of drops of lemon juice. And “slags“ will go to an exit, and the metabolism will begin to move. Further you pass to morning procedures. After their end, I believe, minutes through 30 - 40, you feel requirement to be supported - the stomach earned it.

Actually a breakfast - business especially individual. Further you define its saturation for yourself, and I will try to offer certain generalizations and divisions here.

To intellectuals the sense before day of work is to use, in various variations, cottage cheese, eggs (boiled or an omelet), easy milk soup (it is better with porridge, but it is possible other flakes or grain), yogurt (qualitative, but not supermarketovskiya). You want fruit salad? Too it is acceptable! Only be not fond of quantity: glut will yield result opposite “courage, grace and plasticity“. And still I recommend to regale on a chocolate or a tablespoon of honey, so to speak, for stimulation of brain substance.

- to all who should spend significantly energy heavy work or numerous movements it is required by to loaders, machine operators, couriers, mail carriers with other set of products will be wiped. Quite meat sandwich will approach (brisket, bacon, ham …). Plus simple vegetable salad - cabbage (lettuce leaves), tomatoes, sweet pepper, greens. Or just crude vegetables. It will be quite good to be supported since morning and milk porridge or an omelet - it is possible with cheese, it is possible with salted pork fat.

I advise fans of white loaf by a breakfast everything - bread black. And you will preserve a figure, and you will be sated more true.

Students ! I address you now! Especially, when semestrial fun ended and one of sessions came. At examination not only “bombs“ are necessary, but also productively conceiving head. The correct breakfast for this purpose - the first business. Here not to do you without sweet cottage cheese with sour cream in any way, fritters, pancakes, cheesecakes with jam are good. My personal council: try “beauty breakfast“. What is it? Yes muesli! Recipes can be different, but medical, flower pollen and bran - are obligatory.

Food food, and drinks will not prevent . Someone loves strong coffee - without problems, but scalded it is better (excessive caffeine soluble will add problems with a potentiality, gastritis, an ulcer and calcium will wash up). For the same caffeine reasons, the preference should be given to black tea in which vitamins B, P and PP will be more. Besides, they are engaged in processing in power structures of the fats consumed by you and sugar. And if you want to make tea also nourishing - please! Dessertspoon of cream at your service. Still I would recommend as starting drink of day - cocoa. It is quite simple to prepare it on low-fat milk. What for? But because cocoa quite strong activator of brain activity.

Already I hear puzzled exclamation: and juice ?! Unfortunately, from counters of our shops natural juice disappeared almost completely. Excluding unless tomato yes apple. There is one exit - juice. A little bit there is more time, but what result!

I have, as a rule, breakfast slowly, without distracting; unless radio sings - plays, tells news. And still I take advice of professor of Preobrazhenskoye and I do not read behind food of newspapers. Also I beg you, smokers! Refrain from a cigarette right after a breakfast. Couple of inhalings all advantage of a breakfast will be nullified.

Look for, think, solve, choose the breakfast!