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Three rules not to descend from a way or Where the Engine from Romashkovo slides? My children Have

such toy - a clockwork engine. Obviously, her creator dreamed to invent the perpetual motion machine … But only the engine turned out. And if to bring him, it will crack and move so persistently that you will be tired and will leave. And it will continue the movement.

And to it all the same that ways already came to an end - he will ride on a floor, and then long - long to jingle, upershis in a wall.

And so, I also am that Engine which shouldered so much different, very heavy and unnecessary that, that look, will descend about a rail. But does not descend yet, and only sometimes brakes. It is no wonder that I brought together around myself the people similar to me herself. And near them those who like to ride comfortably feel. But terribly does not like anything to carry.

Looking at itself, looking at the exhausted friends, I came to a conclusion that I came - the moment when it is necessary to undertake something for urgent change of a situation. Otherwise all of us will lose each other forever.

So …

I Know one surprising person who possesses unique ability to be disconnected. Even in times when her life turned into a sheer hell, it came to a friendly posidelka to our office, drank champagne and smiled. Did not laugh, and smiled only. And, looking at it, everyone thought the. People with evil soul thought badly: “Well here, rejoices at such moment!“. People with dobra - well thought, without hiding admiration.

And at a shower Engine not angry and not kind, but the most ordinary. Therefore he did not think in any way. Just sat and dreamed of that somebody crept and knocked it on the head. Not to death, and slightly. So that to learn this unique ability to be cut down - to expel an importunate devil from the head. Or at least to make him silent for a while. The engine has to afford minutes of sweet inaction, even when around it, as they say, the topsy-turvy … What

the mechanism wears out quicker? That which is actively used. Even worse to the one who is used actively and inaccurately. And therefore the Engine needs to learn to use itself for designated purpose. And not to allow to go by itself to anyone, when necessary and as much as necessary. People around - people clever, and the majority of them absolutely - absolutely for the Engine strangers. So initially does not interest them whether it is easy for it to drag the burden and as long it still will be able to knock wheels. But they with pleasure the freight is thrown to it if see with what eagerness he is got to any work. And they by all means will see it. Because specially such are looked for.

But not people around are the biggest evil on the way. All troubles of the Engine occur from him, its perfectionism, unwillingness to wait and for eternal discontent with. And therefore in each life situation he just needs to find the most important solution, having answered a question: “That will be if...?“ And further to present the worst option of succession of events in which he participates. And the more particularly he will imagine sequence of the actions and an exit from an impasse, the its expectation and not such painful any news will be less burdensome. But it is important: it is necessary to think of the worst only once. Otherwise constructive business risks to become destructive.

Well, and at last, the rule fourth which is earlier not considered: it is impossible to look only under legs - it is too sad, it is necessary to look around by all means . The most beautiful, as a rule, remains aside unnoticed. And to pass by means to miss something very important … And I important cannot pass well in any way.

Because I am not an armored train of “Iron ores“. And only a small engine from Romashkovo.