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Three most powerful receptions of psychoequipment for achievement of your purposes in the shortest terms.

This information for those who tried the whole heap of different auto-trainings, but as a result did not move with dead points.

I prepared for you three of the most powerful a psychotechnique which not only will put you in motion, but also in short terms will lead you to your purposes.

Reception No. 1: A power of persuasion When you are not sure by

of what you do, results of your works fluctuate around zero. Many call it “lost labor“.

This psychoequipment is directed to that you implanted in the subconsciousness those beliefs which are necessary to you.

Here is how it becomes.

We prepare 10 - 15 affirmation and we slander them on a dictophone.

Affirmation have to sound from the second person. Repeat one affirmation about ten times, and then you pass to following. Try to make all record with a general duration about 20 minutes.

There is an example, one of the best, an affirmation: “Every day, always and in everything, your affairs go better and better!“

was Written down?

Now you need only to listen to these affirmation twice a day. In the morning as soon as you wake up also in the evening before going to bed. At desire listen in a lunch break and at any other opportunity.

Reception No. 2: Immediate execution of intentions

This psychotechnique, will introduce such program which will be able to carry out all your intentions immediately in your subconsciousness.

Every time when you make any, even insignificant action, pronounce the following words: “I create intention …“ and describe that action which you want to make.

For example.

You decided to turn on the computer, in that case speak so: “ Ya I create intention to turn on the computer“ and at once you turn on the computer. Or decided to sit down on a chair: “I create intention to sit down on a chair“ and immediately sit down on a chair.

You tell it in that case when you are sure by that you precisely will be able right now it to execute.

Reception No. 3: We delete negative thoughts

constantly cannot control a stream of the thoughts. It is often possible to catch itself on bad thoughts.

The following reception will help to clear in time your consciousness of negative thoughts that to litter not the head this “garbage“.

This reception is very simple performed by, but has - strong effect.

If you suddenly caught yourself that you consider negative thoughts, all that you will need to make, so it to pronounce two times one word: “It is erased, erased“.

Subconsciousness perceives these words as the order and does not give the chance to take roots to these thoughts, erasing them from your consciousness.

Summing up the results

All these three psychotechniques very much of quickly will lead you to your purposes.

be not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Reached of one is more whole - set the following tasks for yourself and derive pleasure from the achievements!